Taking you Beyond the Law of Attraction

Dr John F DeMartini

If you’re keen to go beyond the law of attraction listen to John DeMartini speak when he’s next in your area. Even if he’s not in your area, make a point of travelling to see him.

The cost of admission for an evening session will not usually break the bank and the experience could be life-changing... It was for me.

Once your mind maps out the path, your mind clears out the path

Dr John F DeMartini

The Secret & Dr John DeMartini

If you’ve watched or read The Secret you’ll be familiar with John DeMartini. Although John features in The Secret on a number of separate occasions, it amounts in the film and the recording to no more than a few minutes.

In reality, he recorded several hours of material and so much of what he says, although not misrepresented, lacks context. It is at least a taster; a starting point.

About Dr John DeMartini

When Dr John DeMartini was a schoolboy his parents were told that he was dyslexic and he would be better to concentrate on sport. For very many years now he has travelled the world researching, writing, reading and teaching. He is a doctor of chiropractic, philosopher, author and international adviser and speaker.

You can watch a clip of John speaking below:

Seven Areas of Life

John teaches that there are seven areas of life: spiritual, mental, vocational, financial, familial, social and physical. He says if we do not empower each of those areas of life, someone else will overpower.

It is important therefore to understand and appreciate your hierarchy of values, because where you act in accordance with your higher values there will be order and discipline, whereas when you are dealing with those matters which are lowest on your list of values, there will be disorder and chaos and you will be rendered weak or powerless.

Where you are powerless you will be vulnerable. For example, if money - despite what you may say outwardly - is low on your list of values because you spend it on a load of things which are higher on your list of values, by the end of the month you will have none left and maybe even in debt. In that case you will be at the mercy of people to whom you owe money or on whom you rely.

No values are good or bad

We tend to label anything that we perceive as supporting or agreeing with our highest values as good because it makes us feel better. But if we perceive anything as challenging our highest values, we tend to label that as bad. In reality, our values may be different but they are neither right or wrong, good or bad, just different.

People can be trusted only to live according to their highest values. No-one gets up in the morning to go to work to please their employer; they go because in some way or other it will enable them to fulfil their highest values.

Beyond the Law of Attraction - The Breakthrough Experience

I have had the privilege not only of hearing Dr John DeMartini speak on many occasions but also of participating twice in his flagship two-day course The Breakthrough Experience.

It is rightly, I believe, described as an exceptional opportunity of a lifetime and will take you beyond the law of attraction.

It is a personal and professional development programme created by Dr DeMartini which is designed to challenge your old assumptions about living and at the same time offer you new paradigms (or blueprints) for life. 

The programme will expand your mind and open your heart to your true magnificence. It will enable you to get to examine your false personalities and learn new formulas for living and achieving fulfilment.

What better opportunity to learn than from a man who is perhaps the leading human behavioural specialist in the world.

Get to a seminar somehow

Travel anywhere to participate in one of these amazing courses which will take place with like-minded people. In it you will experience The DeMartini Method (also known as the Quantum Collapse Process) which is a breakthrough discovery and transformation methodology developed by John DeMartini.

It is an effective means of transforming any type of conflict or stress into grateful states of love and vitality. It consists of a systematic pre-determined series of questions and actions directed towards the objective of bringing to your conscious mind the states of presence and certainty, and to your heart the feelings of gratitude and love. It neutralises your emotional charges and balances your mental and physical reactions. It is an important and life changing tool.

Stay to the end

To participate, as I have done, in the quantum collapse process is a truly remarkable experience, and on the first of the two days you are warned that the day may not end until the early hours of the morning, because it is John DeMartini’s pledge that no-one goes home until everyone gets it, or has his or her personal breakthrough.

That is an agreement that every participant gladly enters into. It is certainly not unusual for the first day to finish at 12 o’clock, 1 o’clock – perhaps 2 o’clock – although the first time I attended we did not finish until 4 o’clock in the morning. 

But don’t be put off by that. What wouldn’t you do for a truly life-changing and life-enhancing experience?

Beyond the Law of Attraction - Enrich your life

Among many other things, John DeMartini teaches that because of our value filters we experience one-sided perceptions of gain and loss, reward or risk, and therefore become elated or depressed, infatuated or resentful, happy or sad at most moments in time.

There is, he says, no such thing as a one-sided magnet. The existing nightmares and fantasies residing in your memory and imagination will repeatedly run your life until you neutralise them with the balancing power of love.

And Dr John F DeMartini will show you precisely how to do that and enrich your life at the same time.

Beyond the Law of Attraction – John DeMartini Books

If you can’t get to one of John’s seminars then read one of his inspiring books. I bought Inspired Destiny for my daughters and they loved it.

It’s one of my favourites – easy to read and a great tool for helping you to uncover your purpose in life and ease beyond the law of attraction.

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