Hypnosis and Weight Loss

Learn how to lose weight by hypnosis

by Barry Baines, author of Towards SuccessAway from Failure and Your Genius Within

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Before considering hypnosis and weight loss, have you decided that the time has come for you to lose weight? There is a reason why those words are in italics. I am sure you will agree that it is always better to start off with the idea of gaining rather than losing.

I don’t mean gain weight, of course, but what about gaining a better shape or gaining the image you would like to see in your mirror when you get up in the morning?

You might find it better, in fact, to dismiss all talk about being on a diet or cutting out certain foods. That sort of talk doesn’t lead to a healthy state of mind and it is at least arguable that it doesn’t lead to a healthy body either.

Do you simply choose to know the path or do you choose to walk it?

Brutal honesty with hypnosis and weight loss

The next and most important question to ask is: are you prepared to be brutally honest with yourself? I know a chap called George who refers to his wife disparagingly as looking like a beached whale.

If, when he looked in his own mirror, he could see a true image of himself he would see that he is himself morbidly obese. His jeans, he says, have a 34 inch waist. What he omits to say is that he buckles them many inches lower!

When George looks at his wife he remembers the girl he married nearly 40 years ago and compares the woman he now sees with that girl. When George looks in his own mirror he sees the young man who married that girl 40 years ago and not his own reflection in the mirror. That is a beautiful example of self-hypnotism.

George frequently announces to his friends that he is very healthy because he is a vegetarian and denounces those unhealthy meat eaters. He discounts entirely the piles of greasy potatoes and endless cakes and biscuits he consumes throughout the day.

He is oblivious to the fact that his body turns all those excess calories to fat. It is rather like piling a tonne of coal on the dying embers of a camp fire; the tiny flame cannot cope with the excess and so it just lies there.

Compare yourself with George before you consider hypnosis and weight loss

Do you recognise any of George’s traits in yourself? Are you prepared to admit that you are overweight, whether mildly or grossly, that it is because you eat too much and probably don’t exercise enough either? It may be you are unable to exercise because physical infirmity prevents it.

The good news is you can still lose weight if you just eat sensibly. If you are unable to exercise you need fewer calories to maintain your body. It is just a question of balancing what goes in and what goes out.

With hypnosis and weight loss you can eat what you want

You can eat what you want. There is no need to deprive yourself of any particular food. Eat small quantities regularly but don’t give in to in-betweens. If you don’t eat anything between breakfast and lunch or between lunch and dinner, you won’t die.

At first you may feel hungry. Have a glass of water. Hunger and thirst feel the same to us. Even if the water doesn’t immediately make you feel better, within 15 minutes or so it will pass. Resist the urge. If you feel horny you don’t just jump on the first member of the opposite sex you happen to come across. It is no different. Just resist the temptation.

The moment of decision with hypnosis and weight loss

I hear you asking: where does hypnosis come in? Hypnosis and weight loss, really? Read through the rest of this article before practising the following exercise, but do practice it because it will take you to the moment of decision.

Hypnosis and weight loss – the hypnosis

Take yourself to a quiet place and sit in a comfortable chair where you can relax. Look straight ahead for a moment and then, without moving your head, shift your eyes to a top corner of the room and focus on the corner.

Concentrate on your breathing. Take two deep breaths slowly and let them all the way out. As you continue to concentrate on your breathing whilst focusing on the top corner of the room, you will feel your eyelids wanting to close. So when you are ready let them close and just relax.

Now, continue to concentrate on your breathing and imagine all the tension in your body gradually turning into thick set honey. Feel it dripping down from the top of your head past your eyes and down through your neck. As it does so, allow the corners of your eyes and your jaw to relax completely.

Now, it drips down through your arms and out through your fingertips, down your torso, through your buttocks, down your legs and out through your toes, and you can feel the tension ebbing away. Now, one of your hands may feel warmer than the other or perhaps you will feel a little tingle in your toes instead.

