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The question isn’t, who is going to let me? It is, who is going to stop me?

So how surprised would you be to learn that the subtle way salesmen phrase their sales pitches encourages you to buy their products?

It has to do with the functioning of the mind – those parts we label for convenience as the conscious and unconscious minds. 

Language patterns that are described as embedded commands are designed to bypass the conscious mind and go straight to the unconscious mind to influence you at that level and encourage you to buy the products.

NLP products

As you feel moved to buy books about NLP, you will read articles and advertisements about them – as you read this article for example – to the point where you now start to scan the surrounding columns.

You might find there exactly what you are looking for. But I invite you to notice all the pages in this website because you really shouldn’t just buy books about NLP and embedded commands.

A person can gain enormous confidence and undergo a life-changing experience by attending an NLP course and watching NLP videos as well as going by the books counter. But when you buy NLP books you might find you are well on the way to success and happiness.

Weasel phrases

You might find that embedded commands are reinforced by the use of what are known as weasel phrases to reinforce their effect.

Imagine how good you’ll feel: Imagine how good you’ll feel when you attend an NLP course. Imagine how good you’ll feel after you buy NLP books. 

Your unconscious mind is already forming the images in your mind.

The sooner you..., the sooner you...: The sooner you attend an NLP course the sooner you will feel better. The sooner you reduce your eating, the sooner your health will improve. The sooner you buy NLP books, the sooner you will profit from them.

Tag questions

Tag questions make it more difficult for people to disagree with you: that is to say, the use of the words isnt it, aren’t they, won’t you etc at the end of a sentence.

You won’t mind giving me a lift home in your car, will you? You won’t mind attending the next NLP course, will you? You won’t mind buying a few more NLP books, will you? 

If you nod your head while you are asking the question, the effect is likely to increase.

More weasel phrases

One of the things you’re really going to love about … is … You see this question suggests that not only will you love what I am about to suggest, but that you will love other things also.

One of the things you are going to love about attending an NLP course is the feeling of wellbeing you will get. 

One of the things about studying NLP books is the feeling of power you will get over others.

As you consider the benefits of... you might like to ... As you consider contains the presupposition that you are already doing it.

As you consider the benefits of attending an NLP course, you might like to think of the wonderful like-minded people you will meet. 

As you consider the benefits of attending a practitioner NLP course you might like to think of the enhanced skills you will get by going on to attend a master practitioner course afterwards.

Imagine yourself... This is a really good way of getting someone to make vivid pictures inside their mind. 

Imagine the success that will flow to you once you have attended an NLP course. Imagine the money that will flow in your direction one you master these principles.

Writing and speaking

Used skilfully in speech and in writing it is quite powerful stuff. 

It is not likely to persuade someone to do something they are not the slightest bit interested in, but if they are already thinking of learning NLP or buying a new car, for example, embedded commands and weasel phrases encourage them sooner or later to commit themselves.

Potential knowledge

This may not be relevant to you, but think of the knowledge you will gain and the benefits that may flow to you, if you read all the other pages on this website as well as this one about embedded commands. 

Even if you have no previous experience of NLP, it’s good that you have the interest and foresight to read this article and increase your knowledge.

Perhaps not quite yet

I wouldn’t advise you to sign up for any NLP course or buy any books on the subject until you are fully satisfied that they can provide you with what you want and that they are great investments for you. 

Reading through this, and the rest of the pages on this website, will help you reach the right conclusion, won’t it?

They all use NLP in one form or another

Has it ever occurred to you that most of the self-help gurus of the modern generation use NLP in their seminars and writing? 

They often don’t actually use the words NLP or neuro-linquistic processing but they adopt the techniques and use plenty of embedded commands for promoting their stuff. 

I won’t mention any names here, but next time you listen to one of them or read their books, observe their styles very closely and you may be surprised at what you discover.

Now just relax

Now, as you come to the end of this article can I ask you to just relax

As you are sitting comfortably in your chair with your feet on the ground, feel the chair fitting the contours of your body. 

Take in two deep breaths through your mouth and slowly let them out through your mouth, and as you do so let out a gentle aaah sound. 

Feel the wrinkles around the corners of your eyes relax... now... let your jaw relax, your shoulders relax and then gradually allow your body to relax all the way down to your toes.

Now... start to count backwards from 100. Without moving your head, direct your eyes to the top corner of the room and only as you start to relax still further allow them to close gradually. 

Now... take yourself to your favourite most peaceful place in your imagination. Now... see what you see. Hear what you hear.

Feel the feeling. Double the picture and make it brighter, then double it again and again until you are right in it, and let your mind drift... let any sounds drift off into the distance because they are not important ... 

Now... relax still further and let your brain completely detach. Only when you are completely ready, allow yourself to come back into the room.

The power of the human mind

You are probably aware now of the phenomenal potential of the human imagination. 

Your brain does not distinguish between reality and the beautiful (and sometimes not so beautiful) pictures you make in your mind. You might find them to be extremely powerful.

Now, before you buy any NLP books and before you enrol on an NLP course, read through this article again very carefully and see how many unidentified embedded commands and weasel phrases you can find. 

By now you may have seen them. Bye now!

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