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Beyond the Law of Attraction

Your internal state

Bill Harris, creator of Holosync, reveals that if you master your mind in the way he describes, you can be in charge of your feelings, and you can be in charge of other internal states such as motivation, persistence, acceptance, curiosity and so on.

You can be in charge of how you behave, and you can be in charge of what and to whom you become attracted.

There are almost unlimited resources available about how to make money

Bill Harris

Bill Harris and Holosync

Bill developed Holosync audio technology, a scientific way to use combinations of sine wave auditory tones of certain precise frequencies to be listened to with stereo headphones to place the listener in deep states of meditation.

In 1989 he started Centrepointe and now around 300,000 people in 173 countries on all seven continents of the world have used Holosync to improve their lives.

By offering Holosync in this way, Bill Harris unintentionally fell into the role of being a teacher of personal and spiritual growth.

He believes that when people use Holosync it creates such rapid personal changes that those using it need to know what is likely to happen, why it is happening and in some cases what to do about it, in order to get the greatest benefit.

Bill Harris and creating your life

There is a way, says Bill, no matter who you are and regardless of your past or present circumstances, to master your life, to master your mind and to create anything you want in life. The Secret describes part of how to do that and although it is a very important part, it is just a part.

There is more, he says, to The Secret and The Law of Attraction than just putting something out to the universe and hoping to get something back.

Bill Harris and the principles of The Secret

It is true, as was said by the makers of The Secret, that for thousands of years a certain small segment of the population has known about and used this secret, and those that have known about and used it have prospered in extraordinary ways and have influenced the world in ways that seem almost magical to those who don’t understand the secret.

It is also true that you create in reality, in one way or another, that on which you focus your attention. But without the next two principles you will end up being nothing but a wishful thinker.

Bill Harris and taking action

If you want money, great relationships, a fulfilling career, good health, or anything else, you can’t just wish for it and expect to get it. You also have to take action.

In addition, the action you take also has to be, in some way, of value to other people in the world. That is why it is called the Law of Attraction: you get back what you put out. To get value you have to give value.

Some of the people who go to Bill or other teachers seen in The Secret aren’t making much money. They often aren’t in fulfilling careers, their relationships aren’t satisfying, they don’t feel happy and peaceful, their health may not be very good and many of them feel lost in the world. 

Sometimes they feel like losers in the game of life. Often they don’t have the skills that allow them to offer a lot of value.

That doesn’t mean they couldn’t develop those skills or in some other way figure out how to create value in the world, but at the present time they either don’t have the skills or don’t know how to use them to create benefit for others.

Bill Harris says there is no magic way

Such people would love to find out that there is a magic way to become prosperous, popular, respected, happy and loved.

Then, when someone comes along and tells them just “put it out to the universe” it almost becomes a cruel joke because to create the kind of life you want you have to do more than just think about it.

But while you can’t get what you want by just focusing your attention on it, it isn’t that difficult to add the other two principles and, by adding them, you can have everything you want in life. It isn’t magic, it isn’t difficult but there is a price to pay.

Bill Harris on focus and imagination

The first thing that happens when you focus on getting something is that your mind generates ideas about how to get it, ideas about what actions you could take to get it. Then you begin to notice resources you could use in getting what you want.

You might notice people who could help you that you weren’t noticing before. You might suddenly become aware of information, books, seminars, TV shows or whatever that you previously hadn’t noticed.

When you focus your attention on something, your mind develops a kind of radar that causes resources to wave little red flags at you and almost jump into your arms.

Focusing on what you want causes you to tap into or develop certain internal qualities that help you to get it, such as courage, persistence or focus.

Because you’re focused on what you want and are thinking about the benefits of having it and imagining how good it will feel, you’re more likely to be persistent, to be disciplined, to be self-reliant, to take personal initiative and to use your imagination and be enthusiastic.

Sitting around gets you nowhere says Bill Harris

No-one who appeared in The Secret sat around and waited for a miracle to land on them. Every one of them took, and is taking, action just as bill did when he created Holosync.

If you look around at successful people who make it happen, you will not see anyone who doesn’t take action. 

Even best selling authors cannot just get an idea for a book, pick up a phone, call a book publisher and get a book deal instantly. If their idea doesn’t have value based on what the publisher wants, it might never happen.

Jack Canfield, for example, visited scores of publishers with the original Chicken Soup for the Soul book and was almost ready to give up when he finally found a publisher willing to print.

Now he has sold over 100 million he has proven that he can create a best-selling book. He has already taken the action necessary.

Bill Harris says the third principle is benefiting others

The third principle is that the action you take has to benefit someone; your action has to create value. This is really the essence of the Law of Attraction. The amount of money you attract is equal to the value you provide. 

Whatever you want, whether it be love, respect, friends or anything else, you’ll receive it to the extent that you put it out. Be a good friend and you will have friends. Act in a way that invites respect and you’ll be respected.

So Bill Harris says if you aren’t making as much money as you want, you need to figure out a way to create more value and you need to figure out a way to make sure people know you have this value. 

The value could be your ideas, it could be your labour, it could be a product you create or sell or it could be a service you provide.

If it has value, and if you can find a way to make sure people know about it, you’ll make money equivalent to the value you provide.

There are almost unlimited resources for making money says Bill Harris

There are almost unlimited resources available about how to make money. You usually don’t notice them because you haven’t focused your attention on them. Then, of course, when you find them you have to take action and use them.

This is where most people fall down. There’s a price to pay to get what you want in this world, and most people would rather not pay it.

Of course, none of this will happen unless you begin by focusing your mind on what you want and asking yourself how you can get it.

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