Waiting for God

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Are you a person of action?

Are you waiting for God or are you the sort of person who gets up off your backside and makes things happen yourself?

Action speaks louder than words but not nearly so often

Mark Twain

When I use that expression, I am speaking metaphorically, of course – in the sense of waiting for something to happen rather than creating your own success, some stroke of good fortune, or just waiting for someone else to die who you think may benefit you.

It is tragic that there are so many people in the world who are, quite seriously, waiting for someone else to die in the hope that they may be left a bequest, a house or even a fortune.


As a lawyer, some years ago I made wills for clients.  It is quite astonishing how many of their children would call me afterwards demanding to know what was in their parents’ wills. 

Of course, that was quite confidential and couldn’t be disclosed.

It never ceases to amaze me, even now, how many people contact me within 24 hours of the death of a closely related loved one to see if I am holding the will or want to know what it contains.

The thought of how they might benefit from the death seems, even at such a sad time, to be uppermost in their minds.

Waiting for God - Michelle

Michelle’s grandfather is in his mid-nineties and she in her mid-sixties.  For the last 10-15 years to my knowledge although she has scratched a living in her small shop, she wonders aloud to her friends when he will die and how much he will leave her.

She plans how she will spend the money when it arrives.  Every time grandfather is under the weather she becomes animated, and when he recovers she becomes depressed.

Now, she doesn’t know for sure whether grandfather will leave her anything when he dies.  She has siblings and there are other relatives. 

He has always been closely connected to the church and has other charitable interests.

Michelle’s grandfather was a prudent businessman and has been a wise investor throughout his life. 

It has served him well into old age.  He doesn’t live the life of a rich man but he wants for nothing.

Waiting for God – what to do with it?

Asked what she will do with the money if and when she gets it, Michelle says, “Spend it, of course.” 

So if she does benefit financially from his death the money will, as is usual in such circumstances, slip through her fingers very quickly until it is gone.

Michelle is also a small-time gambler, betting regularly on the lottery and anything else she considers worth betting on, in the hope that she will one day get an enormous pay out. 

The chances against that, of course, are many millions to one, but some people do win and maybe Michelle will be one of those so-called lucky ones.  What if she is? 

Will she invest it prudently so that she can live comfortably into old age like her grandfather? 

Not on the evidence so far.  She is much more likely to live the life and riley and burn, burn, burn it until it is all gone.

Most people who win very large sums of money fritter it within the space of five years or so.  Why is that? 

Because they haven’t earned it themselves.  Inwardly, there is guilt about possessing it, and they do not value money.

Waiting for God in a rich world

We live in a very rich world:  rich in natural wealth and rich in opportunity.  Maybe from where you are sitting now you cannot see it or even envisage it. 

If wealth is what you want, find a way to provide a service that is valuable to others and earn the money that way.  Rely on your own genius.

And when you make a profit, accumulate it.  There are other pages on this website that explain precisely how to do that, so look around.  Discover your own success.

If you are not quite sure which way to turn at present, start at the beginning.  Consider what you have that everyone else has. 

You have time, although you don’t know how much of that you have and neither do any of us.

Waiting for God and free will

You have free will.  No-one person and no anthropomorphic deity of any description preordained the way you would or should live your life.  You may or may not have religious beliefs. 

The principle tenet of all major religions appear to be that you should not harm others but should do to them what you would have them do to you.

If you take that as the basis for everything you do, you cannot go far wrong.

Live in the moment.  Do not wait for somebody to die or for somebody else to give you a windfall.  Discover your genius.  Decide what you want in life and plan how you are going to get it by your own actions.

Read on this website and elsewhere about some of the people who started with nothing but became wealthy or great in some other way by their own efforts. 

Imagine for a moment the enormous personal satisfaction and inner warmth they felt when they did that. 

Not for them any feeling of guilt because they were unjustly enriched fortuitously by a relative’s death or someone else’s efforts.

Dreaming and waiting for God

If you have a dream of your own, find a way to achieve it and live it and don’t let anyone else take it away from you. 

My friend, Justine, told me recently that her daughter was recently required to choose her subjects for her final two years at school.  Her tutor asked her what career the daughter wished to pursue. 

When she replied that she wished to join the secret service, the tutor responded that she should grow up and not be so silly.  That was quite wrong. 

I don’t suppose for one moment that the tutor knew the attributes or qualifications for a position in the secret service; it was just totally outside of her own experience and obviously not within her particular reality tunnel.

Waiting for God and dictating to others

It is dreadful to attempt to destroy someone else’s dreams just because of your own ignorance. 

In this particular case the child knew more about the secret service than the tutor, in any event, because her uncle was a member of it!

There is also a danger for parents to want their children to follow a certain career path, perhaps because they have themselves or some esteemed relation has done so.

Or, even worse, because they failed to take the opportunity to do so themselves and now wish their child or children to do it for them!

It is not for a parent to dictate the path the child should follow, but merely to love the child, care for it and see that it is properly educated.  When the child has grown and matured it can make its own choices.

Remember that there is no-one else on this earth like you.  You are not a clone;  you are an individual here to plough your own furrow, dream your own dreams, make your own choices, find your genius, be successful and have a wonderful life.  Make sure you do!

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