Depression Hypnosis


Depression hypnosis is evident as soon as you switch on the television news or buy a daily newspaper. 

You are regaled with news of “the recession”, job losses, murders, indiscretions of politicians or other world leaders. 

Any so called “good” news is probably hidden away on the back pages, in small print or not mentioned at all. 

Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be – Abraham Lincoln

Constant repetition

This is the sort of daily hypnosis to which we are all subjected. 

The constant repetition of any message, especially if it is delivered to you in some form of official or semi-official format, will have an impression upon you. 

Just listen to the general chatter at work or on the train; it will centre upon the news of the day as presented by journalists and broadcasters. 

Little wonder that there is depression and that there are panic attacks.

I am afraid that journalists, broadcasters and politicians for that matter, make a habit of demonising sections of society when it suits them. It is very easy.  

If you keep plugging a bad message and associating a person or a section of society with it, it has the effect of hypnotising the masses.

Look how easy it has been to demonise bankers. It may be that banks have much to be criticised for, but in the United Kingdom the government of the day, supported by press and broadcasters, caused a bank chief to forego a large bonus to which he was contractually entitled by constantly sending out a bad message.

In another case a banker had his knighthood forfeited. He had not committed a crime or been guilty of any disgraceful conduct. He had merely had the misfortune to be the head of a bank at the time of the banking crisis. It was quite unprecedented.

The daily message and depression hypnosis

Is it any wonder then that people become depressed at reading or hearing such things when they are constantly thrust upon us?

This is quite apart from the family and personal pressures which you may feel under at any time. How do we escape from all this?

Controlling depression hypnosis

First of all, limit your exposure to outside influences. Of course you have a need to keep abreast of what is going on in the world. 

I suggest you give up your daily newspaper and concentrate on reading the headlines on-line. 

By scanning the news in that way, you can choose to dip into any stories that particularly interest you but at the same time avoid all the comment from self-opinionated journalists.

Next, stop listening to all the news bulletins on the television.  

You might also decide to stop watching any programme that you find in the least bit depressing. There is no need to overload your consciousness with material which is going to make you feel bad.

Thoughts and depression hypnosis

If you wake up tomorrow morning feeling depressed, a thought has triggered the feeling. 

Everything is preceded by a thought which then causes us to make a picture in our mind. 

It may be you were dreaming about something unpleasant or something has been troubling you and playing on your mind. 

A good trick for depression hypnosis

A good trick in that situation which will give you some protection is to arm yourself with an NLP anchor

If you have not heard about anchors, you should click on the link now and learn how to set and fire them. 

Music can be a very powerful positive anchor for counteracting the effects of depression. 

Remember Anna in The King and I.  Whenever she felt afraid she whistled a happy tune. It has the same effect with depression. 

I am not suggesting that you necessarily whistle a happy tune, but you may think of it, hum it or  even sing it to yourself. 

Music and depression hypnosis

An excellent way of lifting your mood is to record a selection of music on your ipod. Link each of the pieces of music you record with a happy event or moment in your life.

 As you listen to the songs or music the memories will come flooding back and will drown out the effects of the bad hypnotism which caused your depression.

Bad pictures and depression hypnosis

We mentioned just now that depression is caused by thoughts that make bad pictures in our mind. .

What happens is that we tend to dwell on some bad event that has happened or something we fear may happen

Notice that neither of those things is happening now: one of them happened in the past and is history; one of them is anticipated in the future and may never arrive. 

But the pictures in our mind are nonetheless real. Our brain cannot distinguish between the real and unreal.

So if you can create pictures in your mind, you can uncreate them. You can manipulate them. You can get rid of them and substitute good ones.

Bring up the picture of the disturbing image in your mind’s eye. Note where it is. Notice if it is in colour or in black and white. 

Is it a movie or a still? Is it large or small? Is it close or distant? Does it have a frame around it? Are you in the picture or viewing it from outside? 

Are there any sounds associated with it? Are there any feelings associated with it?

Removing the pictures triggering depression hypnosis

Now, shrink that picture down and push it off to the side somewhere out of the way. 

Think of something that makes you feel really good. Maybe it is an image of a loved one or a happy event. 

Note where that is? It is probably in a different position from the disturbing image. 

Is that in colour or black and white? Is it a movie or a still? Is it large or small? Is it close or distant? Does it have a frame around it? 

Are you in the picture or viewing it from outside? Are there any sounds associated with it? Are there any feelings associated with it?

This exercise alone will help you to recognise good and bad pictures. You can diminish the bad picture that is depressing you by shrinking it in size and draining all the colour out of it. 

As you do so, push it away into the distance, spin it round and round until it disappears over the horizon in a cloud of dust. 

Repeat that several times until the feeling becomes less and less.

Good pictures and depression hypnosis

Then call up your really good picture. Intensify the colour. Turn up the brightness. Double the size of it. Then double it again – and again until it is so big it fills the room. Feel the good feelings associated with it. 

Hear the good sounds associated with it. Immerse yourself completely in the picture. Now see how much better you feel.

This is just one NLP technique which will enable you to climb out of depression. You will read many more as you explore this site.

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