More NLP techniques for weight loss

More NLP techniques for weight loss will concern itself with your mental self-image and what you can do to maintain the gains you make after reading the other articles on this website about weight loss.

How many times in the past have you tried fancy diets, lost weight and, within a few months you are back where you started or even heavier?  We have all been there.

Discipline is remembering what you want

Remember, although we talk about “weight loss” you are not losing anything except excess fat;  you are instead gaining the body shape you desire, you are gaining greater self-respect for your ability to control how, when, where and what you eat, and you are once again able to choose and wear the clothes you want.

If you have carefully noted the recommendations and instructions contained in the other articles, you will either be well on the way to achieving your desired body weight and shape or will already have done so. 

It has already been pointed out that it doesn’t matter what you eat provide you eat it in the manner suggested and stop when your body tells you that you’ve had enough – not when you are stuffed!

More NLP techniques for weight loss – an exercise to keep you on track

An exercise you can use to motivate you during this process and to fix your mind on the result you intend to achieve is to adopt what is called the NLP swish pattern. 

First of all, make a picture in your mind of the way you wish to look, wearing the fashion clothes you desire and feeling absolutely perfect. 

See yourself in the picture looking slim and beautiful/handsome.  Make the target picture realistic but as good as it possibly can be.

Think now about what we call the sub-modalities.  Close your eyes in order to get a better image in your mind.  Concentrate on the colours. 

See what you would see.  Hear what you would hear.  Feel what you would feel.  Make the colours really vivid.  Now shrink that picture down and mentally place it on one side.

NLP weight loss techniques

More NLP techniques for weight loss – mental pictures

Bring up now a mental picture of yourself in your overweight state, wearing all the clothes you really don’t want to be seen in.  Make the picture large. 

In the bottom left hand corner of that picture bring in the shrunken down picture of your desired state.  At present it is small and dark and you cannot see the detail. 

It is important to note that the brain learns quickly so the next action needs to occur in a flash.  You are going to exchange the positions of the two pictures at high speed. 

Firstly, shrink down the “fat” image into the left hand corner, making it really dark so that you cannot see the detail and, as you do so, expand the desired image until it is big and bright, and make it really massive.

Don’t forget – it has to be at lightning speed so as you make the simultaneous movements, make a s-w-i-i-s-s-h sound. 

Really see, feel and hear the change as you do so.  Now clear the picture screen and start again.  Repeat the process at least five times.

More NLP techniques for weight loss – daily routine

I suggest that while you are eating to achieve your desired state you perform this routine each day. 

It will help you to focus on your eventual outcome and constantly remind your brain where you are heading and what it has to do. 

When the brain can see what has to happen, it will do everything it can to get there.

As an added bonus, when you really have this vivid picture of your ideal self in your ideal clothes doing the things you really want to do but feel you cannot do now, anchor that feeling on a part of your body. 

Then if at any time of the day your resolve weakens at all, fire off the anchor.  This will remind you of your intended destination and strengthen your resolve.

More NLP techniques for weight loss – establishing the future pattern

Shifting forward to the stage when you have lost a number of pounds eating whatever you want in accordance with the recommendations set out on the other pages, you will probably be realising that some of the fast foods and junk foods which you have now reduced are mostly not worth eating anyway.  Most of them consist of large quantities of fat, salt and sugar.

Once you reduce the quantity of food going into your system so that you only eat what your body tells you it needs, you begin to notice that the rash you had is looking rather better, your spots are clearing up and certain aches and pains are disappearing because your body structure no longer has to bear such a huge weight.

More NLP techniques for weight loss – better quality

When you have, for example, lost around 14 pounds in weight take some one-pound or two-pound packets of sugar (or other food) from your food cupboard and imagine them in sufficient quantity to weigh 14 pounds. 

In itself it is a wake up call to see the useless amount of fat you have been carrying around previously, and you will feel better for performing the exercise.

NLP weight loss techniques

At this stage you will find it enormously beneficial to look at a good nutrition book, or find a reputable nutrition site on line (by which I mean one run by a reputable health organisation and not a website that seeks to peddle you all sorts of so called nutritional foods or supplements). 

Start experimenting by eating wholefoods instead of junk foods:  that is to say, fresh meat, fish, eggs, cheese and fresh fruit and vegetables.

You will find that you can, if you wish, eat larger quantities of those without putting the weight back on.  Again, I can speak from personal experience. 

When you are well and truly used to your new regime of eating what you want, when you want, eating consciously and listening to your body when it tells you it has had enough, not only does the weight begin to fall away quickly, but your energy levels rise, the improvement in your skin is unbelievable and most, if not all, of your aches and pains vanish.  Life is so much better!

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