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Maintaining Weight Loss

You may need to consider NLP techniques to assist you in maintaining your weight loss weight loss once you have reached your ideal body weight and shape. 

Being defeated is often a temporary condition

Giving up is what makes it permanent

Marilyn Vos Savant

You may be reading this because you have been in this situation before:  that is to say, you have successfully followed a diet only to find that within a few months of reaching your ideal weight you have not only put all the weight back on, but are heavier than when you started.

NLP techniques – harder the second time

Indeed, you may have tried to diet again soon afterwards but found it much harder to lose those excess pounds than you did on the first occasion. 

That is probably because you have been following a diet of some kind that has severely restricted your calorie intake and your body has gone into starvation mode. 

In other words, as a result of the earlier experience it recognises that food is short so it holds on to as much fat as possible to get it through the starvation period to follow.

NLP techniques – fancy diets not the answer

If you have read the other weight loss pages on this website you will know that fancy diets are not the answer. 

I cannot urge you strongly enough not to embark on some sort of detox diet, or one that offers some substitute food cocktails for part of or all of the day. 

Those sort of “diets” are designed to sell you products, and you have no real hope of maintaining any weight loss you make.

Because your sister is getting married next month and you feel you need to lose a stone to look attractive for her wedding is not a good reason to search out some sort of crash diet that promises you will lose the weight in that time or less. 

If you are losing more than a pound or two a week, it is highly likely that it is unhealthy in any event.  The first few pounds are most likely to be fluid and easily replaced in any case.

NLP techniques – lasting change

And if you do succeed in losing the weight in time for the wedding you are likely to be disappointed because in that time your body shape will not have adjusted sufficiently for you, and within a very short time you will be heavier still.

So any change you make has to be lasting.  The first advice to offer here is if you have achieved your ideal weight by using one of these methods be prepared now to change your lifestyle by adopting the following simple rules. 

Eat whatever food you like.  Do not prohibit yourself from eating any particular type of food because you consider it to be fattening.  In that way you never need feel deprived.

NLP techniques – eating mindfully

When you eat, eat consciously.  That is to say, do not eat while you are watching the television or reading a newspaper.  

Try to eat at a table or in a formal setting, chew your food at least 20 times and concentrate on the food you are eating. 

In that way, you will begin to recognise tastes that you did not even know existed and you will be able to listen to your body. 

Eat until you feel as though you have had enough but no more.  If there is still food on your plate, leave it. 

If you are hungry you may eat, but only enough to satisfy that hunger.   Otherwise, avoid eating between meal times. 

So you may eat what you want, when you want, only until you have eaten enough and then stop.  

If you do this, your body will naturally adjust to its desirable weight.  

Don’t expect to look like some underweight model; your body will know what it needs and how much of it.

NLP techniques and dining out

A lot of people who are dieting – by which I mean adjusting their eating habits – feel awkward at parties or if they go out to dinner with friends. 

If I am eating with friends at their house, I tell them tactfully in advance that whilst I eat all courses, I eat only small portions.  

Friends will always understand and, in any case, when they visit us they make similar requests.

NLP techniques – my wife is the perfect model

Assume you are going out for a formal three course meal, you would really like to participate in all courses but know that to finish them all would be far too much. 

What do you do?  My wife is the best example I can quote you for dealing with these situations.  

We have been married for 37 years and her weight has hardly varied in all the time I have known her.

How does she do it.  When the first course arrives she decides in advance how much she will eat.  

When the waiter enquires if everything is all right, she inevitable says, “Yes, thank you, but I need to leave space for later.”  

She follows exactly the same line with the main course.  Waiters often seem concerned but she assures them that she really cannot manage any more but would like to leave some space for dessert.

I cannot pretend I have her self-control because I sometimes eat too much.  But my wife is quite remarkable in that way and has maintained an excellent body shape because of it. 

It is the perfect way to maintain a diet.  She eats anything she fancies.  She sacrifices nothing. 

She looks beautiful, years younger than her true age, and has a perfect body shape.  

Although I would say that, wouldn't I, my friends attempt to embarrass me by saying she looks young enough to be my daughter!  But it just makes me prouder of her.

It would be a very useful NLP technique to model her behaviour if you wish to maintain your weight.

NLP techniques - buffets

Adopt the same procedure if you are at a buffet.  Don’t pile your plate high and stuff it in your mouth while you are talking. 

If you are socialising with others – perhaps you are in a group chatting – don’t eat while you are talking.  Follow the old adage about not talking with your mouth full.

Say what you have to say and then eat.  In that way you can eat mindfully and listen to your body while you are doing so. 

You will find that the longer you follow this pattern of eating, the more you are likely to examine what you eat.  

Although you can eat exactly what you choose, you may find that you are eating healthier foods because you can eat more of them with feeling bloated.

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