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This article about modelling genius shows you how to model and adopt the genius qualities you see in others but do not believe you have in yourself.  Notice particularly the words “do not believe you have in yourself”. 

Modelling Genius - David Beckham

You may have read those words in other articles on this website – but they are worth repeating because so many have difficulty in accepting it – that you have everything you need within you;  you merely have to seek it out, recognise it, develop it if necessary and use it.

Nature is full of genius, full of the divinity; so that not a snowflake escapes its fashioning hand.

Henry David Thoreau

Modelling Genius – Real Men and Women of Genius

If you have already read other pages you may have seen that there are articles about modelling, genius and real men and women of genius.  

You may feel there is no need to look at them now, but sooner or later it will benefit you to do so.

Some readers will come to this article full of confidence and inspiration but there may be others who feel they have no particular talents and lack direction in their lives.  It really doesn’t matter just now.  Please keep an open mind for the time being. 

Modelling Genius – an NLP technique

The technique we are suggesting on this page is the same whether you have insight and confidence or whether you don’t.  

As always, we suggest you read through the instructions completely before starting the exercise.

If you find meditation music aids your concentration, play some softly in the background.  

Now, put yourself into a frame of mind where you can relax and go inside yourself – into your own particular zone, so to speak.

Go to wherever you go to think, study or meditate, or any other place which you feel is good for your peace of mind.  Sit comfortably and preferably with your feet on the floor.  

Now find a spot on the facing wall that you can concentrate your attention upon.

Modelling Genius with peripheral vision

As you concentrate upon that spot, and without moving your eyes or your head, become aware of the edges of your vision.  

This is what we refer to as your peripheral vision.  Become aware of how high and low you can detect images and movement.

At the same time as you do that also become aware of how wide you can detect image and movement even though you are still focusing on the spot on the wall opposite.  

Continue doing this and see how much wider you can open your vision upwards, downwards and sideways.

Now, as your awareness of everything around you is growing – and still concentrating on the spot -  become aware of what is happening behind you and stretch your peripheral vision to its furthest limits.

If you are finding it difficult to see the back of your head, imagine a ball at the back top edge of your head and stretch your peripheral vision until you can visualise it there.

Modelling Genius using an altered state

Now become aware of the way you feel in this state.  People will vary but you may feel an intense state of concentration or detachment and your general awareness may grow.  

However it feels to you, it is an altered state which should aid your concentration and understanding.

This is also a very good state in which to acquire knowledge and understanding, so if you are studying for an examination, for example, try putting yourself into this state each time you have a study session, and put yourself back into the state at the time of the examination.  Your recall and results should improve.

For these purposes, however, think now about what you want to achieve.  

Look deeply inside yourself and see where you have the qualities that you believe you require in order to get where you want, and if you can’t recognise some or all of them consider other people, living or dead, who have obtained or achieved precisely what you wish for yourself.

Make a note of the qualities or skills that you think you desire and, in this state, envisage those people who have been successful in the field you are thinking about and make a note of them also. 

Modelling Genius by research

You may at this stage need to do a little research to identify individuals on which to model yourself.  

If it is a particular sporting achievement that you wish to emulate or successful business person, that is fairly straightforward. 

Research them in libraries, or on the net, read biographies, look for interviews with them on Youtube or other  suitable media, but above all find out everything you can about how they achieved their success.

It will not always come from their own mouths because successful people do not always know precisely how they have achieved what they did, so you may also need to rely upon your own observations and those of other commentators.  Saturate yourself with as much information about them as is possible.

It may be that you will need to look at more than one model of genius to fulfil the particular criteria you are seeking.  The same applies no matter how many you study. 

Modelling Genius with an interview

If you can get an interview with one or more of them, so much the better.  You may be saying to yourself right now, “But that’s impossible”.  My response is, you don’t know until you ask

There are many superstars and successful people out there who are happy to share their knowledge with those who wish to emulate them. 

Modelling Genius - Richard Branson

Think of it this way:  if your request is refused or ignored, you are in no different a position than you are now.  But if they say yes, where might that lead? 

There is certainly nothing to lose.  Remember the old cliché, Nothing ventured, nothing gained, and act upon it.

Modelling past genius

When you are considering who to model, remember those great people who are no longer with us.  

On this site you will find a number of mock interviews with those we consider to be Real Men of Genius and Real Women of Genius. 

They are designed to whet your appetite and to give you a flavour of the talents and characteristics which they displayed during their lifetimes – and that we all have within us – as well as some of their principal achievements.

Read them and see where they lead you.  Some will match your own ambitions more than others.  

Where you find one or more of them particularly inspire you, research them in greater depth.  

Find out more.  Model yourself on them, discover your own genius, and maybe you too will, one day, inspire others by the way you live your life.

Modelling Genius and returning to the altered state

Finally, when you have accumulated all the information you feel you need on which to model the qualities or abilities you desire, recreate the state you started with at the beginning of all this by looking at the spot on the wall and following that exercise.

When you have achieved that altered state, review all the information you have and compare it with what you were looking for in the first place and think creatively how to use that information.  Be prepared to surprise yourself!

Here are some giants of the past to start you off:

Real Men of Genius Articles:

Real Women of Genius Articles:

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