Why should you want to learn NLP

(Neuro-Linguistic Programming)?

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Learn NLP techniques and you’ll be taught how to improve the quality of your life. 

It shows you how to communicate more effectively with yourself and with others. 

It is designed to help people to have personal freedom in the way they think, feel and behave.

You will learn how others have achieved success and how to manage your behaviours in such a way that you can model theirs and achieve your own dreams. 

It will teach you about human behaviour.  Why we do what we do in given situations, and how we can change those behaviours for the better by adjusting the mental images in our minds.

The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure

instead of having pain and pleasure use you.

If you do that, you're in control of your life. If you don't, life controls you.

Tony Robbins

Co-creator and developer, Richard Bandler, and John La Valle – among the foremost teachers of NLP at all levels today – describe NLP as an attitude, a methodology and a technology.

It is not to  be confused with therapy but it will help you to change the way you think and you will be able to get from where you are to where you want to go much more quickly and effectively.

It is described by some as an attitude characterised by the sense of curiosity and adventure and a desire to learn the skills to be able to find out what kinds of communication influences somebody and the kinds of things worth knowing - to look at life as a rare and unprecedented opportunity to learn and grow.

NLP is a methodology based on the overall operational presupposition that all behaviour has a structure, and that structure can be modelled, learned, taught and changed or reprogrammed. 

The way to know what will be useful and effective are the perceptual skills.

This has resulted in NLP evolving as an innovate technology enabling the practitioner to organise information and perceptions in ways that allow them to achieve results that were once thought to be beyond us.

Learn NLP Language Patterns

NLP teaches you how to use language more elegantly and precisely, and leads to behavioural changes that will benefit you in all walks of life.

You can learn more about NLP language patterns in the Meta Model and understand more about distortions, deletions and generalisations.

Learn NLP - it concentrates on what works

NLP does not look at what or why something went wrong and then try to fix it. 

It concentrates instead at what works. Richard Bandler studied those outstandingly successful clinicians like Virginia Satir and Milton H Erickson and modelled what they did. 

Nowadays skills, techniques and patterns are increasingly used in all walks of life for more effective communication, learning and personal development.

Think personal excellence, think NLP, learn NLP. 

Learn NLP - Presuppositions

NLP has various presuppositions, one of which is that that the Map is not the Territory. Much of it, you may think, is sound common sense. But you can learn about the great power of Embedded Commands in your speaking and writing, creating, building and breaking rapport,and the enormous benefits to be gained from anchoring and other techniques.

This is one of the NLP techniques you should try

Before you learn NLP, move yourself to a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for a few minutes. Take a couple of deep breaths in through your nose – holding them for a moment – and then exhaling slowly through your mouth.

Close your eyes. Allow your body to relax from the top of your head to the tip of your toes, imagining any tension melting down through your head, relaxing your jaw, then down through your trunk and legs and out through your toes. 

Feel the chair supporting you. Then think of a most relaxing place. It could be anywhere but for the purposes of this demonstration, imagine you are in the countryside miles from anywhere on a warm blue summer’s day.

You are ambling down a hillside overlooking a beautiful valley. You can feel a gentle, warm breeze on your face and you can smell the fresh cut hay.

You can hear water bubbling along a nearby stream and the leaves rustling on the overhanging branches of trees. Pull an apple from the tree and take a bite. 

It is very juicy, and as you bite, the smell rises from the fruit, the juice spreads around the outside of your mouth, and you lick it off. You are aware that somewhere in the distance children are playing and you hear a dog barking.

When you are ready, open your eyes and think about the sensations you experienced. Could you feel the warm breeze?

Could you taste the apple? Did the thought make your mouth water? Did you hear the dog bark and children’s voices? Could you see the beautiful countryside? 

Of course, this is just a bunch of words. But words are not just descriptive. They create your reality. They affect how you feel... so Learn NLP!

Learn NLP and see what it can do for you?

