High blood pressure cures

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High blood pressure cures should never be undertaken without the advice of a medical practitioner.  

There are often no apparent symptoms so if you believe you may be vulnerable you should either check it yourself or have it checked by a qualified professional.

If at first an idea is not regarded as absurd,

there is no hope for it


The dangers

The dangers cannot be overstated.  If blood is permitted to carry on pumping around your system at too high a pressure it may lead to a hardening of the arteries and subsequently to heart attack or stroke. 

A doctor will most likely prescribe suitable medication to bring the pressure down, but there are other things you can do for yourself.

First of all, how is your weight?  If you are not well within the normal band for your height and build (and by “build” we mean bone structure and not fat), then find a suitable regime to get you back on track.  

There are pages on this website about weight loss that can help you.

High blood pressure cures – diet and exercise

Secondly, do you exercise?  It doesn’t have to be vigorous exercise but you should at least walk for 20 minutes every day or take a gentle swim.  

Remember, if you  undertake vigorous housework, that also counts as exercise, but fresh air, exercise and a balanced diet are all essentials.

So many of us suffer from stress in our daily lives - which in itself may require a high blood pressure cure - that it is crucial to find some time to relax and clear your mind.  

When we become stressed or agitated oftentimes our breathing becomes more rapid and emanates from the chest rather than the diaphragm.  

Several times each day find time to concentrate on your breathing and check that you are breathing from your diaphragm.

High blood pressure cures – diaphragmatic breathing

If you have had training as a singer you will know what I mean because it will have formed part of the teaching.  

To check how to breathe from your diaphragm, lie flat on your back and place a hand or hands on your stomach.  

When you are lying down the only way you can breathe is from your diaphragm so this is a good way to check.  As you breathe in and out you will detect the rise and fall of your abdomen.

Now, remembering how that breathing felt, stand up, keep your hand or hands on your abdomen and practise breathing.  

If you breathing moves up into your chest, then practise bringing it down to your diaphragm and, if necessary, lie down again in order to memorise the feeling.  

After a little practice, you should be able to do it naturally.  This in itself will aid your blood pressure to fall naturally.

High blood pressure cures – peripheral vision

This next exercise will not only relax you mentally and physically but it will soften your inner self-talk and show you how to lower blood pressure.  

Sit comfortably, relax and fix your gaze on a point on the wall opposite.  

Without moving your eyes from that point gradually become aware how much more you can see in your wide vision.  

Keeping your eyes fixed on that spot, you may find it quite incredible just how much you can observe. 

Again, without moving your eyes and whilst you are still aware of what you can see at the very edges of your vision concentrate at the same time how much you can see at the top and bottom of your vision as well.  

It is only when you perform this exercise that you become aware of the vast amount of information you can take in through your eyes. 

Although I am quite familiar with the exercise, I am practising it as I am inputting these words on to my computer, and it is quite astonishing what I can see all around me as I do so.  

Your peripheral vision is working unconsciously all the time looking out for that which is unusual.  

It enables your eyelid to snap shut just in time when some tiny foreign object is heading towards it.

High blood pressure - try it with a friend

You can also try this exercise with a friend or partner.  Sit opposite each other, each looking at the nose of the other and allow your gaze to relax and widen.  

As before, without moving your eyes, be aware of ceiling and floor and the walls on either side.  

You will notice also as you do that, that you can also see the whole of the person in front of you from head to toe. 

When you are performing these exercises you become totally concentrated and relaxed and your mind quietens.  When you feel totally relaxed in this way, anchor the feeling with thumb and forefinger, or use another method of anchoring if you prefer it.

Practise also, about three times a day, breathing in to a count of, say, four (or whatever other number proves comfortable for you) but counting out to double that number:  so four in and eight out.  

Try taking up to ten breaths in that fashion and repeat the exercise later in the day.

High blood pressure cures – taking time

I cannot stress to much the need to take some time during the day, no matter how busy your schedule, to follow the advice in this article and allow your mind to drift.  

There is plenty of meditation music on the market at reasonable prices which can also totally relax you.  You should never be without it. 

If you don’t have an ipod or other portable electronic advice so that you can take your music with you, start saving for one.  

You won’t regret it;  I don’t.  Even if you are travelling on busy public transport, you can plug in your earphones and transport yourself to your favourite place. 

Couple this with a self-hypnosis exercise and you can go deep inside yourself and enter another world.  Remember, when you take yourself into a deeply relaxed state in this way, anchor the feeling.  

Then if at any other time of the day you begin to feel agitated or stressed, fire the anchor and recall the relaxed feeling.

All these exercise will not only help your physical well-being but will also assist the reduction of your blood pressure.

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