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Self control

Are you in need of a body control module to keep your desired shape and weight or are you able to handle it on your own.

Food cannot cause you to put on weight unless you think it can
Rhonda Byrne

Some people display excellent self-control and personal responsibility in the way they manage their own health. 

Unfortunately, ever increasing numbers are not and health services, particularly in western countries it seems, are seriously concerned.

Body control module – the motivation

You may be motivated to keep to your desired weight and body shape purely because you wish to be fit and attractive.

For some, however, that pay-off is not strong enough.  The comfort of stuffing themselves with ever increasing quantities of food is more attractive.

Harry needs to read this body control module

My friend, Harry, is just 32 years of age, 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs in at 210 pounds, and many are far worse.  As a youngster he had international rugger trials and loves sport.

But it is becoming increasingly more difficult for him as he gets older and bigger, and he will not now enter a swimming pool with his young son because he feels so embarrassed about his body shape.

Yet that is not enough to motivate him to do something about it.  The pay-off from stuffing fast food (as fast as he can stuff it in whilst watching television usually) is too much.

Harry needs a different propulsion system than many others.  Perhaps he needs to be really frightened about the consequences.

Body control module – couch potato children

Unfortunately, in the west we are raising a generation of what have become known as “couch potato” children, and figures now suggest that they will die much younger than their parents.

The majority of this has resulted from lazy parenting: children perhaps being left to fend for themselves and consume gassy drinks and fast food whilst playing computer games or watching television.

At the time of writing it is reported that in Britain eighty per cent of children are failing to eat the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables each day but continue to consume sweets, chocolate and soft drinks daily.

Half of 13 year olds start the day by skipping breakfast.     A UK poll reveals that one in five people become irritable because of hunger within half an hour of waking, but just 40 per cent bothered to find time for breakfast.

Metabolic and hormone levels are affected by missing breakfast in this way.

A spokesman for the British Heart Foundation is reported as saying that too many children spend sunny days sitting at a computer when it would be far healthier for them to get outside and play.

Body control module – coronary heart disease

“These children are increasing their chances of developing coronary heart disease in later life – in some cases, not that much later in life.

“You can see the early signs, such as high cholesterol, that you would expect to see in a stereo-typical sedentary truck driver eating a cooked breakfast every day.”

The fear in Britain is if the country seriously wishes to compete with India and China it needs fit, healthy adults.

Obese and less energised people are likely to be far less productive over their lives.

It is well-known that the healthier it is, the more effective a nation is and its wealth suffers if unhealthy children are permitted to grow into unhealthy adults.

What is true of Britain is inevitably true of the United States also where the problem in some states is even greater.

Already people in their twenties and thirties are suffering from heart problems and so many of today’s children are setting themselves up for the misery of heart failure in middle age.

There is a myth that children grow out of bad eating habits that they form in early life but the evidence does not support that.

A third of children are now overweight or even obese by the time they leave primary school.

The problem is worse amongst poorer families – no doubt because junk food may be purchased in large quantities for less expenditure – but too many affluent parents are also happy to see their children eating a poor diet.

Body control module - cancer

The World Cancer Research Fund reports that three quarters of English hospitals do not insist that vending machines offer healthy snacks.

It is also suggested that because high calorie products such as chocolate bars, crisps and sugary soft drinks cause obesity, they are partly to blame for many people ending up in hospital in the first place.

Body control module – personal responsibility

In the end it comes down to taking personal responsibility for your own health.  None of these products can cause you to be obese.  If you are stupid enough to consume them, you cause you to become obese.

It is easy to point to the food and blame it for your fat belly and your fat backside, but it didn’t invade your body, did it?  

It didn’t surround your house, break in and overwhelm your body.

The truth is you surrendered, invited it into your body, enjoyed its company and kept on inviting it in until it was really no longer welcome.  

However, its effects just won’t leave of their own accord.

You now have to respond with some personal discipline.  But don’t expect too much of yourself all at once.

Body control module – your propulsion system

First of all, read the other articles on this website about weight loss and body shape if you have not done so already.  Find a suitable propulsion system for you.

By “propulsion system” we mean a system that will propel you to your desired result. 

If you have what we describe as more of an away from approach you may be inspired to achieve your objective by the thought of illness, or a fat misshapen body.

On the other hand, if you have primarily a towards approach, you may be motivated by the thought of a well-honed, beautiful body dressed in the latest slim fitting designer clothes.

Different approaches work for different people, but take it a day at a time. 

If you are eating far too much, for the first few days at least, try to be better today than you were yesterday. Eat less each day.

Then, using the knowledge gained from all these articles, set yourself some goals with target dates:  it may be a reduction of so many pounds weight by a certain date or to reach a certain size in clothes.

If you lapse and have a bad day, it is not all over.  Just start over the next day.

Don’t allow your self-talk to get in the way:  “I’ve tried this before and put the weight back on.”  

You wouldn’t be the only one.  That’s the past.  We are talking about now not then.

Body control module – my relapse

On the page titled Best weight loss plan I explained how adopting that plan worked for me. 

But over time I, too, have fallen a little by the wayside but that doesn’t mean I can’t do anything about it.

I have seventeen pounds to lose – not much by many standards but still a task.  I restarted last week, I am already used to not eating so much and I know the pounds will gradually fall away.

Next time I will do all I can to keep to my preferred weight and shape.  

Remember, there is no such thing as failure – only feedback.

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