NLP weight loss techniques

These NLP weight loss techniques will show you how to change your shape and lose weight.  

NLP weight loss techniques

Nothing can guarantee it because ultimately it will depend upon you, but a very large number of the people who follow these instructions find that they stand a much better chance of leading a healthier, better life and lose weight in the process. 

Only those who risk going too far can possibly

 find out how far one can go

T S Eliot 

Follow the plan

It doesn’t matter whether you have just a few pounds to lose or several stones in weight; follow this plan and it can work for everyone. 

If it is the first time you have tried to lose weight, you never need look anywhere else because this plan doesn’t rely on any fancy substitute foods or calorie counting plans. 

Indeed, you can eat whatever you want.  Follow this plan properly and you will change your eating habits for good and be much healthier for it.

NLP weight loss techniques – simple rules

There are a few very simple and easy to follow rules, but it is essential that you keep to them.  

The first is that during the weight loss period which, depending on how much you wish to lose, may at least be a few months, you must read this page every day to remind yourself of the rules. 

You don’t have to read it in detail, skim reading may do, but you do need to refresh your memory.

NLP weight loss techniques - cravings

Let us deal with food cravings first because that is what scuppers a lot of people who are dieting successfully and then fall off the wagon, or is the cause of huge weight gain in the first place. 

If you cannot resist a cake or two during the day or a bar of chocolate, it could be the result of a weight gain of 14 lbs or more during the course of a year or even a few months, depending on the amount you consume.

It may be therefore that you feel it helpful or necessary to restrict or cut out your intake of those foods.   Just close your eyes for a few moments and imagine that food you love so much.

In my case it would be milk chocolate, so we will take that as an example for these purposes.  Imagine breaking off a piece of chocolate, chewing it and appreciate the taste.  Put that feeling on one side for a moment.

Still with your eyes closed imagine some food that you hate, something that makes you almost vomit at the thought of it. 

If you are somebody who believes she can eat almost anything, you may have to stretch your imagination a bit and imagine putting something vile in your mouth. 

In my case, all I have to think about is fat.  I cannot bear the thought of fatty bacon (although I know for some people it is the best part).

NLP weight loss techniques – yuk!

So with my eyes closed I imagine the fat off the bacon.  Then I imagine dropping the fatty bacon on the floor and it becomes covered in cat’s fur which has been lying around on the floor. 

Even worse, some of that fur had fallen into the cat’s litter tray and has been trudged around the floor before being mixed with the bacon.  How revolting!

Keeping my eyes closed, I now imagine biting into the chocolate but this time I can see and taste the fatty bacon, fur and cat litter which has been mixed in with the whole bar of chocolate.

See this picture big and bright in your imagination and feel yourself chewing every portion.  You should be on the verge of vomiting.

NLP weight loss techniques - repetition

Repeat this exercise a few times and then see how much that craving has been reduced by.  If you wish to cut out the food altogether, keep repeating the exercise until you can no longer stand the thought of the food. 

Otherwise, reduce it to the stage where you can still tolerate a small portion of that food (perhaps one square of chocolate rather than the whole bar or more).

Coming back to the rules, it is very important that you eat when you are hungry and you eat enough.  When you wake up in the morning you should eat something for breakfast. 

Some people skip meals, but by doing that they are building up hunger for later in the days and are then likely to pig themselves.  So eat whatever you would like for breakfast. 

NLP weight loss techniques - control

The first rule is that each time you take a mouthful of food, you put the fork or spoon down (or the food itself if you are holding it) and chew the food thoroughly, which may mean twenty or thirty times. 

While you are eating you must not watch television, read a newspaper, play with your mobile device or distract yourself in any other way. 

Concentrate only on eating the food and really appreciate the taste of it.

In this way you may find taste that you had not discovered before.  You can be sure it will taste much better and, because you are concentrating, you will be aware when to stop eating.

Do not eat until you are overfull or until you have cleared your plate.  Eat only until your body tells you that you have eaten enough.  Then stop.

Sometimes during the course of the day, you may think you feel hungry.  When that happens, drink a glass of water and see if the feeling passes within 15 minutes or so.  If it does not, have a small snack. 

Don’t become hungry.  Your body will tell you when to eat and how much, but you must consciously eat the food in order to know and stop when you have had enough. 

NLP weight loss techniques – nothing off limits

We can repeat at this point that no food is banned.  You can have what you want, but you may find that the more you eat consciously the less likely you are to eat sugary or fatty foods, or, if you do it will be in much smaller proportions.  Be patient. 

Follow these rules carefully and you will see the weight gradually disappear.

If you wish to weigh yourself, do it at the start of the programme just to check in.    

Then don’t weigh yourself again until you have at least reduced a size in clothes.  Your clothing will always let you know how you are doing.

It is not a good idea to weigh yourself frequently because the body naturally goes up and down in the course of a few days anyway, and it may cause you to lose faith in yourself.

NLP weight loss techniques – you don’t have to be perfect

No-one expects you to be perfect.  If you have a day when everything doesn’t go quite to plan and you eat more than you meant to, it doesn’t mean the whole plan has been blow out of the water.  

Start again tomorrow.  Remember the old motto, If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again.  That is the way successful people achieve results, and you can too.

Sometimes people ask “What happens if I have to go out to dinner and there are three or more courses on the menu or it is one of those wretched buffet events?”  As with everything, you have choices. 

Decide, firstly, if you would like to skip any particular courses.  

If you would like to try them all, take that into account and just eat some of each course.  You can have a good time without stuffing yourself silly.

NLP weight loss techniques – don’t listen to them!

Finally, don’t listen to those people who say that you must clear your plate or you will be wasting food.  That argument, although it is constantly trotted out, is a fallacy. 

First and foremost, the animal or plant that provided the food is dead in any case, and nothing you do can change that. 

Secondly, nothing in this universe can possibly be wasted.  It all came from the universe and it cannot leave the universe.  Like us, it merely changes form.


We all exercise a little every day by walking or doing the housework.  

Don't think it is necessary to join a gym in order to achieve what you want.  If you are fit enough and inclined enough, and provided that your doctor agrees it is a good idea, fine.

Otherwise, just walk a little more than you are now.  Get off one bus stop earlier and walk a little further.  

Don't do it all at once.  Gradually increase it day by day and your general fitness will improve too.  Just keep your body moving!

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