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Read what the teachers of The Secret say about the Secrets for Health and look around you. 

Look at those who have suffered injury and ill health but who persevere and lead good lives anyway.

The question frequently asked is, When a person has manifested a disease in the body temple or some kind of discomfort in their life, can it be turned around through the power of right thinking? And the answer is absolutely yes.

Michael Bernard Beckwith

In a moment I will tell the story of Jane, a truly inspirational woman who has demonstrated through her life that she understands the Secrets for Health. 

But read first what John Hagelin says:

Our body is really the product of our thoughts. We’re beginning to understand in medical science the degree to which the nature of thoughts and emotions actually determines the physical abundance and structure and function of our bodies

Michael Bernard Beckwith has seen kidneys regenerated. He’s seen cancer dissolved. He’s seen eyesight improve and come back. 

He adds: You can change your life and you can heal yourself.

Nothing is incurable, according to Dr John DeMartini: “I always say that incurable means ‘curable from within’”.

These are key ideas to come to terms with when you're seeking to uncover the Secrets for Health.

Jane’s Story - Uncovering the Secrets for Health

You're probably reading this page because you want to uncover the secrets to good health. So, let me tell you about Jane.

When she was 13 years old she suffered a chronic bowel disorder and during her teenage years lost so much weight that she was reduced to only 5 stone or 70lbs.

The outlook wasn't rosy. The disease was diagnosed as Crohns

She had radical surgery and almost the whole of her large intestine was removed in an effort to stem the spread of the disease. 

It was a dreadful ordeal for a girl who was just a teenager.

But Jane is amazingly plucky. She was determined not to be handicapped by what had happened to her and to lead a full life.

Although the doctors told her that there was no cure for Crohns, Jane announced to those who knew (and very few people did), “I no longer have it; it has gone now.”

When she was 20 she moved away from home to pursue a career which involved much travelling. 

And when she was 21 she met her future husband, Paul, and they were married a year or so later.

Just over a year after the marriage Jane fell pregnant but it was soon apparent that all was not well. 

Within a short while she was told that the Crohn’s disease had returned. 

The doctors said that surgery would be necessary after the baby was born and, in the meantime, she would need to take drugs to keep the disease in check.

But Jane refused. She wanted nothing to do with any chemical which might harm her baby.

Many who saw Jane only from time to time were totally unaware of her pregnancy. She didn’t look pregnant. She put on little weight.

Those who were closer to her feared not only for her welfare but also for the welfare of her unborn child.

Jane was told the baby had turned in the womb, and because of her earlier surgery she would need to have the child delivered by Caesarian section.

One month before her due date, the placenta failed to function and the operation was performed. Louise was born a month early but, surprisingly to most, weighed in at a slightly jaundiced, but otherwise healthy, 6 pounds.

But it would be another six months before Jane could have further surgery to remove the rest of her large intestine.

The Second Operation

After the operation Jane stayed with her parents for a few weeks, while Paul was away working, so that her mother could assist with the care of Louise.

But then she returned to her home in the country and, midst the renovation work that was going on there, looked after her baby and gradually recovered her health. 

Two years later she became pregnant again, thankfully the pregnancy was uneventful, and Diana was born.


As the years went by, Jane demonstrated that she understood the Secrets for Health. She's led a full and active life

She swam, sung and danced. She raised her children and joined her husband in business. 

She recently celebrated 36 years of happy marriage and has a grandchild, for Louise – who she fought so valiantly to protect during pregnancy – has herself given birth to a daughter.

Jane is now in her late 50s. A few weeks ago there were signs that the disease was returning and a small procedure was necessary to correct it. 

It was 32 years since Jane’s last surgery. 

The surgeon who attended her on this occasion was just 8 years old at the time! The doctors were amazed at the life she had led.

A consultant enterologist told Jane that at the time her last surgery was performed no member of the medical profession would have expected her to have gone more than another 4 years without further attention.

But not one of them would have known of the determination and sheer guts of this remarkable woman who lived what she just saw as a normal life, and her ability to overcome adversity. Jane truly understands the Secrets for Health.

What are the Secrets for Health?

Jane is one of many who just get on with life and take it as they come. 

They do not succumb to the first sign of danger or illness. These are the Secrets for Health.

Observe the words of Lisa Nicholls: “Let’s say you have two people, both stricken with something but one chooses to focus on joy. 

"One chooses to live in possibility and hopefulness, focusing on all the reasons why she should be joyful and grateful.

"Then you have the second person. Same diagnosis, but the second chooses to focus on the disease, the pain and the ‘woe is me’”.

This is the greatest health secret. The Attitude of Gratitude.

You will have no difficulty identifying into which category Jane falls. 

Stop looking for the secret guide to health. 

Do not focus on what you perceive to be missing or what you fear; focus instead of what you have and defeat fear.

When people are completely focused on what’s wrong and their symptoms, they will perpetuate it. 

The healing will not occur until they shift their attention from being well. Because that’s the law of attraction, says Bob Doyle

And these really are the Secrets for Health.
Read more about how to live with the symptoms of a debilitating disease in NLP techniques for Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

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