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The thought of hypnosis to quit smoking is, in a way, rather amusing because most smokers are hypnotised to smoke in the first place.  

Visualise the sexy advertisements for cigarettes that have surrounded you, or the films you have watched where the principal players have, by their smoking, romanticised the habit.

Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world.

I know because I have done it thousands of times

Mark Twain

Illegal to advertise

In some countries now it is illegal to advertise the sale of cigarettes, to smoke in public buildings or with co-workers, but the rules are not universal.  

It is the constant exposure to the suggestion that smoking will somehow enhance your appearance or make you sexually irresistible that has the hypnotic effect upon you.  

It is a form of brainwashing.  The exercise below is a form of reverse brainwashing, but you will need a strong stomach!

Hypnosis to quit smoking - rumours

You will also hear people peddling rumours, which you can’t help thinking must have been initiated by cigarette manufacturers, that smokers who give up the habit are bound to put on weight.  

I wonder what evidence they think there is to support that astonishing proposition!  There is no medical evidence that I know of that indicates that cessation of smoking leads to an increased appetite.

There is, on the contrary, a lot of evidence to show that cigarette smokers are at an increased risk of various forms of cancer, heart disease and stroke.  

If you don’t want to believe that, ask a qualified medical practitioner.  It is smokers who usually don’t want to believe it.  

You must have heard comments like, “Well, my father is 87, he has smoked all his life and he is fit as a fiddle.”  

The answer to that is that he is a lucky man.  Now examine the statistics that show the enormous numbers of people who suffered an early death because of their addiction to tobacco.  

If you are reading this article, I suspect it is because you may wish to give up smoking.  Perhaps you have tried before and failed and want to try again.

Hypnosis to quit smoking - intention

Let me emphasise at this stage that unless you really want to give it up and you have the tenacity to work at it, you will not succeed.  

No amount of tips or even hypnosis will help you give up smoking unless you work at it and are determined to win.  It is not unlike overeating.  

The person who believes he can’t stop eating and is grossly overweight is not in control of the food.  The food is in control of him. 

If you think you are in control of your cigarettes or tobacco, you are sadly mistaken;  the tobacco is in control of you.

But if you are serious about quitting smoking read this article each day for the next 90 days and practice the exercise.  

Make sure you know have read it through from beginning to end and thoroughly understand the process before you start.

Hypnosis to quit smoking – the exercise

Find a quiet place and a comfortable chair where you will not be disturbed.  If the lighting is subdued or you can dim it in some way, so much the better.  

If you have some meditation music that you can play very quietly in the background, that would be an added bonus although it is not essential for your completion of the exercise.

Place your chair facing a top corner of the room and focus your eyes on the very top corner.  

Take a deep breath in through your mouth and slowly let it out through your nose.  Now take a second breath in the same way. 

Keep looking at the top corner of the room and, as you do so, allow your body to relax … NOW … imagine all the tension in your body turning to thick, golden syrup and gradually draining down through your body from the top of your head.

Hypnosis to quit smoking - relaxation

As it does so, feel the little cracks around your eyes relax and then the sides of your mouth and jaw relax … NOW … your eyes feel so much heavier, and when you are ready you can just let them close … NOW …  feel the syrup and tension drain down through your arms and hands and out through your fingers, down through your torso and lower body, through your legs and feet and out through your toes.  

Let your body go completely limp and your mind detach and drift.

Allow yourself to drift deeper and, as you do so, imagine that you are walking around the factory where your cigarettes are manufactured.  

See the piles of tobacco coming along a conveyor belt ready to be wrapped in cigarette papers, but before that happens you see it mixed with buckets of excrement and left-over pigswill from the nearby farmyard and you begin to feel nauseous.  

You can see it all congeal together in a large vat with a lone, masked operative stirring it with a large wooden implement.

Hypnosis to quit smoking - revulsion

At this stage you can detect a foul stench emerging from the vat and you notice the operative, unable to bear the smell any longer, remove his mask and vomit into the vat.  

He then replaces his mask and continues stirring and the stench gets worse and worse.  You feel even more nauseous than before... NOW ... you squeeze together the thumb and forefinger of your left hand.  

The tobacco is then laid out to dry and the vile smell permeates the factory.

As you walk on around the facility you see operatives with thick protective gloves manually filling the cigarette papers with this hideous mixture and you cannot help noticing that it is already beginning to take on a tar-like appearance which you know will coat your lungs the next time you inhale a cigarette and prepare the way for cancerous cells to form.   

You turn away to prevent yourself from vomiting. 

Hypnosis to quit smoking – anchoring the experience

Again, at this stage you pinch together the thumb and forefinger of your left hand.  

You now prepare to leave the factory by the main gate but, as with all good tours, you are invited to take a sample of the product with you as you go, and you place a packet of 20 in your pocket.

Imagine yourself now in the comfort of your own home opening that packet of cigarettes.  

Pinch together your left thumb and forefinger and relive the pictures, the appalling smell and nauseous feelings you experienced in the factory.  

See yourself throwing the cigarettes in the trash can … NOW … clear your mind and take yourself to your favourite tranquil place, perhaps a beach in the sun or a garden with sweet smelling flowers. 

hypnosis to quit smoking

Relax and feel good knowing that you will never smoke one of those things again.  When you are ready, open your eyes and come back clearly into the present moment.  Give yourself a few moments to clear your mind properly and become fully alert.

Hypnosis to quit smoking - temptation

When you are next tempted to open a packet of cigarettes, squeeze together your left thumb and forefinger and relive the experiences from the factory in your mind.  

In fact, don’t wait until then:  whenever you see anybody else take out a packet of cigarettes or put one to their mouth, squeeze the thumb and forefinger on your left hand and relive that experience and knowing at the same time that what they are doing is not for you.

Remember to read and practice this exercise every day for the next 90 days so that the feelings and experience thoroughly embed themselves into your consciousness, and if you relapse into smoking the odd cigarette, it doesn’t mean that the whole exercise has failed or that you should give up trying.  

Tomorrow is another day.  Just start again.  You can master this if you really want to and change your life around completely.

See also NLP Stop Smoking.

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