As you go deeper into this relaxed state focus your mind on the image of the person you want to become. Keep concentrating on that image. Imagine yourself now in the clothes you wish to wear participating in the activities you long to be a part of again. For the time being just keep looking at that picture, enjoying what you see, hearing the sounds you expect to hear and feeling good.

Fat Road or Fit Lane in Hypnosis and Weight Loss

Now, in your mind’s eye bring yourself back to the present and imagine taking yourself on a walk in the countryside. You may use a familiar route and adapt it for these purposes or you can make it a complete figment of your imagination, but as you walk along let there be a moment when you come to a junction in the road.

You see a signpost marked DECISION JUNCTION. It has two arms: one points left and the other right. The one to the left reads FAT ROAD and the one to the right reads FIT LANE.

Turn left and walk along Fat Road. It’s a scruffy old road, it is bumpy and uneven, the people you pass were overweight years ago and kept on growing. The road is littered with half-eaten pizzas, discarded takeaway containers, empty fizzy drinks bottles and other food waste. It gets progressively worse the further you go.

You stop frequently and help yourself to large plates of burgers and fries, crisps and cakes from the many outlets along the roadside. The further along the road you go the harder it becomes.

Your breathing becomes laboured. You have the feeling you are going uphill but the road is level enough. Your knee joints ache and you are experiencing a very nasty gastric reflux which just seems to get worse and worse.

After a while you realise you have been walking for nearly a year. You come to a large set of scales in the middle of the road. You can’t avoid them so you just step on and, horror of horrors, you see you have gained upwards of 14 pounds since you started walking.

Go back to Decision Junction

Now, in your mind whisk yourself back to that junction in the road and start again, but this time turn right into Fit Lane. As you walk along, observe the smooth surface of the road and the smiling, slim people you meet along the way. Notice how tidy and clean it is and how the sun seems to shine constantly.

When you are thirsty you stop for a fruit juice at the roadside and you observe the many outlets that provide small portions of fish, lean meat and loads of fresh fruit and vegetables. When meal times come round you permit yourself to have a small plateful of what you fancy the most.

The further along the road you walk, the better you feel. You catch sight of your reflection in the lake and notice how much trimmer you look. Your breathing is easier, you feel much more nimble and your step is lighter.

Return again to that junction in the countryside. Now is the time to make your choice. Which is it to be for you: FAT ROAD or FIT LANE. Decision time is the most important moment in any new plan. Until you make the decision there is no commitment on your part.

Too many people who undertake weight-loss plans or embark upon diets never make a true decision to pursue it to the end. This is not a quick fix solution; it is a life changing moment, and if you choose Fit Lane you will never regret it.

Remember, with hypnosis and weight loss, it doesn’t mean that certain foods are banned. There are no special foods which you can or cannot eat. Each time you choose to eat you decide in advance how much you will have. Choose a small plate. Eat enough but not too much. Do not walk away from the table feeling full. If you stick to this method of eating you will achieve your aim.

Shirran’s Solution on Hypnosis and Weight Loss

There is an amazing book called Shirrans' Solution: The Gastric Mind Band which explains and enlarges these principles. You really can use self hypnosis to lose weight. Using the book and self-hypnosis alone I lost 22 pounds to return to well within my proper weight band and I have remained there now for a long time. If you have more to lose it will come off even easier and you too will have your own hynosis weight loss success story to tell.

Get a coach to help you with Hypnosis and Weight Loss if you need one

If you need a coach to assist you, with weight loss and hypnosis there are plenty around and you will read in the book that Shirran runs his own courses.

Just observe the principles outlined and you will notice the difference in the size of your clothes quite quickly. No need to weigh yourself until you notice your belt slacken. Then prepare to amaze yourself. If you have the odd bad day, just treat it as an odd bad day and start again tomorrow. The weather didn’t turn permanently sour just because a cloud passed over one day.

Get further help with other aspects of your life.

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Go ahead and take a chance – take a trance – and watch your shape change for the better.

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