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Do you want to learn how to become a genius? I wonder how many children have worked through school, lived what appear to be fairly ordinary working lives and gone to their graves without discovering the true brilliance that lies within each and every one of us.

You do not need a genius IQ or to be a genius child in the eyes of some schoolteacher to be a real genius.

Everybody is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid

Albert Einstein

Become a genius through academic brilliance

Your genius may lie in your academic brilliance, of course. You may have excelled through school, college, university and beyond.

You may have achieved your doctorate and be a leader in your chosen profession. You may be leading an amazing life and know it. Congratulations. You are a real genius.

Discover how to become a genius

But so are the rest of us, each in our different ways. Some of us have not discovered it yet. We wait for that flash of genius to let us know, but it is unnecessary to do so.

Everything that forms part of our universe is genius. It is perhaps beyond our comprehension because we constantly look outside ourselves rather than within.

If we think we live in the universe, we are mistaken for we are the universe. Just as everything we perceive with our various senses is the universe, so are we.

There is no pecking order. We like to think there is (in fact, we rather like to put ourselves at the top of it) but, as usual, it is just an illusion.

There are over 50 billion planets in the Milky Way alone. Even that number is rather too large to comprehend and it is just a very tiny corner of the universe.

But everything in it, including you and me, is genius and we each have our part to play.

Become a genius by gathering information

We are learning all the time. Not so long ago it was thought that IQ (intelligence quotient) was fixed and you either had it or you didn’t.

Now we know that the brain just cannot get enough new information. In fact, it thrives on it. The more you pay attention to everything around you, the more your mind will expand.

Give your brain the opportunity to enjoy as many new and different experiences as you can – art, sport, science, anything – and the more you pay attention, the more your attention will strengthen.

Becoming a genius by looking within

If you don’t see yourself as fitting in to any particular pattern, just have a look within and consider where your real genius is.

The mistake most people make when they are seeking answers is to look outside, but the answer is never out there; it is always within.

It is something major religions of the world have attempted to teach for years but they so discredit themselves with their dogma, and oftentimes fanaticism, that people turn away and take no notice.

So first of all look and keep looking until you have found it. If you are not too sure of your genius, consider how others react to things that you do and where you are truly appreciated. Sometimes it just might give you a clue.

Become a genius by doing what comes naturally

Perhaps your genius lies in the fact that you are a loving mother, able to organise and care for your family, and are truly devoted to that.

By doing that you are giving others your love and real security. You are bestowing upon your children a stable, happy and encouraging environment. 

What you do affects not only you, your partner and your immediate children; it affects also their children and their children’s children because what you instil into them will pass from generation to generation.

Perhaps you do not know it now, but what you do may help to shape and influence a future world leader!

A sportsman or sportswoman can become a genius

Don’t put yourself down and think you are not a genius or you do not know how to become a genius. Who is to say what a genius is.

In the UK jokes are often made about soccer players being “thick” because many of them are not regarded as academically bright. Those critics do not recognise the genius within each of those players.

The Premier League footballers in England entertain hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of people around the world every soccer season and thrill them with their individual brilliance. 

Would it be right to say that amazing soccer players like David Beckham, Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney or Fernando Torres are not geniuses?

Of course it wouldn’t. By one afternoon’s performance they have the ability to lift the mood of a nation or send it plummeting to the depths of despair. Would that we all had that power!

Sportsmen and women great examples of how to become a genius

But we do have our own brand of genius and it can and should play a part in our everyday lives. The soccer players I have just referred to, and sports people in general, are perfect examples of what each of us needs to do to develop and enjoy our personal genius.

They each have a passion that they recognise. Most of them from quite an early age – but some of them a little later – worked at that passion for hours each day, for every day of every week, year in and year out.

As they did so their abilities grew,their passion grew still stronger and their brilliance emerged. And once it emerged it shone like a beacon for all to see.

You, too, can become a genius

If you have not done it already, you can do this too.It may be you are a budding sportsman or sportswoman, a promising actor or you have a passion for music.

Maybe you have not discovered what you believe your genius is yet. Keep looking, keep searching inside until it reveals itself. And when you find it, don’t let it go. 

Practice, practice, practice and practice. Not for minutes, not for hours, not for weeks, but keep on practising for years. 

Whatever it is, however humble you may believe it to be, keep practising, keep shining your light throughout the world and you will be amazed what the future holds.

Become a genius by who you are

Keep reminding yourself that you are a genius because you truly are; you are part of the universe and nothing could be a greater demonstration to us of real genius.  You might now like to read The Secret of Genius.

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