Best Self-Help Books

What if you could ensure your success with these Best Self-help books? Just imagine what you will be able to do when you have read both these amazing best sellers.

Who wants success?

If you want success then read Towards Success, follow it with Away from FailureandYour Genius Within.

As you read every word of these e-books you will become amazed just how much happiness and success you can achieve, and you may begin to notice for the first time the true genius that lies within you.

Overcome fear with Best Self-Help Books

You probably know already that a survey of American people showed that their #1 fear was public speaking and their #2 fear was death. So most people fear public speaking more than death. 

By reading best self-help books, little by little you will realise that such fears can be overcome and you can bring about a stunning change within.

And you begin to notice how to accumulate wealth and money, develop a super memory and understand the benefits of hypnotism and how to acquire them yourself.

See yourself managing others, setting realisable goals and enjoying great relationships.

Change your life with these Best Self-Help Books

Are you beginning to see already how this can help to change your life?  By now you will realise that the sooner you buy the books, the sooner those changes can begin to take place.

You might want to read this extract from the introduction to Towards Success:

"When we make up our minds what we want to give us the feelings we desire, when we take steps and are driven to achieve those feelings, the whole earth seems to move with us to assist with those desires, and it is amazing just what can be realised.

I hope this book will inspire those feelings in you.  You will read stories about a variety of people and their problems and achievements in all aspects of life."

Towards Success

Join those who have already read the best self-help book Towards.

Picture yourself five years from now, wealthy, happy, confident and enjoying harmonious relationships. The journey from where you are today to where you want to be begins now because in the next two minutes (the time it takes to download Towards Success) you are going to have in your hands all the tools you need to make powerful, lasting changes in your life.

You may have noticed by now that once you have absorbed all this, life might never be the same again?

Learn more about Towards Success

Away from Failure

Away from Failure is the companion volume for Towards ... Success. Together they direct you away from your fears and towards success.  

Away from Fear shows you, amongst many other things, how to deal with fear, hesitation and loss, how to get over anxiety and panic attacks, treat OCD deal with phobia cures and conquer stress.

Learn also about the inspirational and Secret teachers in a free BONUS section of the book.

Learn more about Away from Failure

Your Genius Within

Learn how to uncover your genius within with this latest book from Barry Baines.

No-one was born knowing they were a genius. Each and everyone of them discovered that ability within themselves. Find out how to uncover your inner genius.

Learn more about Your Genius Within

Benefits of offering Best Self Help books on Kindle and as PDF?

My ebooks are available as PDFs and on Kindle. The benefits of this are:

  • You can get my ebooks immediately, where ever you are.
  • No shipping costs.
  • No need to carry around a heavy book.
  • Read it on the device of your choice – Kindle, desktop, laptop, iPad, phone etc.
  • Kindle version has search function for a word or phrase you’re looking for (depending on your country.)
  • On the Kindle version you can make your own notes and highlights which will be stored in your Kindle account available to print
  • Kindle’s text to speech feature means you can have the book read to you while you are doing something else 
  • You can still share the book with the rest of your household on a shared computer
  • Try a sample before you buy on Kindle
  • Adjust the font size to suit you on Kindle
  • Print a copy from the PDF version.

If I have your self help books do I still need your website?

Yes, the site is very large, currently a quarter of a million words, and constantly growing. The Secret of Mindpower and NLP website deals with a wide range of topics so has a lot of information not covered in the books which is designed to help you with specific goals in your life.

Your Genius Within, Towards Success and Away from Failure are by the creator of the hugely popular and inspiring website They are powerful e-books with NLP tools and techniques which could help you achieve a lifetime of success.

BARRY BAINES graduated in law from the University of Bristol, is a dually qualified lawyer practising in England as a Solicitor Advocate, and is also an Attorney & Counsellor-at-law for the State of New York.  He is an NLP trainer with the Society of NLP. 

Having founded, managed and developed a substantial business in legal services, conducted civil litigation and prosecuted criminal trials, he now specialises in regulatory law. 

His expertise is constantly sought by major organisations who wish to verify and reform their investigation processes, coach and mentor their managers, and inspire and motivate their employees.  He lives in Dorset, England.

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