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Limiting our success

NLP techniques are able to help you because success principles are, for most of us, constrained by our limiting beliefs. 

It is easy to say that others are successful just because of their upbringing or their good luck. 

How often have you heard yourself say, "It is OK for him" or "I will never be successful" or "I just haven't got her personality". It is much easier to cop out and make an excuse for not trying, isn't it?

Dont' aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally

David Frost

NLP Techniques - successful sportspeople

Successful sportsmen and women don't think like that. They view success principles differently. Those old enough to remember a time when it was thought to be impossible for a human being to run a four-minute mile in under 4 minutes will remember Dr Roger Bannister.

In 1954 he was a medical student but he broke that 4-minute barrier and achieved a time of 3 minutes 59.4 seconds. 

Once that happened, the perception of the whole athletic world seemed to change and over the course of the next few years many others broke the 4-minute mile and smashed his record as well.

Overcoming hopelessness

So if you think your goal is hopeless, that is to say unachievable, the first question to ask yourself to achieve success is, Why do I think it is unachievable? Think about your answer carefully.

If you believe you don't have the power to achieve the goal, ask yourself what it is you think you do not have which makes it impossible? Again, think about your answer and be tough with yourself.

Sometimes people think they are unworthy and for some strange reason they don't deserve to achieve their ambition or their goal. 

Ask yourself why you have those limiting beliefs - and remember you were put on this planet to radiate your light, not cover it.

NLP techniques - overcoming fear

You may be surprised when you examine your answers closely to discover that you are really just giving expression to your fears. 

Remember, the only place that fear exists is in your mind; you will never see it hanging around on a street corner or going for a run in the park.

Our beliefs are the product of our upbringing and experience. When we doubt ourselves we are usually listening to someone else's voice in your mind (perhaps a parent, relative or friend).

Those fears are usually based on somebody else's doubts or fears. So stand back and be objective and challenge your pre-existing thinking.

NLP techniques - look for evidence to support your success

When we have a belief we tend to look for evidence to support it and ignore that which runs contrary to the belief. So rather than looking for reasons why you can't succeed, look instead for reasons why you can.

Believe in yourself. People so often believe it is impossible to effect change and never actually try. 

They  keep on doing the same things day after day and hope things will get better. It is rather like constantly hitting your head against the wall and hoping that one day it won't hurt.

That is not going to happen, is it? You can make changes for the better in your life. You can achieve success, but you have to do something different.

Achieve success by testing your beliefs

Imagine what you would like to achieve and if you doubt your ability to do it, ask yourself how do you know that? 

Examine your answer very carefully. Who says you cannot achieve it? You will almost certainly find that there is someone's voice in your head casting that doubt. 

Make it sound like Mickey Mouse and run it faster and faster. The sillier it sounds, the less notice you will take of it. What stops you doing what you want to do? 

Be honest. Is it really something outside of you or is it just those nagging doubts inside your head? Then ask yourself what would happen if you could do it.

NLP techniques - take control of your beliefs and achieve success

It is essential that you take control of your beliefs and lead them towards your successful future. Properly managed, you can transform your life, and you will find many NLP techniques in these pages that will help you on your way.

Start perhaps by looking at goal setting tips and life coaching.

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