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Would you like to know how to do it?

You would like to know how to do self-hypnosis, wouldn’t you? It is not difficult and the benefits are considerable. 

If you are unfamiliar with hypnosis, there is nothing to worry about and our free self hypnosis exercises on this page won't cost you a thing. 

The eyes see only what the mind is prepared to comprehend

We all day dream. We all drift off into another world at times. Hypnosis is just like day dreaming: your concentration is fixed; you are, for a while, unaware of your surroundings and you are able to relax or concentrate your mind on other things.

No need to worry about how to do self-hypnosis

There's no need to worry about how to do self-hypnosis. Neither is there any need to worry about waking up or coming back to reality. You will naturally become aware of your surroundings again after a time

It may be that a noise or other interruption will bring you back to your senses or, if you want to be sure about coming out of it at a particular time, look first at your watch and tell yourself that you will perform this exercise for 10 or 15 minutes, or whatever time you desire, and you can be sure that you will wake up in time.

How to do self-hypnosis and set an alarm

Do you set an alarm clock to wake you up in the morning? Most people do but a very few do not. Do you find yourself regularly waking a minute or two before the alarm is due to go off? 

Most people do. Why do you think that is? It is perhaps a form of self-hypnotism. 

You have give your unconscious a command to wake you up at a particular time and your brain knows how to do just that.

Ask your friends what they do. Find one who does not rely on an alarm clock and ask him how he does it. Or if you are one of those people, review how you do it. 

Usually those people make some sort of mental image about the time they wish to wake up and their mind follows the command.

Dan, a friend of mine, never uses an alarm clock but always wakes around the time he has set in his mind. 

When I asked him how he did it he said before he goes to sleep at night he imagines the face of an enormous digital clock with the numbers set at the time he wishes to wake up. 

I know of someone else who, if he wishes to wake up at, say, 7 a.m., bangs his head on the pillow seven times. That may sound a little bizarre but it really comes to the same thing.

Practise how to do self-hypnosis yourself

At the point these people either look at the enormous clock face or bang their heads on the pillow, they are for a short time going inside themselves and giving their unconscious minds a command. They then “forget” all about it and go to sleep. 

By “forget” I mean they are allowing their conscious mind to take over again but all the time the unconscious mind is working in the background to carry out the command automatically. Try it yourself and practise it a few times. You may be surprised!

When learning how to do self-hypnosis just relax

If you have not already read the article on this website about hypnotism it might be a good idea to do so. The page explains a little more of what hypnotism is. 

My own experience tells me it is an excellent way to just relax and focus upon the important things in life at any given moment.

Learn how to do self-hypnosis and blot out those around you

I am writing this page today in a busy open-plan office surrounded by 50 people or so, all talking and making telephone calls. 

I have only just realised this since starting the article. I forgot they were all there. I have been totally oblivious to them or the noises they are making. 

I decided to write this page (thereby giving my unconscious a command to do so) and once I started my unconscious took over and blotted out the external distractions. 

In fact, to some extent, those familiar, comfortable sounds in the background enabled me to go still deeper. 

It was only when I paused a moment and looked up that my conscious mind kicked in again and I became aware of those around me.

How to do self-hypnosis and the unconscious mind

The unconscious part of our minds is very powerful and extremely useful. They enable us to act on autopilot. 

Make a point of getting to know about it and learn how to use it. By doing so you will get better and better, more relaxed, more focused and achieve better outcomes.

It is a good exercise to practise self-hypnosis if you have to work in a noisy environment, revise for an examination or read while others are making noises around you, or you have to suffer city traffic outside and intermittent emergency sirens blaring.

An exercise in how to do self-hypnosis

Try this exercise in how to do self-hypnosis. Fix your gaze on a top corner of the room. Do not move your head in order to do so but just raise your eyes and keep them there and stare fixedly at the corner. 

Take two deep breaths in through your mouth, pause at each in-breath, and then let them out through your nose. That’s right. All the way out. 

Then just concentrate on your breathing while you just relax. You don’t have to close your eyes now although you might feel you wish to do so. 

Feel your feet on the ground and your chair supporting the weight of your body as you just relax. Let the sounds around you drift off into the distance as you close your eyes.

Concentrate on your breathing and, in your mind’s eye, see yourself relaxing in your special favourite place. 

Perhaps you can imagine strolling in the fields on a warm summer’s day, and you can feel the gentle breeze on your cheeks. 

Or it may be that you are on a beach and you can hear the water lapping the shore. 

Whatever it is, make it your very own special place which you can return to in this way whenever you want. 

Tell yourself that this is the feeling you wish to keep while you continue to work or study, that sounds around you are of no concern and they can just drift away while you concentrate on your particular task.

That is precisely what happened again as I wrote this passage

My unconscious mind again enabled me to concentrate so deeply that I was unaware of so many people sharing the same office space with me this morning.

Our free hypnosis online will help you concentrate more

When you have completed this short exercise, not only will you feel more relaxed and less troubled by the noises around you, you will also be able to concentrate and work much more efficiently than you were able to before. It is a wonderful technique. 

I am sure you will find quick results but, as I said before, the more you practise it, the more your unconscious mind will get used to your commands and the better you will be.

Distract your children with self-hypnosis

It is also a great game to play with your children to distract them at difficult times. 

They may be a little anxious, for example, about sitting in the dentist’s chair or at take-off time on an aeroplane journey, although I am bound to say that it is usually the adults who need comforting at take-off time; the children are quite capable of taking themselves off into their own trances. 

I can remember vividly being on an aeroplane with my young family many years ago.  

As the plane charged down the runway and began to lift off the passengers were tense. 

Then, all of a sudden, one of our daughters, who was listening to her headphones and completely engrossed, sang out the words of “Old MacDonald had a farm”, people smiled and the tension was broken.

The dentist’s chair and self-hypnosis

But going back to the dentist’s chair, you might like to suggest to your child that when she sits in the chair (and she is not allowed to start until she gets there) that she tries to remember as many different farm animals as she can, or as many of her favourite songs or television programs as she can (and offer a little reward or treat for a long list of them).

You will know what appeals most to your child. In order to do that, the child will have to go inside her mind and imagine those things.

While she is there, what the dentist is doing will not concern her nearly so much.

We have in this article just scratched the surface of self-hypnosis. There are so many areas where it can help to change your life for the better. Want to learn more?

Find out how to accumulate wealth and money, become happier and more confident, how to have harmonious relationships and more.

The following articles will help you still further with how to do self-hypnosis as well as hypnosis generally.  You will learn how to age regress or progress and deal with those future difficult challenges.  There are many articles on this website that have been posted for your benefit and they are free of charge:

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