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No 1  (The Truth)

Goal setting tips are essential if you start from the position of being bored and frustrated.  Do you get up in the morning and wonder what to do?  

Have you always wished you could write a book, make money, tread the boards or just live the life of your dreams?   

Ask those questions to the majority of the world, and people tend to respond by saying I don't really know what I want.  That is not being truthful with yourself.

Come to the edge, he said

They said, We are afraid

Come to the edge, he said

They came. He pushed them, and they flew ...

You really know

Deep down you do know what you really want to do. You might not wish to tell those around you. You might not even want to admit it to yourself, but it is there and you might like to consider giving yourself permission now to think about it hard, unleash the power within you and move towards your true desire. 

That is the first goal setting tip for you. Now consider the benefits of setting general goals and even setting a life goal.

Goal Setting Tips – No 2 (In the round)

When you are considering your goals, don’t think of them in isolation. For example, if your goal is to have a highly successful business, consider how that might impact upon your family life, your social life and your health generally. 

That is not to say you should not pursue your goal, but consider it in context. Equally, if your goal is to travel the world, you will need to consider that in the context of your career and your overall financial resources. Consider it all in the round.

Goal Setting Tips – No 3 (Decision)

But make a decision and have the courage to plan it, begin it and execute it. Do not settle for second best. So many times I have heard young people express a desire to do this, that or the other, only for one or both of their parents or a narrow-minded teacher say, “Ah, but you should also do this. 

You must have an insurance plan.” Then all the effort is put into the insurance, or back up plan, which ultimately becomes the predominant plan and what was originally a burning ambition turns into the embers of one and finally dies.

Years go by, the young person gets older and you find 20, 30 or even more years later he is stuck in a dead end job working at something which at best is unfulfilling and, at worst he detests.

Goal Setting Tips – No 4 (Be enthused)

You know, if you go for it with all your heart and all your mind and all your soul, you might achieve something truly wonderful. You will not do that with a back up or insurance plan. 

You’ve probably heard the expression, Aim for the stars and you might hit a chimney pot. I think that was thought up by a pessimist. I say Aim for the stars and keep going until you hit them.

Goal Setting Tips – No 5 (Be inspired)

There is a whole host of people on this planet who started with nothing, set goals, pursued them and are now enormously successful and wealthy. 

Look at Richard Branson who founded Virgin Airways.  He took on the airlines of the world and now runs a better service than most of his competitors.

Consider also J K Rowling, a young single mother, who started writing her first book on a delayed Manchester to London King's Cross railway journey in England and continued writing in cafes. 

There cannot be a child in the civilised world who has not heard of Harry Potter, read or had read to him or her a Harry Potter book or seen a Harry Potter film.  J K Rowling's legacy is here for generations to come.

Goal Setting Tips – No 6 (Consider the worst)

What is the worst that can happen if you don’t achieve your primary goal? Gravity certainly won’t release you and send you sailing off into the universe to drift and drift, never to return to earth. You would just dig deep again, re-evaluate your goals and have another go.

All we have in this world is time. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is pure imagination but we can affect tomorrow by planning and setting goals and working towards them to see what we might achieve if we really try.

Goal Setting tips – No 7 (Create a goal setting chart)

Whatever your goal is, create a goal setting chart or broad plan now. Commit it to paper. 

It may be in broad terms just now but there is something incredibly powerful about setting your goals down on paper. Convince yourself about it.

Ask why you want to do it. Consider how you are going to achieve it but don’t worry about it if the answer doesn’t come immediately. 

When you have decided upon the What and committed to it, you will find the How will look after itself. Go to bed and sleep on it. Let it swirl around in your unconscious for a while if necessary.

Goal Setting tip – No 8 (Be convinced)

Do you really want to do this? If you do, you will be enthusiastic about the thought of it.  

Are you willing to pay whatever price there may be in time and devotion to your goal? Do you have the strength to achieve it? Unless you are physically infirm, you surely do.

Will you accept responsibility for undertaking the tasks ahead and pursuing them to the end? 

If the goal is right for you, if you are filled with enthusiasm for it, I have no doubt you will gladly do so. Why settle for mediocrity when excellence should be your aim?

Goal Setting tip – No 9 (Review your plan)

Constantly review your plan and pencil in details. I suggest you set it up as a Word document, or something similar, on your computer so that it is easy to amend. 

Find some small task you can do every day which will inch you towards your goal. Even if you can find only a few minutes or half an hour a day at first, plan something for it. 

Set slightly larger weekly goals. And larger monthly goals. Consider where you should be next year at this time and write that down too.

As you complete each small step towards your goal, tick it off on the plan. Soon you will be ticking off weekly and monthly goals and you will move closer and closer towards your dream.

Goal Setting tip – No 10 (Keep practising)

Whatever you want to achieve, pay close attention and keep practising it. In a famous interview with Larry King, Marlon Brando once said that with proper training anyone could become an actor

Whatever you want to become proficient at or to achieve in life, practice is the key to improving performance and creativity.

The more you plan, the more you will learn and practise; the more you practise the more successful you will become. I suspect you might have absorbed enough from this article to convince yourself that you are capable of achieving your dreams if you set and plan your goals. If you need further encouragement, look around the pages of this website and be inspired

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