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Conversational hypnosis may take many forms. It might be used as a method of self-hypnosis pure and simple, or it could be used to hypnotise another person or group of people.

Whether you choose to use conversational hypnotism as a means of hypnotising yourself or another, the first step you will wish to take is to put yourself in a desired state.

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Preparing yourself for Conversational Hypnosis

You don't need to know how to do self hypnosis. Just relax by taking a couple of deep breaths in through your mouth and letting them out slowly and gently through your nose. 

You don’t have to do it in a way that is obvious to others. Whether standing or sitting, it is quite easy to do without drawing attention to yourself if you do it gently. 

Let your jaw and shoulders relax and feel a softening down through your arms to your fingertips. Let it run down through your torso, through your buttocks, into your legs and down to the tips of your toes. 

Be aware that one of your hands might feel warmer than the other. Feel your whole body melt, and as that soft feeling slowly engulfs you, allow your gaze to soften and become slightly hazy.

If someone else is talking to you while all this is going on quietly inside you, don’t be surprised if he unexpectedly yawns; it is impossible to do this without having some effect on those around you. Once you put yourself into a state, you will find others drift into it too.

Conversational Hypnosis doesn’t need volunteers

You see, in order to be an effective hypnotist you do not have to have a willing volunteer or participant. 

On another page of this website about hypnotism you will see that some people say it is not possible to hypnotise them or that they have never been hypnotised. 

We know that is not so. They may believe what they like. 

It is true that it is very difficult – some may say impossible – to hypnotise someone who has been put on notice that he is about to be hypnotised and who deliberately resists the idea. 

But a clever hypnotist doesn’t put an uncooperative or unwilling participant on notice

In fact, he doesn’t even enquire if the other would like to be hypnotised. He just goes ahead and does it in a much more subtle fashion.

Irresistible Conversational Hypnosis

What you are not expecting you do not resist and, by the time you think hypnotism may have been practised upon you, it is rather too late and by then it is all over. 

Anyway, the person who is convinced that he cannot be hypnotised would afterwards dismissed it as a flight of fancy and deny it ever took place. Why would the hypnotist worry about that?

Conversational Hypnosis is persuasive

We are all engaged in persuasive techniques daily in order to make things happen. To a greater or lesser degree we use some hypnotic techniques anyway

But the more you learn about them the better the chance you will have of achieving your desired results. 

We are all salesmen with Conversational Hypnosis

We are all salesmen no matter what we do. Professional salesmen learn to use weasel phrases and embedded commands in their sales pitches. 

You may just be selling a point of view or an idea to colleagues at work, or be attempting to persuade your club committee. 

It all amounts to the same thing and these techniques are at your disposal for the same purpose. If you make a daily study of them you might watch your performance improve rather more quickly than you had imagined.

First of all, get into the state by relaxing yourself and then observe very carefully the other person’s body language. Be very careful not to mimic, but match some of the more subtle body language If he leans forward when speaking, lean forward on occasions.

Endeavour to maintain eye contact and assist the other to go into the same state as you. If he is speaking quickly or slowly, endeavour to match his pitch and volume. 

Then gradually adjust your own pitch and pace of language so that he automatically follows you and you are able to control the conversation. 

Dictate the pace with Conversational Hypnosis

If you do this gradually and sympathetically, he will follow you. Now that you are dictating the pace and tone of the conversation it is time to make your suggestions perhaps in the form of embedded commands or weasel phrases. 

The more subtly you introduce your suggestions, the more likely it is that the other person’s unconscious mind will be influenced by them.

Coaching benefits of Conversational Hypnosis

I expect you can see immediately how useful this technique is if you are engaging in life coaching or executive coaching or if you mentor or manage others. Once you have the other person in the desired state, you can load him with positive suggestions and encouragement.

It is a shame that more teachers are not open to these techniques. They could achieve even better results by putting their pupils into the state and then using positive and encouraging commands and suggestions to improve their performance.

Fortunately, there are many talented teachers amongst us but there are some who perpetrate the myth that some pupils are “gifted” while others are not. Those who believe they are not in the “gifted” category then give up all too easily. 

If you are a teacher you might like to consider the best practice of adopting Conversational Hypnosis. If you do you can watch your pupils’ results skyrocket, and as their performance soars so will your reputation as a teacher.

The benefits of anchoring in Conversational Hypnosis

Learn too about anchoring which is a good NLP technique especially useful in hypnosis. Suggestions may be reinforced by touching, for example, or analogue marking by the use of pausing or emphasis in speech, or even by your posture or the position in which you are standing or sitting.

Story telling and Conversational Hypnotism

Perhaps the most effective method of persuasion in conversational hypnosis is by story telling.  

A well-told story has its own hypnotic effect because it causes the other person to go inside himself, make pictures and search for meanings. 

While you are talking, find out what the other person’s values are. We all have a different set of values. 

What is important to me is not necessarily what is important to you and vice versa; neither is wrong, just different. 

conversational hypnosis

You can soon discover the other person’s values by prompting him to talk and giving him a verbal nudge here and there. 

If his overriding values centre around family or sport, they will soon emerge and you can tailor any story you use to impart your persuasive message around family or sport as appropriate.

Reliving the moments

I used to coach young soccer players of varying abilities. The secret I found was to talk before the game about past successes in a constructive rather than a pompous way, but to concentrate upon exciting, match-turning moments. 

You just had to look at the players’ eyes to see them reliving the moments as we talked through their experiences. It was just another form of Conversational Hypnosis. 

By the time they had to go on to the field of play they were in the zone, pumped up with positive suggestion and enthusiasm, ready to take on their opponents.

In exactly the same way, you can engineer so many situations in your daily lives to work for rather than against you. Conversational Hypnosis is an enormous asset.

Conversational Hypnotism and self-hypnotism

As I wrote at the beginning, Conversational Hypnosis is a great method of self-hypnotism. 

Maybe you are in a group of people listening to somebody who is an interminable bore. 

Use the opportunity to let his words send you to another place where you can just relax and dwell upon those things that really interest you.

Practised well enough you can still recover a few threads of his speech if you have to participate later. People who are that boring just tend to repeat themselves after all!

Now enhance your knowledge of hypnotism even further and see the benefits in all areas of your life.

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