John Assaraf

Beyond the Law of Attraction

A challenging teenager

John Assaraf confesses to being a challenging teenager who got involved with the wrong group, did the wrong things at the wrong time and subsequently paid the price for doing that.

But when he was a still a young man, just 19, he took a turn for the better, got involved in real estate and began to learn about himself. He started to learn from more mature people, went to seminars and life began to change.

Since then he has built a number of large companies and by doing what he learned from books, tapes and a wise mentor, he is now able to live on his own terms.

If you don’t know what to do, find somebody who does,

get their advice, make sound judgments and move on

John Assaraf

John Assaraf on setting goals

The first thing that John Assaraf recommends is that you have goals and that you have absolute clarity. You need not know why it is important to do so.

He says that what we know about the quantum field out there is that when we get absolutely clear we are starting really to apply the laws of nature.

If you look at nature, there is nothing that’s imperfect. We may not like some of the things that are happening, but it is perfect in nature.


Clarity, John Assaraf adds, is one of the most important things in building your company, having a wonderful home, having a great relationship. What is it you want it to look like? Without knowing it, you then start to really think about it and then you start to see things.

When you start to see things that really harmonise with that vision and that goal, things start to appear. What we know to be true is that everything we need is right here now. We just have to become aware of what is already here.

First of all, ask yourself what you are passionate about. If you are not passionate about anything, John Assaraf next asks, What is it that you are good at?

If you cannot answer that, ask yourself If I only had one year to live, what would I do if I needed to earn an income and I had to be happy doing so? People do know what they want to do but often they just don’t ask themselves the right questions.

John Assaraf and answering the question

If you want to know the answer to a question, keep asking it and the answer will come to you. There are something like fifty billion neurons in the brain capable of trillions of transactions and computations per second. They carry out 10,000 trillion computations per second.

So when somebody says I really don’t know what I want, they are displaying their ignorance in not understanding how powerful their brains are. If you give your brain the right instructions, it will find the answers.


What people often seek is immediate answers. That is something at the conscious level. But if you are scoping the universe, it takes a bit longer than that. You just have to be patient.

John says that sometimes when your purpose or your success shows up, it disguises itself in work clothes and some people say, I don’t want to do any work. They are interested in become successful, but they are not committed.

John Assaraf adds that another thing that helped him is that his family was not very well off. His parents used to fight terribly about money. They didn’t have a great relationship and so they showed John a lot of what he didn’t want. So his Why was very big?

Why did he want to become a millionaire? Because he really didn’t want to suffer like his parents did. Why did he go through two divorces?

Because he wanted a great relationship and he just kept working on his skills and on himself. What did he want to have great health? Because at the age of 21 he had ulcerative colitis which hospitalised him and he was taking 25 pills a day.

If it was just about knowledge, he says, we would have libraries filled with people and lines outside, but it’s not about knowledge. It is about having the right knowledge in the right order backed by application. That is what yields the results.

John Assaraf and the power of your mind

Your mind is the most powerful and potent piece of equipment on the planet, and one of the examples John Assaraf uses in his own life is if you are a fighter jet pilot what would you have to learn?

You would have to learn how every button works under every circumstances: day time, night time, hail, sleet, rain or snow.

But we’ve never been taught anything about our own brains.
So if you don’t know how it works and you’ve got all these buttons you could push and all of these ways that you could programme the autopilot like you can in a fighter jet, you’re not working with a full deck.

You are working only with a very small part of your psyche that’s responsible for very little in our lives. It is our job to upgrade the software of our own brains and understand how it interacts with the universe and with other human beings.

There is, he says, a place in our brains that gathers information. The non-conscious part of our brain is what takes care of long term perceptions and behaviours and that’s really the part of our psyche that we want to get involved; the spiritual side of our being.

The non-conscious side of our being is what takes the information, and when it is impressed in the non-conscious and when you start to perceive and behave automatically, that’s really the key.

John Assaraf and a programme for action

If we instil in the younger generation a programme for taking action, they will. The difficulty is that we are all geniuses but we have dumbed ourselves down. We didn’t do it by choice but because we did not have the right information.

So we have to change our minds in adulthood and rewire our brains so that we take action automatically. Some of the actions we’re taking are just not yielding the results we want, so we have to change at a neurological level if we want to have more.

If you don’t have money, there’s always a way. Most people don’t ever have the money because they never make the decision. Once you make the decision the how appears. But most people want the how first.

They have got the equation wrong. You have got to make a decision. Then the universe starts to bring to you everything that resonates with that want. Jim Rohn’s classic line was that you have got to bring your seed to the market, not your need.

John Assaraf and love

Finally, for John Assaraf, life just boils down to love: loving yourself, loving those around you, being appreciative of what this miraculous, incredible journey is really about.

We have but a handful of sand in our hands and everyday little bits of it go by.

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