The Secret Law of Attraction

Are you the right person?

If you are one of life’s cynics, The Secret Law of Attraction is probably not for you.  

If you spend your life knocking the successful and envying the wealthy, The Secret is probably not for you. 

 If, when you look around the Universe, you see most things as bad and very little as good (you may even call yourself a “realist”), The Secret is probably not for you.  

The Secret is not for life’s ne’er-do-wells or those with a poverty consciousness.

May The Secret bring you love and joy for your entire existence. That is my intention for you and for the world

Rhonda Byrne

The Secret - Watch it? Listen to it? Read it?

When our elder daughter a few years ago suggested that I read the book and passed me a copy, I flicked the pages quickly and put it down on the table saying, “I’ve read loads of books like that.”

I could see the look of disappointment on her face as I did so, and she added “It’s the sort of thing I thought you might have written.” 

Our younger daughter chimed in that that she had a recording of the book which I might find it easier to listen to in the car, so I went for that suggestion.

I listened to the recording of The Secret. I watched the film of The Secret. I read the book The Secret. I didn’t swallow it whole but it resonated with me.

When you read the book, watch the film or listen to the recording, you may take different things from The Secret than I did. 

But if you are open minded and you want to grow I suggest you will take something magnificent away with you.

The Secret - A Starting Point

For me the Secret Law of Attraction was a starting point. I started to research the backgrounds of many of the contributors.

I quickly discovered that Dr John DeMartini was speaking in London a few weeks later so I went along to listen to him. 

My curiosity aroused, doors began to open. I saw more opportunities. I used my imagination.  I created more opportunities, and life got better and better.

the secret

A pot of gold did not come flying through the window one day and land in my lap as I sat in my armchair. If you believe that, you may be sitting down for a long time!

That, in my view, is too literal an interpretation of The Secret. But it could be a turning point in your life as it was in mine. 

I believe that your thoughts and feelings can, as Lisa Nicholls says, create your life. I believe you can create your own universe as you go along.

The Secret Law of Attraction - Truly a secret or common sense?

Will you discover the secret of wealth by reading the Secret? Will you uncover the secret of creating your future? So much of The Secret is common sense, but many of us don’t use our common sense enough of the time.

Many of the book’s contributors have made it big-time in the self-help industry. They have done so, on the whole, by applying the principles they teach. 

Dr Joe Vitale writes in the book: “A lot of people feel stuck or imprisoned or confined by their current circumstances. 

Whatever your circumstances right now, that is only your current reality, and current reality will begin to change as a result of beginning to use The Secret.”

The Secret Law of Attraction film and DVD

The DVD film and the book of The Secret were each released in 2006. Its author, Rhonda Byrne, has twice appeared on Oprah where her work has been featured. 

The film reached Number One in the Amazon DVD chart in 2007. The book reached Number One in the New York Times Best Seller List.

the secret

So read it, watch it, listen to it – or do all three, as I did. It led me to the Teachers of the Secret and to NLP … to success and happiness … and it’s still leading me on.

If you want to see the Secret Law of Attraction in action, then keep your eyes on this website.  

Start exploring how the Secret can change your life by reading the articles as they are posted, and see where it leads YOU.

Secret Law of Attraction articles

  1. Abundance Mentality
  2. Books
  3. Become a genius
  4. Dr John F DeMartini
  5. Bill Harris
  6. Bob Proctor
  7. Wealth
  8. Hale Dwoskin
  9. Jack Canfield
  10. Joe Vitale
  11. John Assaraf
  12. Lisa Nicholls
  13. Wealth Building
  14. Health
  15. Making money and wealth
  16. Stephen Covey - 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  17. Subliminal persuasion
  18. Teachers of the Secret
  19. Michael Bernard Beckwith
  20. Love
  21. Super Memory
  22. Achieving more
  23. Beating domestic violence
  24. Being bothered
  25. Being happy
  26. Conquering road rage
  27. Coping with criticism
  28. Dealing with pride
  29. Defeating stress
  30. Genius
  31. Getting off to sleep
  32. Getting over a break-up
  33. Getting over a temper tantrum
  34. Imagination
  35. Influence
  36. Managing others
  37. Memorising a deck of cards
  38. Memory.
  39. Organising your memory
  40. Overcoming tiredness
  41. Overcoming worry
  42. Perpetual energy
  43. Remembering
  44. Sleeping well
  45. Speed reading
  46. Surviving a recession
  47. Surviving negativity
  48. Weight Loss

You should have The Secret by now!

The Secret is available from Amazon US and Amazon UK.

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