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I find self-hypnosis wonderfully relaxing, and it allows me to go anywhere I want, do anything I fancy and excel at it.  


It is a time to allow your imagination to soar and permit yourself to be capable of doing anything you desire.  There are, in this state of total relaxation, no boundaries at all.

He who looks outside, dreams; he who looks within, awakens

Carl Jung

Have you practised with recordings?

You may have already tried self-hypnotism from MP3 or disc recordings.   I use them often.  Notice that I wrote “tried self-hypnotism … from recordings”.  That is because we actually self-hypnotise but use the recordings to assist us. 

The recordings I use are from Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna.  I consistently use Paul McKenna’s the most because they are around 20-25 minutes long which is quite convenient for frequent use.

It is not essential, however, that you use recordings.  It is perfectly simple to hypnotise yourself without any external aids.  

If I am in my study working, I like to lull myself into a hypnotic state with the assistance of meditation music but it is not essential.

Any time will do to suit you

Some people suggest that you practise self-hypnosis at a regular time of the day.  I don’t find that to be necessary.  

After you have done it a few times you will be able to judge for yourself when you are in the right state of consciousness that makes you most susceptible for hypnosis.

Endeavour to find a quiet spot.  It doesn’t matter if it is indoors or outdoors (provided that it is not boiling hot or freezing cold, because neither of those states aids trance).  You just need to feel comfortable. 


There is something particularly pleasant about drifting into a trance lying on a beach and listening to the gentle lapping of waves on the shore, or relaxing in a field appreciating the smell of freshly cut grass and distant sounds receding still further.  As you pictured each of those peaceful settings, did you feel ready to go into trance almost straightaway?

Switch off any electronic device that may disturb you.  Take a few deep breaths and let them all the way out.  Slow your breathing down and regulate it.  

If that little voice is chattering away inside your head and thoughts are coming thick and fast, slow the voice right down so that it sounds really sleepy, make it yawn and go slower and slower.  Now you can allow the focus of your eyes to soften and let your eyelids close.

Let the tension drain away with self-hypnosis

Now is the time to let all the tension drain from your body.  Feel yourself relaxing every muscle.  Clench your teeth tightly and scrunch up your neck muscles.  

Then unclench your teeth and totally relax your neck muscles.  Move through your body in this way, clenching your fists and muscles in your arms and then relaxing them.  Hold in your stomach tightly and tense your buttocks tightly and then relax them. 

Do the same with your legs, being sure to clench the calf muscles and ankles and then relax them also.  If any tension remains, repeat the exercise on that particular part of the body.  Once again, take two or three deep breaths and let them all the way out.


Start counting backwards very slowly from 300.  300 – 299 – 298 – 297 – 296 and so on.  Allow your counting to be relaxed and get progressively slower, and it doesn’t matter if you lose your place.  

Just resume from approximately the same position and allow your mind to drift deeper and deeper still.  Let your mind detach and watch it slowly drifting away.

At this stage when you are in a day-dreamy state, allow those thoughts to come into your mind that you want to concentrate on.  

For example, if the purpose of your self-hypnosis is to relax, now think of those things that totally relax you.  It can be absolutely anything.  It is your mind and what goes on in there is nobody’s business but yours.

Envisage anything!

You may be picturing yourself snoozing in your favourite chair, playing a sport you love, meeting friends or family, lying naked on a yacht in the middle of the ocean or having sex with your girlfriend or boyfriend.  As I say, it is your mind, you control what goes on inside it and you know what is best for you.

Whatever those pleasant thoughts are that you have chosen, as you dwell upon them, see the pictures clearly in your mind.  Make them colourful.  Look for the detail.  Hear the sounds that you would hear.  Turn them up

Big pictures

Double the size of the picture.  Make the images vivid.  Feel the feelings you would feel if you were there.  If you have a friend or partner in the picture, imagine caressing them with your hands and feel the sensation in your fingertips. 

If there is a taste associated with your image, imagine the taste.  Taste your favourite food, if that is what you are thinking about, or feel a tender kiss on your lips if that is the focus of your attention.


Intensify the picture and intensify the feelings.  The more you practise this the more you will be amazed, firstly, at how deeply you can go and, secondly, how real you can make the experience.  All experiences happen in the mind and what you see will depend upon your particular reality tunnel.

If the purpose of your self-hypnosis is to look for business ideas or to plan a venture of some sort, now is the opportunity to let your mind drift into those areas.  Don’t struggle to come up with answers.  

Just think about what you want to achieve and, again, make big pictures where you see yourself realising what you want to get.


See yourself being successful in whatever area it is that you are thinking about.  Hear what you would hear.  Feel what you would feel.  At this stage nothing is too ambitious for you.  Just experience what you want to achieve.  

The bigger and brighter the picture, the bigger and crisper the sounds, the stronger the feelings, the more your mind understands it and will find ways to achieve it while you are in this dreamy state.

Keep practising self-hypnosis in this way, and try some of the other ways suggested on this website.  The more you do it, the more effective you will become and the more fun you will have.  Once you can self-hypnotise the universe is yours.

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