NLP techniques for a Healthy Mind

Or how to avoid being a hypochondriac

Everyday challenges

NLP techniques concentrate your mind on simple methods of overcoming everyday challenges.  My friend Max is one of those everyday challenges. 

It is because he is a friend that I haven’t been brutally rude to him … yet!  But I do everything I can to avoid him and when he calls my wife always tells him that I am out.

Once you control your mind, you can conquer your body

Most people know that “How are you?” is a greeting.  The correct response to “How are you?” is (surprisingly it seems to many today) “How are you?”.  As I say, it is a form of greeting. 

But my friend Max thinks it is an invitation to issue a health bulletin:  “Well, I’m getting over my cold now but my sciatica is playing up terribly. And, do you know, I have the most awful pain in my backside …” 

I am afraid Max is a pain in the backside and so many of his acquaintances make straight for the bar when they see him at a party rather than suffer the next 15 minutes listening to his aches and pains.

I expect you know someone just like him.  Society abounds with them!  More importantly, I hope you are not like him.

NLP Techniques – preoccupation with health

For a moment put yourself in Max’s shoes.  What is constantly going through his mind?  He must be preoccupied with his own health (probably “sickness” would be a more appropriate word). 

Max is a man in his early forties.  I have known him for 10 years and he has never been any different.  He is, would you believe it, a fit and active father of five.

NLP techniques - Bad pictures

Think about it.  Max constantly fills his head with pictures of his imagined ailments and injuries. 

I have no doubt that from time to time he does suffer ordinary aches and pains like we all do, but whereas most of us pass them off as the everyday occurrences of life, Max dwells on them, builds bigger pictures in his mind and then, as soon as he gets the opportunity, tells all his friends and acquaintances about them.

What does that do?  It reinforces it in Max’s mind.  The pictures get bigger and brighter and more vivid and what were little aches and pains become bigger aches and pains because he dwells upon them.

If you are like Max, I beg you if not for your own sake, then for the sake of your family and friends, do something about it. 

By addressing the issue, you will give yourself a better perspective on life, be happier and widen your circle of friends because, I assure you, even if you don’t realise it now, many of your acquaintances make for the door when they see you on the horizon.

NLP techniques – addiction to your own story

The first problem Ian and people like him have is that they are addicted to their own story.  They actually enjoy telling people how bad they feel.  So the addiction needs to be broken.  

If you don’t take exercise, start by taking exercise now.  It doesn’t have to be vigorous, it just has to be exercise.  If you are young enough to play sport, then play some sport.  Go for a jog, join a gym, swim or take up athletics.  

There is all manner of exercise you can indulge in.  If you are not so young, you can still go for a walk two or three times a week, join a club and participate in the activities – but don’t talk about your health.

Modern day life does have its stresses and strains and people can become so wrapped up in their daily lives that they forget to do the simple things. 

Make a habit of doing something else, as I have suggested above, or simply stroll on the beach or in the park if you don’t live near the seaside.

NLP techniques - Make good pictures

Then make a habit every day first thing in the morning and last thing at night of thinking about something pleasant for five minutes.  It may be a holiday you had, or a loved one, a flower in bloom,  beautiful scenery or a new born child. 

The purer and simpler the better.  You know what is precious to you.  Close your eyes and think about it.  Imagine the picture in your mind.  Make the picture twice as big.  Make it colourful.  Turn up the brightness.  Hear the sounds you heard at the time. 

Then make the picture twice as big again.  See the picture through your own eyes.  See the beauty, feel the good feelings and hear the lovely sounds.

NLP techniques – seeing yourself fit and healthy

Now sit in a chair.  Relax.  Close your eyes.  Imagine you are able to go outside your body and look at yourself from across the room.  See yourself sitting there looking healthy and pain free. 

See yourself standing up, walking around the room looking half your age and feel how good that is.  Open your eyes and know that you are fit and healthy. 

When you do have minor aches and pains in your body, concentrate on those areas of the body where there is no pain and keep concentrating upon them.  Don’t be tempted to tell others about them.

Powerful words

The more you practice these simple exercises, the less you will dwell upon yourself.  The more you avoid voicing your concerns about your own wellbeing, the better you will feel.  Words are powerful.

Try to use words which make you feel good about yourself.  And the next time somebody says “How are you?” reply “How are you?” and know that you are fit, healthy and raring to go.

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