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It cannot be emphasised too strongly that enthusiasm makes the difference.  It is a theme that you will see echoed in the very many articles that appear as pages on this website.

There is real magic in enthusiasm;
it spells the difference between mediocrity
and accomplishment.

Norman Vincent Peale

It is at the heart of your success

Enthusiasm lies at the very heart of your success.  Lack of it equals little to no chance of success.  

It equals a very high chance of success, and when that is coupled with study, training and hard work, there is nothing that can stand in your way.

It really doesn’t matter what you set out to achieve.  Maybe you wish to excel at sport, succeed in business and become wealthy, become a memory champion or just be a good father, mother, grandparent, son or daughter. 

Or maybe it is none of those things.  Perhaps your passions lay elsewhere. Whatever your desires, passion and enthusiasm make the difference. 

Enthusiasm makes the difference: it keeps you going

It is enthusiasm that keeps you going when energy begins to flag and you start to doubt yourself.  

It is enthusiasm that keeps you going as you approach the finishing line and you are aware that your opponents are close behind.

Examine any successful sports or business person, any self-made millionaire or anyone else you regard as a genius, and you will find a story of hard work, dedication, long hours worked but, above all, enthusiasm.

In England there is a beauty spot at the southernmost spot on the coast of Dorset called Portland Bill.  The Isle of Portland, as it is known, is really a tied island, joined originally to the mainland by Chesil Beach and, in recent times, an adjoining road.

Enthusiasm makes the difference at The Lobster Pot

Close to the lighthouse at the Bill sits The Lobster Pot, a family restaurant established more than 60 years ago, where guests can choose from a wide variety of delights that include fresh crab salads and sandwiches and Dorset cream teas.

Quite apart from the excellent food and quite stunning sea views, this delightful restaurant sets itself apart from others by the quality of its service.  I have been there principally for lunch – but at other times also – on countless occasions over very many years.

In that time the service has not varied.  It has always been tip-top.  

But what is, perhaps, most surprising is the number of young teenagers who wait at table and take orders without so much as a pen and pad in hand.

I have observed generations of these youngsters performing their tasks.  

They will, I hope, forgive me for saying so, but they are for the most part locally born and bred and quite normal in every respect.  May I be even bolder and hope they accept that as a compliment.

Enthusiasm makes the difference with these youngsters

You see, it doesn’t seem to matter whether they serve a table for 2, 4, or 6, they just do not take notes.  Diners place their orders, the waiter repeats it aloud and then goes off to the kitchen.

I don’t rely only on my own experience of ordering.  I have watched intently as they have served on other tables.  Back they come with tray loads of food, not a further word is said and each diner is given precisely what he or she ordered.

It has fascinated me for so long that I decided to find out whether these youngsters received any special form of training, so I contacted owner Martin Brain.  

I asked him how his young waiters and waitresses maintained this high standard from generation to generation.

Enthusiasm makes the difference: don't by-pass the brain

Martin said:  “We give them the same training as we have always given.  My philosophy has been if you write something down you by-pass your brain.”  Those who have been trained in NLP by Dr Richard Bandler will recognise the thinking.

When you are writing, you are not listening.  When you are writing you are not thinking.  We can become too pre-occupied with writing and the brain is not fully in gear.

“Most of the youngsters” added Martin, “start at 14 or 15 years of age.  They start by serving ice-creams at the hatches, and by doing that they get to know how the kitchen operates and the restaurant works.  When they do get to wait on tables, that part is automatic.

“We are patient.  If they make mistakes, nobody yells at them.  Once you do that, confidence goes out of the window.  

"There is nothing clever about it.  I believe I pay and look after them reasonably well.  We have extraordinary loyalty from them in return.”

This is a restaurant which seats 96 and boasts 24 tables.  During a busy session four young waiters/waitresses take six tables each.  And they undertake their duties with flair, efficiency and enthusiasm.

Perhaps not every employee has such a kindly and understanding employer as Martin Brain, but the standards achieved by these youngsters serve as a glowing example to the rest of us.

Enthusiasm makes the difference: no special qualities required

You don’t have to have any special qualities over and above those that have been given to each and every one of us in order to excel.  

We all have genius and talent within us, although they may vary from person to person.

Whatever you do, firstly, make up your mind to do it well and to do it with enthusiasm.  

Perhaps at present you think your job is boring and this doesn’t apply to you.  You have two choices.  Give it up and look for something else or make the most of it.

If you make the most of it you may well surprise yourself.  Once you start concentrating on performing the task well – even if it is mundane – you will find that the better you perform it, the more enthusiastic you become.

It gets even better because the more enthusiastic you become, the better you become at your job.  

And the better you become at your job the more you attract the attention of others, and the more attractive your prospects become also.

Just as the spiral is inevitably downward if you walk around looking down and bemoaning your lot, so is it upward if you constantly seek self-improvement and pursue your job enthusiastically.

As Dr John DeMartini so rightly says, “If you love what you do, you will ultimately come to do what you love.” 


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