Achieving more (by doing less)

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The secret of achieving more by saying less is sometimes accomplished by saying nothing at all.  I know that from my own experience as a court room lawyer. 

Oftentimes I have listened carefully to a witness (who I had anticipated might be damaging to my case) being led carefully through his or her evidence and when opposing counsel sits down I realise that the witness said nothing at all that would harm my client. 

Be content to act and leave the talking to others  - Gracian

Achieving more – no questions

It is very tempting on those occasions to explore the witness’s evidence further, but to do so often ends with the witness coming out with something unexpected that you really don’t want the court to hear. 

The better course is to stand up politely, smile and say “No questions, thank you.”  Sometimes it surprises the judge; sometimes it surprises the jury. 

But those words are extremely powerful for they effectively say, “This witness has said nothing important and you can discard what has been said. It doesn’t hurt my client or his case.”

Talking about themselves

People like to talk about themselves.  The temptation is to talk at people rather than listen and it is really ineffective. 

If you are a salesman, resist the temptation to hit your customer with a heavy sales patter and remember you are there to sell.  If the customer appears to know what she wants, listen to her. 

She will tell you everything you need to know, she will leave with what she wants and will also convince herself that you are good to do business with.

Achieving more – be a salesman who listens

Lucy and Brian Walker bought a house with magnificent views over the bay.  

In the evenings they witnessed the most beautiful sunsets from their drawing room.  

The only difficulty was that they had to stand up in order to see them.  The window was set just a little too high in the wall so seated all they could see was the wall. 

So they decided that they would have a much larger “picture” window fitted almost from wall to ceiling in size with a window opening at the top. 

Then they would be able to sit in their armchairs and view amazing sunsets whenever they wished.  They knew precisely what they wanted.

They invited a firm of double glaze window fitters to quote for the job.  The salesman arrived and Brian explained in detail what was wanted. 

The salesman then proceeded at length to explain the nature of the product and produced a model with moving parts. 

Brian politely told him that they were aware of the benefits of this firm’s windows, that was precisely why he had been invited to call, and he needed no further information except a price. 

But the salesman persisted.  Brian was too polite to kick him out until three hours had passed when he could take no more. 

The disgruntled salesman left without making a sale complaining he hadn’t been listened to. 

Lucy and Brian saw three further representatives from double-glazing companies before they found one who immediately accepted that they knew what they wanted, offered a reasonable price and landed the sale.

Achieving more by letting the customer give you the information

Does that sound like a familiar tale to you?  Sometimes the customer doesn’t need further information and will tell you when he doesn’t.  

Then is the time to keep quiet and concentrate on making the sale.  If, in those circumstances, you keep quiet and listen, the customer will tell you everything you need to know.  

You can also learn much from another person’s eyes.

Sometimes you will meet people at parties or business gatherings who you could overwhelm with your career or family exploits, and we have all seen people doing that. 

They become the party bore.  For a while people are crowded around them but, as the event progresses, they drift away and others move sharply when the bore is seen coming towards them.

As I said, people like to talk about themselves.  They don’t want to listen to you endlessly.  If they are a little shy, probe gently to find out what their interests are.  

Probe a little if necessary

Or ask them about their family.  Once they get going they will gain in confidence and you will only have to give the conversation a little nudge here or there. 

Your part in the conversation may be very small, but they will remember you for the feeling you gave them, not the words you spoke, and you can be sure they will have a high opinion of you.

Achieving more with letters of complaint

If you every need to write a letter of complaint, keep it short.  Hospitals and medical organisations receive thousands of letters every year often written by bereaved relatives complaining about the treatment a loved one has received at a particular hospital or from a particular doctor or nurse, or even a whole string of them. 

Sometimes the complaints are not very logical and run to many, many pages, not only rehearsing the facts but also arguments and counter-arguments to imagined responses that might be made.

Don’t ever be tempted to do that.  It does not help your complaint and merely means that the complaint handler at the other end has to spend a very long time attempting to unravel what you are trying to explain, and the danger is that it will not be dealt with efficiently. 

Spell out your grievance simply, clearly and chronologically, avoid argument and avoid comments and opinions of your own.  

You are likely to achieve a much better and quicker result by doing so.

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