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The Sedona Method

Hale Dwoskin, another star of the hit DVD movie The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is President of Sedona Training Associates and author of several books.

He has worked with the Sedona Method since 1976 when he met his mentor, Lester Stevenson, who was given weeks to live after suffering a second coronary heart attack but went on to live for another 42 years.

So many of us are trying to eat the menu that we never get to the meal


What Hale learned from that is that we are all unlimited; we are limited only by the concepts of limitation that we hold in our minds.

These concepts of limitation manifest for most of us consciously as our thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

We all have a natural ability to let go of these unwanted emotions, unwanted thoughts, feelings and beliefs quite easily.

When Lester Stevenson discovered this, he used it intensely upon himself over the space of three months and went into a state of profound peacefulness that enabled him to live for so many more years.

Hale Dwoskin and how to let go

The Sedona Method that Hale has developed shows people how to let go of all the conflicting thoughts and feelings that are distracting from the underlying purity or unity, which also distract from the harmony, abundance and joy and all of the good things that are available to us in living.

Even when we are focused on the diversity of life, most of us experience a tremendous amount of unnecessary suffering because whereas the purity is always there to support and guide us and help us have whatever our genuinely positive desire are, we obstruct that through the noise of our minds.

As you use the Sedona method it continually quietens your mind to the point where it is quiet most of the time whether or not you are even doing the process.

Sometimes within minutes it has the same effect as an hour’s meditation once you really perfect the process. These underlying limitations, thoughts, feelings and beliefs are what keep the mind from being at rest.

Hale Dwoskin and the underlying purity

The Sedona Method takes these things out of your awareness. It shows you how and then allows you to be more and more aware of the underlying unity, purity or whatever you want to call it.

There are so many terms to try to describe it but none of them are really accurate.

It is like trying to tell somebody in detail what it is like to eat a strawberry but it is the eating of the strawberry that is really the only way to find out, and as soon as you start talking about it again you are not in the experience of eating it.

Hale Dwoskin and making things complex

Most of us are used to making things extremely complex. One of the powers of the Sedona Method is that it is incredibly simple.

It is something that you can do on the go, in life, right in the very situations that ordinarily would be flooring you, really overwhelming you or causing you to feel uncomfortable.

In seconds you are comfortable, relaxed and open and more at ease and effective again. It gives you the ability to move really quickly and that also frightens people. 

You are able to release the attachment to the persona that you’ve developed around your suffering.

Again, so many people are afraid to let go to some degree because they don’t know who they would be if they weren’t the one suffering.

Hale adds that we are basically all in the stream of life being carried effortlessly towards our goal, but most of us are busy kicking and screaming and trying to swim against the current and grab on to every rock we see, and because of that we get beaten up by life.

As you let go with the Sedona Method you naturally allow the current to carry you and you notice that it even avoids the rocks if you let it.

The more you let go, the more you naturally flow around and through the supposed opposition to greater awareness or greater freedom or abundance.

Hale Dwoskin and maintaining control

Part of the reason that life can be so unpleasant is because of our attempts to maintain control.

When you let go everything gets better because you are weakening the tendency to hold on, to hold back and keep yourself in constriction.

As you let go of even the good feelings, the sense of scarcity disappears and you discover that the only thing that is finite is your sense of limitation and your unwanted emotions, but your good feelings are infinite.

The more you let go, the more the positive experience you have.

As you let go there is a sense of silence that often we don’t appreciate or even notice.

Silence is our natural state and that silence becomes more and more real even when there is extreme turmoil going on around you.

Hale says that as you use the Sedona Method you are uncovering the naturalness of who you are every time you let go.

Most people have given control to their minds. If you forget the fact that you are not your thoughts and feelings, you simply have them, and you also don’t know there is something you can do about the way you are thinking or the way you are feeling, then the mind does become the master as opposed to the servant.

As you allow yourself to let go, you recognise more of the time that thoughts and feelings arise from consciousness.

Hale Dwoskin and resistance

If we resist the thing we think is unpleasant, we resist everything. It is almost in our bones; it is in our body; it is in our mind.

It is in our awareness and it is like trying to move forward with the brakes on.

Hale Dwoskin emphasises that you could use the Sedona Method to make more money, to lose weight, to stop smoking, to improve your relationships, to have more radiant health and well-being, to get rid of things like anger, depression, anxiety and grief.

The reason that this one simple technique could impact so many different areas is that all of us are our own either worst enemy or best friend.

Our emotions dictate in this moment whether we are being friends to ourselves or our enemy.

Hale Dwoskin and removing unwanted feelings

So when you learn effectively how to get rid of unwanted feelings on the spot, it radically changes your point of view.

It radically changes your relationship to your surroundings and to your life. It enables you to create whatever you choose.

You could have, be, or do whatever you desire simply by letting go. So the possibilities for change and improvement are endless.

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