OCD Treatment

Treatment includes breaking the trance

OCD treatment is not so much a question of putting the sufferer into a trance to cure her; rather it is a question of breaking the trance she is already in.

There would be no-one to frighten you if you refused to be afraid

Mahatma Gandhi

You see, when someone is so preoccupied by anxiety and fear that she is creating rituals which she repeatedly carries out in an attempt to diminish those intense feelings, she has already gone deep inside herself.

She is making big pictures in her mind accompanied by strong feelings, and her attention is so focused on those things that she is in an altered state.

The first step with treatment is relaxation

So perhaps the first thing to do with the treatment is get the sufferer into a more relaxed state and endeavour to reframe the situation. 

Very often the subject will claim that her rituals are successful at keeping her safe because by constantly checking all the locks and windows are secure to excess, there have been no burglars and nothing has been stolen. 

BUT the absence of evidence is not evidence of that which did not happen. 

She should be encouraged to follow her normal routine tomorrow except that she is not to go back and check. 

When nothing untoward happens afterwards, she has evidence that his routine is unnecessary.

OCD treatment will deal with the habits

We are all creatures of habit and most of the time our habits serve us well, but if you need OCD treatment you will know that your habits have just got a little bit out of control and I suspect they are really making your life (and perhaps those around you) a misery. 

It is quite possible that one day you will, in any event, just stop performing these rituals because you will get fed up with them, but in the meantime there are some techniques that you can use to help yourself.

Seeing the pictures and spinning the feelings is part of the OCD treatment

The next time your anxiety begin to get a grip of you consider this OCD treatment. Stop, take yourself to a quiet place and concentrate on the cause of it. When you start to think about it carefully, two things are likely to happen: (1) you will have a picture or pictures in your mind; (2) you will have an anxious feeling somewhere.

Now, replay the picture in your mind and, as you do so, notice which way the feeling is moving in your body. At first, you may have to concentrate carefully but it will be moving.

Play the entire sequence of pictures through in your mind and, as you do so, spin the feeling in the opposite direction. You will notice as you do this that the feeling will change. 

Now play the sequence of pictures through again and, this time, spin the feeling even faster in the opposite direction and notice the difference in the feeling. 

Repeat the exercise for a total of five times and each time you spin the feeling in the opposite direction, make it faster and faster until you reach the moment when the anxiety doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

The OCD treatment includes extreme pleasure

After this OCD treatment you will already be feeling better. Think now of a time in your life where you felt extreme pleasure

It may be a particular event or it may be an association with someone in particular – your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your child – but go to a particular occasion that was extremely joyful for you. 

Make it such a happy event that it immediately brings a smile to your face.

Note where the picture is in your mind’s eye. Is it immediately in front of you? To one side or the other? Up or down? 

Are you in the picture or are you seeing the picture through your own eyes? Is the picture a movie or is it still? Is it near to you or distant? Does it have a frame? Is it 2 or 3-dimensional?

What are the sounds connected to the picture? Are they loud or soft? What is their pitch and speed? Are they clear or distant?

Note the feelings associated with the picture? Where are they? Which direction are they moving?

Intensify the good feelings with OCD treatment

Now see what you can do to intensify that good feeling. Try changing the picture. If it is small, make it bigger. Then double it and treble it in size. 

Make the colour vivid. If you are in the picture, try removing yourself and seeing it through your own eyes. If it is a still, make it a move. If it is distant, bring it closer and make it really, really big until it fills your whole vision. Bring the sound up. 

Let the good feelings well up inside you and, as you feel happier and happier, spin the feels faster in the same direction. Then make them faster and faster and let them engulf your whole body.

Now perform this exercise two, three or four times until the happiness is so great you cannot stand it. As the feeling peaks, anchor it on each occasion

After anchoring each time, break the state by briefly thinking about something else, and then test the anchor by firing it. 

If you are not familiar yet with NLP Anchors now is the time to find out by going directly to the anchor page on this website.

Anchors are some of the most powerful tools in your NLP kit,they are very effective OCD treatment and you wouldn’t wish to be without them.

Perform this exercise now for the last time, and as you bring the picture up so large that it surrounds you, and the sounds and feelings are so strong they engulf you, step into the picture, fire the anchor and experience the pleasure.

You will need to replace the anxiety with the OCD treatment

As you are now familiar with this last exercise, you can practice making yourself feel happy for no particular reason at any time you choose. 

If you constantly make a habit of feeling happy and firing off the anchor, you will be creating a new habit to replace the old anxiety, and you may just find yourself waking up in the mornings feeling rather happier than you have for a very long time. 

So you have now started to turn your life around and move in a new direction.

There are many techniques contained in the various pages of this website that will help OCD sufferers enormously and they will cost you absolutely nothing.  Spend some time reading the articles and practising the exercises and see what works for you.  If you persist, you may change your life for the better.  Start with some of these:

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