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by Barry Baines

If you’ve been looking for great self help books you won’t want to miss Towards Success written by Executive, Sports and Life Coach, Barry Baines.

Picture yourself five years from now, wealthy, happy, confident and enjoying harmonious relationships. The journey from where you are today to where you want to be begins now because in the next two minutes (the time it takes to download Towards Success) you are going to have in your hands all the tools you need to make powerful, lasting changes in your life.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could…

The good news is that the knowledge is at your fingertips! When you read Towards Success you’ll uncover the best kept secrets to accumulating wealth and money, learn how to develop a super memory, find out how to be happy and confident and much more.


“[Towards Success] is easy to read and understand. Each chapter focuses around a specific area with help and guidance on how to improve and work towards new goals.

“What I particularly like is the wide range of topics covered and how Barry has applied his NLP skills towards them.

“If you're looking to improve yourself, become more successful or just learn new skills then Towards Success is definitely worth reading. There are so many useful nuggets of advice in this book that it comes very highly recommended."

Phil Matthews

Dear Barry

I am glad that I have found a great book and look forward to the transformation in my life with all that I learn from it.


“I have just completed Chapter 11 from Chapter 1 and the whole write up has completely shaped my mind set towards acquiring money and the small steps towards ensuring and securing  future happiness with wealth.”


What’s included in Towards Success?

Part of what makes Towards Success one of the great self help books is that it deals with a broad range of subjects, in 173 pages (print length), that any expert will agree will put you on the path to success.

Below is the contents table so you can see exactly what's included.

Chapter 1                                            Introduction

Chapter 2                                            Happiness

Chapter 3                                            Meeting People

Chapter 4                                            Energy

Chapter 5                                            Confidence

Chapter 6                                            Success

Chapter 7                                            Goal Setting

Chapter 8                                            Influence

Chapter 9                                            Genius

Chapter 10                                          Subliminal Persuasion

Chapter 11                                          Wealth and Money

Chapter 12                                          Public Speaking

Chapter 13                                          Hypnotism

Chapter 14                                          Conversational Hypnosis

Chapter 15                                          Super Memory

Chapter 16                                          Coaching

Chapter 17                                          Teaching by Metaphor

Chapter 18                                          Managing Others

Chapter 19                                          Relationships

Chapter 20                                          Sleep


Chapter 21                                          Modelling

Chapter 22                                          Anchors

Chapter 23                                          Embedded Commands

Chapter 24                                          Eye Accessing Cues

Chapter 25                                          Language Patterns

Chapter 26                                          Deletion

Recommended Reading

About the Author

Bonus section

As you can see, I’ve included a bonus section in Towards Success which explains essential core Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques like Modelling so that you can move quickly towards modelling the particular genius you wish to acquire.

You will also learn about the huge power of NLP anchoring, embedded commands, eye accessing cues and language patterns.  

You may have noticed by now that once you have absorbed all the information in great self help books, such as Towards Success, life might never be the same again.

I don't have a Kindle

You don't have to have a Kindle to read Towards Success. If you have a smart phone you can download the Kindle app which will enable you to read my ebook or you can download free Kindle for PC so you can access Kindle books on your computer.

Alternatively you can purchase a PDF version of the book for the same price. We have made this available in response to emails from our visitors in parts of the world that Kindle doesn't cater for.

How do I get Towards Success?

Towards Success can be purchased for Kindle or downloaded as a PDF.

Further info about buying Towards Success

  1. (If you live in a different country from the US or UK and want to purchase a Kindle version you can either open a new tab, bring up the Amazon store for your country and then search for Towards Success by Barry Baines or
  2. Click one of the Kindle download text links above. When the Amazon page opens look for the green box on the right and click it. This will redirect you to the Amazon store you can purchase from. You may then need to search for Towards Success by Barry Baines.

    On the right of the Amazon page click buy now with one click and you’re done.
  3. If you prefer you can purchase a PDF version of Towards Success. Click the add to the cart button and then you can check out with Paypal. (Please note you do not need a Paypal account to check out with Paypal.)

Sneak Preview of Towards Success

I understand that you might want to try before you buy. I know I would. Amazon can offer you a free sample or you can enter your name and email address in the box below and I’ll send you the first three chapters of Towards Success free.

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I hope you'll agree that Towards Success is one of the great self help books available. I'd love to hear what you think of it.

Thank you for visiting The Secret of Mindpower and NLP website. It is my hope that it will open up for you a whole new world.

Best wishes


Barry Baines is author of great self help books Towards Success and Away from Failure

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