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Hypnotism stories feed the imagination

Hypnosis stories are used to spark the imagination. The moment the storyteller starts, the imagination comes into play, pictures form in the mind and we go inside ourselves. Watch a child’s eyes the moment you say, “Once upon a time ...”

The eyes see only what the mind is prepared to comprehend

Stories at bed time

If you are a parent you will have used this technique on many occasions at bed time.

Children have lively, enquiring minds.They are so young they cannot get enough of life and they soak up knowledge like a sponge. 

So when you tell them it’s bedtime or show them the bedroom, there is resistance. But if the child is used to bed time stories, it is different, isn’t it? 

Some children like the book in their hand while you are reading, are content to look at it while you are reading or will just listen to a story without a book at all. It really makes no difference for these purposes.

The dreamy state induced by hypnotism stories

The object of your telling the story is to get the child into a dreamy state where she will become more susceptible: that is to say, more likely to accept your suggestion that she now goes to sleep, or even drifts off of her own accord. 

Parents who do not read to their children at bed time not only deprive their children of a valuable learning experience but also themselves of a very useful persuasion tool. 

Hypnosis stories create vivid pictures

Read this and concentrate on the pictures that come into your mind: “Skye and Peggy had had a lucky escape from the toothless old man on Saturday. 

There’d been no sign of him when Archie Wheeler dropped them off but as Peggy hurried through the wet, slippery corridors to her classroom she sensed her luck had come to an end.

“’No running in the corridors!’ shouted the hairy, hunched-back cleaner shaking his fist at Peggy as she skidded dangerously close to the pail of water he was using to mop the floor.
“’Sorry!’ Peggy called over her shoulder, making no attempt to slow down. Miss Dragonetti would be waiting.

“Peggy’s welcome was even worse than she’d imagined. Miss Dragonetti was holding the classroom door wide open, her eyes riveted to her watch. ‘I’m sorry, I’m late,’ said Peggy, sliding through the door hoping to get to her desk before Miss Dragonetti could stop her.

A firm hand on her rucksack dashed her hopes as Miss Dragonetti pulled her to a halt.”

Powerfully descriptive words in hypnosis stories

The vivid stream of pictures which those wonderful words from the amazing children’s book The Legend of the Golden Carp create in each of our minds will be different but equally effective as we go inside ourselves and search for different pictures and different meanings. The author’s powerfully descriptive words conjure up sharp and effective images in the mind.

The skilful hypnotist uses hypnosis stories

By now, I hope, you will already begin to understand how useful hypnosis stories are for the skilful hypnotist. The better the storyteller, the more powerful the hypnotist. 

In Hypnosis and NLP I have touched on how the greatest modern day hypnotist, Richard Bandler, hypnotises people and you can read more about hypnotism also in Self-Hypnotism

Generally speaking, whatever method is used is done to make the subject go inside his own mind, and hypnosis stories are a wonderful way of achieving that object.

Hypnosis stories relax you

Relaxing in this way means you are open to suggestion and your mind is open to learning. Whether you notice a big change or a small one doesn’t matter, it might happen all the same. 

Stories are a great way of holding the attention while the unconscious mind does its stuff. 

The best public speakers use hypnosis stories

The best public speakers are great story tellers. While they are weaving their tales audiences of many hundreds sit so quietly that you could hear a pin drop. 

Next time you are in a large audience when the speaker is holding his audience spellbound but you have a chance to break your own spell, look around at the faces of others and you will see that many of them are plainly in another world. 

Speakers use these opportunities to persuade by planting embedded commands and other weasel phrases into their listeners’ minds. 

How do you think, for example, that many politicians and preachers are so effective? Sometimes they are speaking to many like-minded individuals already and they will be much easier to persuade. 

But neither will it be so difficult to persuade those in that gathering who are not quite of the same mind in those circumstances.

Should you by books and CDs about hypnotism stories?

I am not going to say that you should buy books about hypnotism, but if you do I might suggest that you read some of the works by Richard Bandler and learn also about the works of Milton H Erickson. (Learn more about these authors in NLP Books). 

By books I also mean listening to CDs and watching DVDs which are great aids to learning.

Just now I mentioned that as we listened to stories we each go inside ourselves and look for different images and different meanings. 

Milton Erickson used stories to teach and persuade just as all people from all civilisations have down through the ages because they induce trance. 

It is probably better to think of it as daydreaming, a wandering of the mind so to speak. In this state you are more likely to accept suggestions uncritically.

Hypnotism stories and altered states of consciousness

When we listen to a story, read a book or watch a film we move into an altered state of consciousness. That altered state of consciousness is what is described as the trance or daydream.

When you have experienced a particularly strong storyline through one of these media, or perhaps experienced a wonderful acting performance, how long has that stayed with you afterwards? 

Can you remember a particular film, book or play which has remained with you for a long time thereafter, perhaps months or years even? 

What was the message it was sending? Or what was the message you interpreted from it?

Hypnosis stories aid cures

People who are struggling with problems may be helped enormously by hypnosis, hypnosis stories and NLP techniques.  

Perhaps self-confidence needs to be built or they need a fast phobia cure for something they have been struggling with for years.  Or perhaps they may need help with weight loss, public speaking or to give up smoking or prepare for an exam 

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