The Secret of Memory

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A trick I use to reinforce my memory

The secret of memory – that is a good memory – is something you are entitled to know. Do you believe you have a good memory or a bad memory?

You never realise what a good memory you have until you try to forget something: Franklin P Jones

If you are one of the many people who believe they have a bad memory, it is probably because you have not tried to remember in the first place.

By that I mean you haven’t actually bothered to code what you wish to remember – and it is very simple.

The secret of memory - simple techniques

Unfortunately, most people are very lazy. They are just not bothered to master very simple techniques which can improve their lives greatly.

Those few who do bother, live vastly more successful and happy lives than the rest.

Don't believe those idle people who say they are too old to learn something new, or their memory just gets worse as they get older. 

More probably than not, they don't bother to exercise it.  I find the older I get the better my memory gets, but then I use it, use it, use it.

The secret of memory - keeping a diary or list

Do you keep an appointments diary? The old-fashioned way is to keep a paper diary.

I like a paper diary showing 7 days over two pages when it is opened out, but most people these days tend to use the equally reliable and, for them, easier method of using the electronic diary on their cell phones.

Or do you not use a diary at all? I suspect that if you don’t use a diary at all, you frequently forget your engagements or get the time or place.

On the other hand, if you do use a written or electronic diary, the chances are that you remember most of your appointments accurately without checking the diary.

Why is that, do you think? It is because by taking the trouble to write the appointment or engagement in the diary or to tap it into your cell, you have begun the process of encoding the message into your brain. But you have a diary as back-up in any event.

Exactly the same applies when you go shopping. If you first write out a list of items that you want to buy, it is highly likely that you will remember most of them without referring to your list. What you want to do though is remember them all.

The secret of memory - association

You can do that by association. This is a system I like to use.  First of all stand outside of yourself and look at your body.

Memorise the following ten anchor points on your body and touch them as you do so: (1) top of the head; (2) ears; (3) mouth; (4) right shoulder; (5) left shoulder; (6) right hand; (7) left hand; (8) pubic area; (9) between the knees; (10) the space beneath your feet.

The secret of memory - how to remember your shopping list

Now, if you have up to ten items of shopping to purchase, make associations between the items and the anchor points you have just learned.

Make the imagery big and as ludicrous as you like. The funnier the better, because the memory is more likely to remember it quickly.

And if you can make it sexual, even better (you can’t be prosecuted for what goes on inside your head!).

Imagine your christmas shopping list is (1) turkey; (2) decorative bells; (3) carrots; (4) bananas; (5) oranges; (6) tinsel; (7) potatoes; (8) brussels sprouts; (9) batteries; (10) butter.

Imagine a huge turkey on your head (perhaps with your head stuck up its backside).

Then enormous bells hanging from each of your ears and ringing loudly. See this huge orange carrot sticking from your mouth.

There is a banana attached to your right shoulder, and it is so big that it enters your ear and out of the other one, where it is juggling an orange.

See this huge orange carrot sticking from your mouth. There is a banana attached to your right shoulder, and it is so big that it enters your ear and out of the other one, where it is juggling an orange.

Your right and left hands have silver tinsel tied around them, and hanging from your left hand is a tinsel net bag filled with large potatoes.

I am sure you can think of something creative for the brussels sprouts without a prompt from me!

Between your knees you are holding a packet of batteries and the charge from them is lighting up your knees.

Finally, you are standing in a large puddle of butter and sliding all over the place.

Run over that in your mind a couple of times and convince yourself how easy this exercise is.

If you have any difficulty with the odd item, make the images bigger and brighter and make the associations sillier.

And if you have more than 10 items on your shopping list, why, that’s dead simple. Use someone else’s body as well as your own – perhaps your partner’s or your best friend.

Nothing could really be easier; it just requires a little application.

It is also a good entertainment/conversation maker at a party.  Demonstrate the technique to friends and then see how many items they can remember when they use the system.  They will amaze themselves and love you for it.

Now learn how to memorise a pack of cards and have a super memory.

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