NLP techniques and self-hypnosis

Big Events

NLP techniques and self-hypnosis can be used separately and together to give you the confidence to tackle and overcome big events in your life.  

It is for you to decide what is a big event.  What I regard as a big event in my life might be a small one in yours and vice versa.  

So don’t let anyone else tell you what is important to you;  make up your own mind about it.  If you think it is important, it is a big event for you and that is all that matters.

Winners make a habit of manufacturing their own positive expectations in advance of the event

Brian Tracy

NLP techniques and self-hypnosis – the essential ingredient

The essential ingredient is your imagination, and depending how you use your imagination will depend on how successfully you tackle your big event or challenge. 

I won’t attempt to imagine what your big event is because I couldn’t possibly know, but the techniques here work whether it is a little event or an one of gigantic proportions.  It is all the same, I promise you.

I feel a little embarrassed to say now that as an adult with a two year old child it was a big event for me to step into the shallow end of a swimming pool because I was terrified of the water. 

We had the very good fortune at that time to spend a holiday in Monte Carlo, that most beautiful of resorts.  

Our daughter was playing with her beach ball close to the hotel swimming pool when it rolled off the edge and into the water.

Please try not to laugh too raucously at this point.  I stepped very gingerly into the shallow end to try to retrieve it, but before I could reach the ball it slipped tantalisingly away into the deep end and I was left stranded and very nervous. 

At this stage I plucked up the courage to ask a 9-year-old boy if he would fetch it for me, and I stood by bashfully as he swam confidently to the deep end to collect it for me.

NLP techniques and self-hypnosis – the turning point

That was when I decided enough was enough.  We all have those points in our lives when we decide that we are not going to submit ourselves to this nonsense any longer and do something about conquering our fears.  

At 7 am the next day I was at the hotel pool taking swimming lessons from an instructor. 

I was far too tense and struggled with it for days on end.  Instead of relaxing in the water and allowing it to support my body, I tensed all my muscles and tried to struggle along and tried to keep my head up.  

It must have been a pitiful sight and for a time I made hard work of the holiday.

NLP techniques - Bad images

I know now that the reason for my fear was the pictures I made in my head before I went into the water.  The reason for my struggle through the water was because every time I imagined it I saw myself failing.  

I was hypnotising myself, but I was hypnotising myself with bad images and convincing myself that I couldn’t do it.

But the instructor realised that the holiday was shortly coming to an end and didn’t want to send me away believing I was a failure. 

He knew it was all in my mind, and that if he could change the pictures I would experience the feeling and know it could be very different.

It is not about the swimming strokes, of course, because they can be learned and refined;  it is knowing that whether you swim in two or three metres of water or whether it is a kilometre deep, the water will support you in its surface.

NLP techniques and hypnotism - Going deep inside your mind

So he stood me in the side of the pool at the shallow end and told me to close my eyes.  

He said, “In a moment I am going to ask you to put one foot against the side of the pool, put your arms together directly in front of you, and then push off the side.  

At first, you will bob slightly under the water, but then you will come back to the surface and float. 

"I don’t want you to do anything else.  Just let the initial propulsion take you across the pool and stay completely still and relaxed.  

Nothing bad can happen to you because the water is shallow and I shall be by your side.  Now, before you do that just imagine it and imagine the feeling.”

NLP techniques and hypnotism – deep concentration

Hypnotism is nothing, of course, if it isn’t deep concentration, and while he was saying this I was making the picture in my mind, pushing off the side of the pool, floating serenely across the water with the instructor alongside of me. 

Then he said, “OK, push off” and I did just that precisely according to the picture in my mind, and I felt a different man.  

It took very little time to build a useful swimming stroke and holidays were never the same again.  

When we returned home, you couldn’t keep me away from the local swimming pool and in due course I taught both my daughters (because before long there was a second) how to swim.

When you have what is for you a big event to deal with, take yourself to a quiet spot.  Calm yourself.  Close your eyes and see yourself SUCCEEDING.  Let external sounds drift off into the distance. 

Go deep inside yourself.  Make the image in your mind over and over again.  Make it bigger, make it brighter and hear what you expect to hear.  Let the feeling of confidence grow inside you. 

Then go out and do it.  The more you practice self-hypnosis in situations like this, the more confidence you will get and the better you will be.

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