NLP techniques for weight loss

NLP techniques for weight loss may help you achieve your goal if you follow them.  

We start from the point that everything you do serves you in some way or you wouldn’t do it.  

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow

Albert Einstein

Think about that carefully.  How does overeating serve you?  Does it give you comfort?  

That is to say, are you an emotional eater?

Dairy milk chocolate and cakes have always been my downfall, and in the past when I have felt down or just a bit fed up I’ve reached for the cakes.  

Boredom is another factor I have noticed.  If I am busy and my mind is fully occupied, I am not thinking about food; but if I have an idle mind, then chocolate seems to call me.  

It is like a little voice shouting me from afar:  “Come over here and take a bit; I will make you feel so much better.”  You might even recognise it. 

NLP techniques for weight loss – no need to cut out any food

Be assured at this stage that when you use NLP techniques for weight loss, there is no need to cut out any food.  

A friend of mine, who I will call Elsa for these purposes, has good and bad lists of food.  

I haven’t quite figured out yet why some foods manage to find their way on to the good list and others are doomed to end up on the bad list.

Potatoes are one of the foods she places on the bad list, but eaten in moderation I believe (like many other foods that end up on her list) they are an essential part of any dieteaten properly and in moderation.

NLP techniques don’t require you to give up any food at all – you can eat what you like – but we will come to that later.  

Before we even consider food, we need to discuss you.  When you get up each morning and look in the mirror, what do you see?  

Do you see a person you love and admire or do you have difficulties with your self worth? 

NLP techniques for weight loss – are you comfortable with yourself?

First of all, learn to be comfortable with who you are.  Don’t aim to be like one of those air-brushed models you think you see in the glossy magazines.  

They are terribly underweight to begin with, and by the time you see their photo-shopped pictures, the image is far thinner than they really are anyway.  

You really wouldn’t wish to be that thin and unhealthy.

How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 (1 being the lowest rating and 10 the highest)?  

If you don’t like the way you look, you can do something about it by following the instructions we will give later, but start by being thankful for who you are.  

If you have a bad self-image, try this exercise. 

NLP techniques for weight loss – the first exercise

Firstly, close your eyes and think of the poor self-image.  Now, open your eyes and clear your mind.  

Think of something pleasant like a pleasant day in the sun, your favourite recreation or something of the sort.   

Without moving your head look up, then down to the right, then down to the left.  

Again, without moving the head turn your eyes in a full circle, either clockwise or anti-clockwise, and as soon as you have completed the circle move them full circle in the opposite direction.

Place your right hand on your left shoulder and your left hand on your right shoulder.  

Start brushing your arms downwards with your hands.  Close your eyes.  Imagine yourself walking along a beach and count the steps out loud from 1-20.  

When you reach 20, sing the first few bars of any song or nursery rhyme.  Stop.  Open your eyes. 

Again, without moving your head, look up then to the right, then to the left;  then to the right and then to the left.  Repeat five times in each direction.  

Cross your arms as before with your hands on each opposite shoulder.  Start brushing your arms again.  Close your eyes.  

Take a deep breath and slowly breathe out.   When you have completely breathed out and brushed your arms at least five times, stop.  Relax.  Now reassess how you feel on the scale of 1-10.

NLP techniques for weight loss - repetition

You should be feeling much better about yourself.  To improve it still further, repeat the exercise.  

Now think of someone whose body you really admire and imagine them standing a pace in front of you.  See how they are standing.  

Observe their demeanour in every respect.  Now take a pace forward and step into the imaginary body of that person and, as you do so, make sure you adopt their posture and mannerisms.  

Feel every bit as good as you imagine they feel.

Step back out of that body and think of somebody who really loves you.  

Imagine that person is standing there looking at you.  Mentally move into the body of the one who really loves you and see yourself through their eyes and feel as they would feel.  

Step out of that body and back into your own.  Look again in the mirror but only directly into your eyes and tell yourself that you are perfect as you are and keep saying that to yourself.

NLP techniques for weight loss – the little voice in your head

Now concentrate on that little voice in your head.  You know the one I am talking about:  the one that constantly criticises and carps at you.  

It is the same one that tells you that you look lousy when you see yourself in the mirror.  Listen to it for a moment or two.  

Does it sound like anyone who know or knew?  I guess it probably does.  

Does it have a harsh tone or a soft tone?  Again, I can probably guess which one it is.  Does it constantly whine at you wherever you go?

NLP techniques for weight loss – changing the voice

This is the way you speak to yourself.  Think about that for a moment or two.  Is that the sort of talk you would put up with from somebody else?  

If anyone else adopted that sort of tone with you, how would you react?  

I am not suggesting that you should actually smack them in the mouth, but you might feel as if you want to.

Each time you hear that little voice in the future, imagine it is talking to you in the voice of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or Bugs Bunny?  

Say out loud some of the things you have been hearing, and speak them like one or more of those cartoon characters.  

It is difficult to take them seriously when you do that, isn’t it.  Keep doing it.

This article has been more about you than about what you eat, but it is an essential part of what you need to consider.  

Now read the other articles, and you will soon be well on your way.  Just let me repeat at this stage:  there is no need for a fancy diet or special foods.  You can achieve what you want quite simply.    

Next read: NLP weight loss techniques.

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