Studying NLP will enable you to learn about and deal with the following:

  1. Anger Management
  2. Association and Dissociation
  3. Barriers to effective communication
  4. Beating disappointment
  5. Best self-help books
  6. Body control module
  7. Body language attraction
  8. Body language flirting
  9. Body language in communication
  10. Building rapport
  11. Building your self-image
  12. Body language interpretation
  13. Body language of a liar
  14. Body language signs
  15. Boost self-confidence
  16. Changing bad habits
  17. Changing Beliefs
  18. Changing States
  19. Christmas & New Year Greetings
  20. Crohn's Disease and ulcerative colitis, NLP techniques for
  21. Chronic pain management
  22. Curing phobias
  23. Determining your destiny
  24. Developing your senses, NLP techniques for
  25. Dissolving Fear, Mental Blocks & Hesitation
  26. Drawing the line
  27. Drug Addiction (Beating)
  28. Effective Communication
  29. Effective public speaking
  30. Embedded commands
  31. Enthusiasm makes the difference
  32. Exam techniques
  33. Expecting the Best
  34. Eye Accessing Cues
  35. Fear, NLP techniques for dealing with
  36. Fear of driving
  37. Fear of elevators
  38. Fear of flying
  39. Fear of the dentist
  40. Fear of vomiting
  41. Fight or flight response
  42. Finding Solutions
  43. Forever Worried
  44. Fear, uncertainty and doubt
  45. Free on-line competitions
  46. Friendly persuasion
  47. Get the life you want
  48. Getting over the past
  49. Getting lucky
  50. Godiva Chocolate pattern
  51. Good Self Help Books
  52. Grief, NLP techniques for dealing with
  53. Happy retirement
  54. Healthy Mind, NLP techniques for
  55. High blood pressure cures
  56. How people conquered their fears
  57. How to be lucky
  58. How to read body language
  59. How to deal with grief
  60. How long will I live?
  61. Hypochondria
  62. Imagining perfect performance
  63. Importance of Public Speaking, The
  64. Improving speed reading
  65. Instant mood lift
  66. Interview Techniques
  67. Interview tips, Free
  68. Life Values
  69. Low self-esteem, Overcoming
  70. Making it happen
  71. Managing change effectively
  72. Meddling Mom
  73. Meeting People
  74. Men of Genius, Real
  75. Mental Rehearsal techniques
  76. Metaphor
  77. Milton Model
  78. Modelling Genius
  79. NLP anchors
  80. NLP Anchors (Explaining)
  81. NLP books
  82. NLP courses
  83. NLP for children
  84. NLP jargon buster
  85. NLP language patterns (see specific articles)
  86. NLP Modelling (Modelling helped me) 
  87. NLP Practitioner Course with Richard Bandler
  88. NLP Master Practitioner Course with Richard Bandler
  89. OCD symptoms
  90. OCD treatment
  91. Pacing and Leading
  92. Perceptual positions
  93. Persuasion techniques
  94. Persuasion
  95. Persuasion (2)
  96. Presuppositions (1)
  97. Presuppositions in NLP (2)
  98. Problem solving strategies
  99. Reaching Agreement
  100. Reframing
  101. Stop smoking
  102. Self-hypnosis
  103. Self-hypnosis, Practical
  104. Self limiting beliefs
  105. Signs of true love
  106. Spatial anchoring
  107. Sportsmen guide
  108. Stage Fright, Overcoming
  109. Stage Fright tips
  110. Stammering, NLP techniques for
  111. States
  112. Stop binge eating
  113. Subliminal Persuasion
  114. Sub modalities
  115. Success Principles
  116. Swish pattern
  117. That spirit of Christmas
  118. The importance of knowing yourself
  119. The meaning of NLP
  120. Time and NLP techniques
  121. Turning disaster into triumph
  122. Waiting for God
  123. Weight Loss (see articles below)
  124. Best weight loss plan
  125. Maintaining weight loss
  126. Techniques to make you thin
  127. Techniques for weight loss
  128. Visualisation
  129. Weight loss techniques
  130. Easy weight loss
  131. Weight control help
  132. Weight loss tips

You will learn how to get what you want in life and enjoy yourself while you are doing it.

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