The Secret of overcoming tiredness

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The Secret of overcoming tiredness is one that is well worth getting to grips with because tiredness at its worst is a killer. 

In the UK in 2001 10 people were killed and 82 seriously injured after the driver of a Land Rover fell asleep at the wheel and his vehicle rolled down an embankment into the path of an oncoming express train. 

The driver of the motor vehicle was uninjured but was later sentenced to 5 years’ imprisonment.

When a man is tired of London he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford

Samuel Johnson

The Secret - tiredness maims and kills

Every day on the roads in all parts of the world tragic accidents happen because people are tired.  And it is not just the roads.

Tired people are dangerous people because they are unable to concentrate properly, sometimes operate dangerous machinery and injure or kill themselves or others.

So the first thing to consider is the cause for your tiredness and whether it is simply remediable.

If you have to rise early but stay up late, it is hardly surprising that you are tired (and perhaps grumpy) the next day or the day after. 

And, of course, the more often you stay up late the worse it gets.  

Make sure, therefore, that you get the right amount of sleep by retiring and getting up at sensible times.

If you tire during the day, make sure you take short rests whenever you can. 

A few minutes is usually enough to rest your mind and body and restore your concentration.  

A particular reason why people tire during the working day is because so many choose to work at their desks without taking a proper lunch break. 

If your allotted time for lunch is one hour, take it and go for a walk in the fresh air.

The Secret - tiredness comes from your attitude

But so much tiredness comes from our attitude.  It is hard to be tired when you are elated, happy and full of the joys of spring.

In fact, have you noticed when the first days of spring arrive, the birds begin to sing and blue skies appear how much more alert your work colleagues seem to be. 

They move about with an agile step and so do you.

As you sit there reading this page now, how are you holding yourself?  Are you tense and fidgety or are you completely relaxed? 

Relaxation is the key to so many aspects of our lives.  If you allow yourself to relax you are far less likely to be tired and drawn. 

It is easier to smile when you relax and more difficult to become tetchy.  

When you relax it is easier to think, your brain becomes more creative and ideas flow.

The Secret - enthusiasm is the key

When Paul left school at 15 he had little formal education and started work as an office boy in the stores department of an engineering firm. 

The day started at 7.30 am and on his first day he was handed a pile of several thousand numbered and jumbled documents and asked to put them in order. 

It took him most of the first day to complete the task and a more boring job is hard to imagine. 

As the weeks went by most of Paul’s job revolved around filing documents in dusty, dilapidated, poorly labelled lever arch files and putting into order those that other people had incorrectly filed.

Then Paul asked for permission to order some new files so that he could smarten up the system.  

His boss encouraged this enterprising suggestion and Paul then proceeded to colour code each of the files into various categories.  

Not surprisingly, perhaps, office workers then took more care where they filed the documents and they were all much easier to retrieve.

You may have a boring, repetitive job and if you approach it in that frame of mind you will become tired.

But if you follow Paul’s example and take some simple steps to make it interesting, you will find that you have more energy and that life takes a turn for the better. 

Indeed, enthusiasm is known to be infectious and if you lead the way you may find that those around you respond in ways you never would have imagined. 

Paul, you may be interested to know, was soon promoted, later obtained the qualifications he needed by self-study and eventually obtained a professional qualification and pursued a successful career.

Boredom will turn into tiredness if you let it.  And you will become tired too if you are sitting or standing in a way that produces tension. 

After you have been sitting at a desk for a while do you suddenly feel tired and discover that you have a stiff neck or an aching shoulder? 

It is usually at that stage that you notice your feet wrapped around a chair leg rather than being on the floor, so your posture is bad because your spine twisted, and the pain has drained the energy from you.

The Secret - remember your posture

Make sure that you are sitting properly with your feet on the ground.  

At least every hour get up from your desk, stretch your body gently and relax.  

Take the opportunity to relax and allow your body to go completely limp whenever you can.  

At the end of the day when you leave your work place your aim should be to be totally relaxed so that you can arrive home refreshed and ready to enjoy the evening.  

Tiredness leads to anxiety and worry.   Don’t let that be you.  Be refreshed, alert and happy.

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