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NLP techniques can help you to acquire any skill that you want.  

How many of us believed that we could not draw, could not sing or perform a particular sport well because someone told us that when we were a child?  

It was a form of negative hypnotism.  We grew up believing we were unable to do something so never really bothered to try. We now know that is not true.

I intend to live forever or die trying

Groucho Marx

Success depends upon strategy

Success very often depends on your strategy.  Perhaps you are saying to yourself, “Well, I’ve never devised a strategy for myself.”  

You may not have consciously worked it out, but you have strategies in life for everyday living.  

You have a strategy for getting yourself out of bed in the morning and off to college or work.  

Some people's are more successful than others.

Consider your favourite sport or hobby.  What is your strategy for that?  Do you perhaps train at certain times of the week.  

What do you do in that training?  Do you strengthen your body, practise your skills and team work, for example?  

What do you do when it comes to the day of the event or match?  There will most certainly be a strategy that you follow.  Break it right down into detail. 

NLP techniques – identify where you are successful

Identify where you are successful and break down the strategy.  

It is often useful to discuss it with a family member or friend, because they will observe aspects of your strategy that do not necessarily occur to you.  

When you have discovered your strategy for something that you do successfully, then is the time to consider how you may transfer that strategy to a challenge in your life.

NLP techniques – Victoria’s cake

Victoria wanted to bake and ice a cake for her baby’s first birthday which was just a few months away.   

She had some experience of making cakes as a result of knowledge gained in the family, but she had no idea at all how to ice a cake. 

As it was Summer’s first birthday, Victoria wanted not only to make and ice the cake, but to make an impressive job of it.

NLP techniques – mastering the strategy

The first step towards mastering the strategy is motivation.  Victoria had the motivation, and that motivation was intensified because she had a target date by which to identify and elicit a strategy, install it and use it.

The next step was to buy a couple of inexpensive books and subscribe to a monthly magazine about cake decorating.  

It is possible to learn much from books and it was a very useful introduction to the subject, but there is nothing quite so useful, I suppose, as learning the subject from someone who already knows how to do it.  

That is what Victoria thought so she made enquiries.

NLP techniques – the breakthrough

The breakthrough came for her when she discovered an experienced cake decorator was organising half-day courses in her locality.  

The cost was a comparatively modest £40 (approx. $60 US).  There were just four attendees on Victoria’s half day course and with that type of close tuition she learned much in the space of three hours or so.

Once the course was over and the basic skill grasped, Victoria knew that the next part of the strategy must be to practise what she had learned and to build upon the basics.  

Next step was to take advice from a trusted friend who was also experienced in cake making and decorating.  

They got together for a couple of afternoons and her friend, Teresa, brought her own icing equipment and tools.

NLP techniques – a friend’s help

With Teresa’s assistance Victoria learned how to make different types of icing and extend her modelling skills to creating flowers and leaves.  

After that she acquired  her own animal modelling book and learned to conjure up animals with icing. 

 From then on she practised and practised.  Fairy cakes and cup cakes followed with all sorts of iced adornments for friends’ birthdays.

Victoria wanted Summer’s first birthday cake to be representative of the animals and insects she had seen in books and on television, whose sounds she could imitate.  

She bought a cake board on which to mount the cake, made a mental image of her desired result and sketched out a final plan on a piece of paper the approximate size of the cake board. 

From the moment that Victoria seized on the idea of icing her daughter’s birthday cake until Summer’s first birthday was three months.  

The result is depicted at the top of this page.  Of course, it didn’t stop there.  

Once friends had seen the picture on Facebook, there were other requests for iced cakes, but her piéce-de-resistance was probably the cake she made for her sister’s birthday later in the year, and you can see that immediately next to this paragraph.

NLP techniques – other memories

Other family members recalled that when Victoria was quite a young child she pursued a hobby making tiny FIMO models such as penguins, cats and rabbits which could be used, among other things, as earrings, light pulls and Christmas decorations. 

When she embarked upon her new venture, Victoria hadn’t recalled her earlier experience, but there can be no doubt that she had learned a skill earlier in life which was readily transferable to her latest project.

NLP techniques – the process

What was the process that happened here?  Firstly, a strategy was identified and elicited and, although Victoria didn’t realise it, her unconscious mind was also adapting an old strategy to assist with the new project.  

Thereafter she established positive rapport with an expert who ran a short course and a friend who already had the skills she desired.

By practising thereafter, the state was intensified and each successful batch of iced cakes which were used as gifts to friends anchored the motivation, the skill and the feeling of successful outcome.  

That strategy was highly successful for Victoria and is one that is readily transferable when she is ready for her next challenge.  She knows the process to follow:

(1) Find someone to model;  (2) Associate fully with the skill or state;  (3) intensify the state;  (4) Learn how to do it.   Be clear what you want to achieve, be clear you will know you have achieved what you want to achieve and what lets you know you have finished, and keep practising until  you get there. 

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