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Why do you need an instant mood lift?  If your mood is low, what caused it?  You haven’t just got a bad mood.  It didn’t just descend upon you from nowhere.  

A thought or an image in your mind must have preceded the drop in mood.  

Oftentimes people will say Ah, but I just woke up in a bad mood.  

If that is the case, they will have had some sort of dream just before they awoke – even if they can’t remember it now – that planted a bad thought or image in their minds.

There are good and bad times but our mood

changes more often than our fortune

Thomas Carlyle

instant mood lift

We all have occasional low mood and, in order to deal with it, it is important to recognise your particular signs.  If I am feeling low, the first question I ask myself when I am being snappy and irritable, is Are you tired?  

With me, that is usually the principal cause.  As soon as I recognise that, I take myself to a quiet spot for half an hour, close my eyes and allow myself to drift.  That usually sorts it out.

So it is important that you recognise what makes you feel low at times so that you know how to deal with the signs.  

But is not always that easy, is it?  Maybe something has happened that causes you to feel upset and you can’t quite shrug it off that easily. 

Maybe you are overweight and your body shape is getting you down, things aren’t what they should be in the workplace, your relationship isn’t going so well, or you have lost a loved one.  

Again, they are clear underlying problems that you need to recognise are causing your low mood, and by addressing them will also address your mood.

What do you need for an instant mood lift?

If you are unhappy with your body shape, there is much you can do to address that issue.  

Likewise, if you are stuck in a rut at work and constantly feel unhappy, maybe you need to check out your goals, work on a development plan and get yourself out of there.

If you have relationship issues, don’t let them fester; tackle the issues now and resolve them.  

And if you are grieving, have a look at the guidance that is offered free of charge on these pages.

If you constantly need to lift your mood and you’re not sure why, consider whether you are getting sufficient exercise.  

If you are able bodied, get to the gym, go for a swim or go out for a walk.  The very act of gentle exercise oxygenates the brain and will give you an instant mood lift. 

Bernie’s instant mood lift

There’s an elderly guy called Bernie who is at our local swimming pool every day.  He is in his mid to late seventies and his body is riddled with arthritis and he suffers a lot of pain.  

He could sit at home every day, think about nothing but the pain and get more and more depressed. 

But instead of that he took his doctor's advice to swim daily.  Bernie does more than just swim daily.  He doesn’t leave the pool until he has swum at least a mile!  

He always has a smile on his face, all the regulars know and like him, and Bernie swears that his daily one-mile swim keeps him going.

If you are unable to get out for health reasons, do whatever you can to vary your routine.  You might also like to try self-hypnotism.  

I find it so relaxing to go deep into my mind and take myself away to my special place.  In fact, I can say that today hasn’t been such a special day for various reasons, and it prompted the writing of this page. 

Anchors and instant mood lift

So I am sitting here setting up this article with gentle meditation music playing softly in the background.  In that way, the soft tones seem to penetrate my brain cells and I drift deeper and deeper into my unconscious mind.

NLP provides a number of different techniques which are absolutely first class for an instant mood lift.  

You will have read about NLP anchoring on a number of pages in this website, and I recommend you to check out anchors now if you are not familiar with them.  Music for me is a particularly powerful anchor. 

As well as the meditation music I just referred to, I have also developed a much more upbeat play list that I call my anchor music.  

It consists of music from my teens and twenties each of which is attached to a powerful memory that is instantly recalled when I hear the music.  

So if I am a little down, playing that music soon lifts me out of it.

The swish pattern and the instant mood lift

Let me familiarise you with the NLP swish pattern which is a very good exercise for ridding yourself of an unwanted behaviour and replacing it with a desired behaviour or state.  Imagine for a moment that your mood is low.  Think how you would like to feel. 

Build the happy image in your mind.  See yourself in the picture.  See the colour.  Hear what you would hear.  Feel what you would feel.  

Notice where the picture is and now make it really large and assure yourself that is how you would like to feel.

The next stage is to shrink the picture down, darken the image and mentally place it on one side but you will want to come back to it in a moment. 

We will call this the cue picture. Now make a mental picture of your low mood.  This time you are viewing the picture through your own eyes. 

As you are looking at that picture bring the small darkened cue picture and mentally place it in the bottom left hand corner of the unwanted picture.  

Now, in one very rapid movement shrink the unwanted picture into the bottom left hand corner and expand the desired state as big and as brightly as you can, and make the sound s-w-i-i-i-i-s-h as you do so, and feel the happy feeling.  Repeat the exercise five times.

After you have done that, try to replicate the low mood feeling you had.  It should be much, much better, but if it is not as good as you would like, just repeat the exercise another five times.  

Like all such exercises, the more you practice them, the better you get and if you can perform it with a friend, especially if she is an NLP practitioner, so much the better.

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