Joe Vitale

Beyond the Law of Attraction

Joe Vitale – the world’s first hypnotic writer

Joe Vitale is an author, marketer and seminar leader, goes beyond the Law of Attraction and has been described as an overall renaissance man.

Among the many books he has written are The Attractor Factor, Five Easy Steps for Creating Wealth Or Anything Else from the Inside Out and Hypnotic Writing.

He recorded The Power of Outrageous Marketing and starred in the DVD Movie, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

The world’s first hypnotic writer, Joe’s marketing methods have turned people into millionaires. He has been involved in all aspects of marketing from direct mail to publicity and infomercials. He is the president of Hypnotic Marketing Inc.

Your brain can be directed and you can direct it by the questions you ask.

Most people ask these negative questions that send them down the sewer.

Joe Vitale

Joe Vitale and happiness

Joe’s general philosophy is that everybody wants to be happy, to be successful and we want to be at peace.

Whatever we say we want, whether it is a new house, a new car, more wealth or another relationship, we want it because we believe it will help us to be at peace. What he has learned from himself is that you don’t need any of it to be happy right now.

That is a major realisation: we don’t need anything else to take place for us to be happy. Happiness, peace and so forth, is a fundamental choice.

Joe Vitale and the power of now

The point of power is right now. That doesn’t mean that I am not going to go for things on the outside.

It doesn’t mean I am not going to write another book or do another promotion or try to make a book a best seller, or try to lose weight or do this or that. I will do that but I will do it from a place of safety and security.

This is the real lesson: you are fine right now where you are but you are probably living like a king or a queen compared to people in the 3rd world countries or people in our history. 

You are probably living this lifestyle that other people, if they saw it, would be totally envious about, and we don’t pause and appreciate it because we want more and more and more.

If peace is there in this moment, you can choose to see it and choose to accept it. The second step is to choose what you would like to experience next.

So be happy now, choose what you’d like to experience next and start to go beyond the Law of Attraction.

Joe Vitale and misfortune

What would Joe Vitale’s response be to somebody who says, Well, that sounds great in theory but I just had to declare bankruptcy, my spouse left me, my dog was killed and everything isn’t all right? He says that whatever is going on in your life right now needs to be put into perspective.

In one year, five years or ten years’ time, you will look back and find a good way of looking at it. So many cancer victims will say, for example, that it was the best thing that ever happened to them, but when they were diagnosed it was a very bad day.

Five years later, or whatever time it takes, they will look back and say it was the most beautiful thing that ever happened for a variety of reasons.

They say so because it may have helped them build strength, it may have helped them learn discipline, it may have helped them believe in magic and miracles, it may have helped them in believing the beauty of each moment.

Five years perspective will give you a different view of this moment in reality.

So if that five years’ perspective is available to you five years from now, it is available right now.

Joe Vitale – Beyond the Law of Attraction

It is, says Joe, a fundamental law in psychology that you get more of whatever you focus on and that is what you end up attracting into your life.

So if you end up focusing on whatever it is that you are perceiving to be bad, then you will get more of those kinds of feelings because you are in that energy place where you are acting like a magnet for it. 

You will pull more of it to you because you have the eyes of misery and you will look for more misery.

But if you look at this moment and say, Well, I wonder what the good is in it or I wonder how I can turn it into something good, then you are learning to see opportunities everywhere. It causes your perception to be totally different.

Joe Vitale and the victim mentality

The vast majority of people out there are stuck on the plane of being a victim, and as they look at themselves in their lives as being a victim, they get more of that kind of stuff.

They never get near let alone beyond the law of attraction. They will pull in everything that enables them to be a victim, and the ironic thing about it is they are creating it because they are totally unconscious of the process.

Joe tells people, including himself when he looks in the mirror, that everything that’s happening in his life is a creation and he’s the guy that created it. You have to take 100% responsibility for everything that happens in your life.

Joe Vitale and the questions you ask

People ask negative questions like What if? What if things go bad? What if I can’t pay my bills? What if I don’t lose weight? What if I have a health problem? What if she leaves me?

Joe’s response is that the brain is neutral and will just go after the solution to the question you asked. So if the question is negatively leading like What if I don’t raise the money by Friday, the brain will come up with all the ways that you can’t raise it by Friday.

The beauty of it is that you can take control of your brain and ask What are some ways to raise the money by Friday to pay the bills that I need to pay?

A better constructed question would be What is an easy, effortless and healthy way to lose the unnecessary pounds by 21 January?

If you ask these well-constructed questions, you brain will take on the role of being an obedient researcher.

Not only will it immediately start to look for the answers, but it will also alert your mental radar so that when you are browsing online or walking through a bookstore, one book will almost leap off the shelf, and it is the book that is geared towards answering your question.

Joe Vitale and outcomes

It is important to prefer an outcome rather than be attached to an outcome.

When you’re attached you are dependent, and when you’re desperate that is the energy you send out that ends up attracting more desperation and more neediness.

You don’t get the thing you want and you end up getting this feeling of desperation which you think is driving you.

The idea is you can have everything you want as long as you don’t need it, which means that you can have it as long as you are not attached to it.

You can have it as long as you are not going to live or die if you don’t get it. You can have it as long as you are not addicted to it.

Joe Vitale and mastermind groups

Joe Vitale’s point is that to get beyond the law of attraction you have to get clear which means that you want to get clear of all the negative beliefs within you (the programming and so forth) that are in the way of you achieving whatever it is you happen to be. He supports, too, the idea of a mastermind group.

If you have support from other people who are either going through the same thing or who have already been through it, that is incredibly powerful in keeping you above what may have pulled you down before.

We live in the age of the internet and if you can’t find an existing group, you can probably create one online or in your own neighbourhood.

The point is to direct your brain to find the answer for you, but don’t be afraid to ask for help. All of these things work.

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