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Prevent habits going wrong

A cure for a phobia with NLP techniques is necessary because phobias result from habits that go wrong. But sometimes they occur because of learned behaviour from a parent or someone else close to you.

We live in a world of perceptions, not reality.

People aren’t born with them. In fact, babies are born with only two fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. 

So every other fear is learned; it could be anchored by some earlier event. The good news about that – and for you if you have a phobia of any sort – is that what can be learned can also be unlearned, so help is at hand.

Cure for a phobia with NLP - Cure learned fears

Graham and Larry lived next door to us when we were children. Whenever there was a thunderstorm and the lightning streaked and flashed, thunder clapped and roared overhead, and the heavy rain pounded the windows, their father would herd the family into a closet under the stairs and close the door until it was gone.

Only then would the family emerge, sometimes hours later. So Graham and Larry grew up believing that thunderstorms were something to be terrified of even if you were living in a solidly built house and all the doors and windows were securely fastened. 

In the United Kingdom it would be an extremely rare event for a thunderstorm to damage a firmly constructed house, let alone the people inside.

Cure for a phobia with NLP - Prevent exaggerated fears

And as they got older, Graham and Larry became even more anxious about bad weather and managed to pass their fears to their children. Neither they, nor their parents, understood or learned phobia cures. 

This is the way it so frequently happens. There is often some proper basis for the fear but it becomes exaggerated beyond measure. 

Of course, it would be foolish to go out in a thunderstorm and shelter under a tree when lighting is around that the tree may attract, or stay out on a golf course holding metal golf clubs that may also attract the lighting. 

There are sound reasons for being cautious. It may be that Graham and Larry’s father had a bad experience earlier in life which caused his fear to become exaggerated, or perhaps the fear was passed down to him from previous generations.

Cure for a phobia with NLP - Learn to love Spiders

It is a similar situation with those who are phobic of spiders. If you live in Australia or other hot climates, it is necessary to be cautious of poisonous spiders and to take proper precautions. 

But if you live in England, it is not necessary to stand on a chair or run from the room hysterically at the sight of a spider.

In the UK a spider could walk across your face and have far more reason to be afraid of you than you of the spider. This cries out for a phobia cure.

Cure for a phobia with NLP – End your fear of flying

A large number of people suffer from a fear of flying. Some are phobic about it. 

So that you are able to tell the difference between the two, if you become very anxious about the prospect of flying, perhaps have to get pills from your doctor to get you through the flight, and shake when the plane is taking off, you don’t have a phobia about flying; you are just very nervous or scared of it so you don’t need a phobia cure as such.

If you freak out when you see a picture of an aircraft or hear one flying overhead, you have a phobia and you definitely need a phobia cure. But it makes little difference; the cure is just the same.

The reason you freak out or become scared is because the brain does not think in words. It sees pictures. 

When the brain sees pictures it has difficulty in telling the difference between real or imagined pictures.

Cure for a phobia with NLP – Stop worrying about needles

I would go as far as to say that almost nobody likes to go to a doctor or dentist and have a needle stuck in their body, whether it be a ‘flu jab or an anaesthetic to numb the gum. But most people choose to look away, close their eyes and think about something else.

Thinking about something else produces different pictures in the mind and, before you realise it, the whole process is over. 

How many times has this happened to you and you haven’t even realised what happened? But phobia cures with NLP will help you if this is your difficulty. 

Cure for a phobia by learning NLP techniques – Removal of your concentration on Fear

Phobics, on the other hand, choose to concentrate on the process. Before they even get to the surgery they start to make in their minds pictures of large needles or things going wrong (just as those afraid of flying only ever imagine aeroplanes crashing instead of landing safely at the airport at their dream destination). 

You see, all these bad pictures mess with your neurology. 

The way to deal with them is to disrupt the neurological process by making good pictures.

There are a number of phobia cures or free NLP techniques that can be used to deal with phobias or lesser fears. 

Perhaps you are just nervous about going to work today and facing an unpleasant boss, anxious about an interview or just the prospect of facing the mother-in-law tonight. This little exercise will help.

Cure for a phobia with NLP - Help you to lift your mood

First of all, think about a really pleasant or wonderful experience in your life or someone you love intensely and who loves you.

 Observe whether it is in colour or black and white. Put colour into the picture or make it brighter if it is already there. 

Are there any sounds associated with the picture? If so, make them louder. Do you have any feelings to do with that picture? If so, make them stronger. 

See what you see. Hear what you hear. Feel what you feel. Now, make the picture twice as big and twice as bright, and then double it and double it again until it fills your whole imagination. 

Totally immerse yourself in the good experience. However you were feeling before you started to make the picture, I will bet that on a scale of 1-10 your mood has brightened.

If you wake up one morning and feel a little low, this is a good trick for lifting your mood

It is a very good distraction technique whenever you feel you are about to have a bad experience, and it works extremely well. Keep repeating it.

Cure for a phobia with NLP - Dealing with the Phobia or fear

A way to deal with a phobia or fear is to use the reverse process. On a scale of 1-10 assess how you feel about it. 

Make the bad picture in your mind. The chances are it will be pretty big.  See what you see. Hear what you hear and feel what you feel. 

Now, if there is colour in the picture, change it to black and white.  Make the picture smaller. Make the sounds go off into the distance. As you do so the feelings will get less. 

Now, push the picture away from you, and as it leaves you imagine it becoming smaller and smaller as it goes off into the distance. 

At the same time imagine having a control knob in your hand which you gradually turn as the pictures moves as away, and as you turn it all the black disappears until the picture is tiny and completely white. 

As it disappears over the horizon make it spin faster and faster and then explode into millions of pieces until it is no more.

Now, on a scale of 1-10 how much has that fear reduced? Repeat the process until it is down to 2 or below. You may need to do it five times or so. 

If, in the future, this or any other fear returns, just repeat the exercise – and also remember to back it up with your “good” exercise which will lift your mood and make you feel better in any event.

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