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For a chocaholic the very words Godiva chocolate are synonymous with the finest Belgian chocolate available.  

Is there anything that could be quite so irresistible or compelling?

The greatest personal limitation is to be found not in the things you want to do and can’t but in the things you’ve never considered doing.

Richard Bandler

Those words irresistible and compelling are crucial to the understanding and effect of this NLP technique or NLP secret. 

If you have come to this page to read about Godiva chocolate pure and simple, I am afraid you will be disappointed. 

On the other hand, if you have stumbled on this page by accident, by all means continue reading and you may find something to your advantage not only on this page but also on the rest of the website.

Unlike Godiva chocolate – which is otherwise indisputably wonderful – it will cost you absolutely nothing!

Motivation and the Godiva chocolate pattern

This NLP technique, therefore, is about how to motivate yourself or your client who has no enthusiasm at all for the task she should be about to undertake. 

It is one that was developed, as I understand it, solely by Richard Bandler, the co-creator of NLP, and gets its name from the overwhelming irresistibility of the renowned Godiva chocolate.

Before Godiva chocolate Tyrone’s school failed him

When Tyrone’s parents introduced me to him he was 17 years old. 

His teachers recognised his talent and, provided he could be motivated sufficiently to pass his examinations and gain a place at university to read his dream subject, he ought to have a very bright and successful future.

But school had failed him.  When I write that school had failed him, that is my interpretation of the situation.

Tyrone’s teachers and parents were unanimous to an individual:  Tyrone was lazy and inattentive and if things carried on like this he would not get into university.

It seemed to me, however, that Tyrone had got this far so, firstly, he couldn’t be that bad.

Godiva chocolate and Tyrone’s priorities

Secondly, I discovered when I talked to him at length that he loved to swim and practised regularly; he loved soccer, cricket and squash and played and trained with dedication and enthusiasm.

Above all, he loved the company of interesting and attractive young women, and spent a lot of time with them.

So it wasn’t as if Tyrone didn’t care about life or lay about asleep all day; it is just that his priorities were different than those others expected of him.

Selfishness is not, as Oscar Wilde wrote, doing as you wish; it is expecting others to do as you wish.

Perhaps it is going a little too far in Tyrone’s case to say his teachers and parents were being selfish, but they certainly weren’t handling him correctly or working in a way that would inspire him to achieve.

No-one, up until then, had considered what motivated or inspired Tyrone.  

Because they hadn’t bothered to do that, neither had they bothered to consider how they might link that with what he needed to do in order to get to university.

Tyrone’s wish was to study sports science at university.  That should have been a clue to his tutors and to his parents.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have the motivation to study the subjects that would get him past the finishing post and on the course he really wanted.

The detail before the Godiva chocolate

After my initial chat with Tyrone I asked the parents to go home so that I could talk to him for a while, and arranged to see him to his house later.

Without the olds present we were able to discuss university life in much more detail. 

The university Tyrone had in mind had a wonderful reputation for sport, and it was evident that Tyrone excelled at those sports in which he participated.

If he studied there, of course there would be ample opportunity to play those sports and more. 

And, of course, as I pointed out to him, there would be plenty of attractive young women on hand waiting for young men like him.

By the time we had concluded that chat, I had his attention fully and I could see from the sparkle in his eyes that he couldn’t wait to get there.

Tyrone’s taste of Godiva chocolate

I suggested that we tried Richard Bandler’s Godiva Chocolate pattern so that we could harness his obvious enthusiasm for his desired outcome and get over the obstacle for which he currently had a lesser desire.

I asked Tyrone to envisage university life at its most exciting for him.  I didn’t need to know the detail.  

What was in his mind was entirely private and for him to enthuse and excite about.

The sub modalities of Godiva chocolate

Then we worked on increasing the sub modalities.  I asked him to make this an associated image (that is, through his own eyes) and make it a panoramic picture, to make it bright and big and let his imagination run riot.

I think at this stage it was probably a good idea that I didn’t know what was actually taking place in his mind!   I told him to feel what he would feel and hear what he would hear.

Whatever or whoever was in his mind’s eye, he should be able to feel with his fingertips. And if there were tastes or smells associated with the experience, he should bring them in as well.

Breaking state

I then got him to break state.  That is to say, I diverted his attention and we spoke about something else for a couple of minutes.

When we resumed, I asked him to make a second picture. 

That second picture was to consist of him studying the subjects he currently did not feel motivated to study.

In this picture he was to see himself actually doing the studying (so it was what we would call a dissociated picture).

I then asked him to place the second picture slightly in front of the first picture in his mind’s eye, so that the activity he was driven or compelled towards was behind the image of him studying.

At this stage I asked him to imagine making a small hole in the centre of the second picture and to permit the wild and excited feelings from picture one to fly through at great speed and completely envelop picture two.

The moment he confirmed those excited feelings had engulfed picture two, he was to seal up the small hole in picture two and retain the inspirational feelings in picture two.

Repetition of Godiva chocolate

I then got him to repeat the exercise a further four times.  

It will depend with the individual client how often you wish to get him or her to repeat it, but I wanted to be satisfied that Tyrone truly felt the desire and motivation to achieve his goal through the available means.

I am pleased to say that Tyrone got on with his studies, passed his examinations and went to the university of his choice where I understand he is studying successfully and enjoying his chosen pursuits!

When I spoke to him some time afterwards he told me that when the going got tough in class, sometimes he would pull out the Godiva chocolate pattern and repeat the exercise but it always achieved the desired result and got him through to the place of his dreams.

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