The Secret of Surviving a Recession

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Turn off the news

The secret - the first one anyway - of surviving a recession is to turn off the news.  The second is to avoid reading a daily newspaper from cover to cover.

When the winds of change blow, some people build shelters

and some build windmills.

Chinese Proverb

I don’t mean by either of those statements that you should stick your head in the sand and completely ignore what is going on in the world.

By all means check the news headlines on the internet and, if a particular story truly interests you then read it. 

But do not dwell on the news (most of which is not news anyway but gloomy predictions by some reporter or media presenter).

 Negative Hypnotism

If you subject yourself to a constant daily barrage of doom and gloom, it won’t be long before your unconscious mind comes to believe it as the truth. 

So the way round that is not to read all that stuff, nor listen to it on the radio and television. 

You should also avoid sitting in bars or coffee shops with a group of friends who are all bemoaning their luck and the state of the economy. All that is bad hypnotism.

Whilst millions of people talk themselves down in times of recession, there are a few others who are looking for opportunities and who grasp them at these times. 

When the stock market is crashing and most are desperately selling, they bide their time, wait for the prices to fall and then buy at or near the bottom of the market. 

In due time when the market rises again – as it most certainly will – they will sell.  And they will sell when almost everyone else has decided the time has come to buy and the price is high.


When I was a young man just starting in business I had a lady friend – many years my senior – who would telephone me, often late at night, to recount in great detail some rumour that was being spread about me by my competitors, or some dreadful thing that one or more of them was saying about me. 

The kindest thing I can say now is that she was well-intentioned.  But the result was that by the time the call was over, I would be highly agitated, have difficulty getting to sleep and then have a disturbed night. 

I would now deal with that differently, of course.  If you have friends or acquaintances like that, cut them off somehow, change the subject or just tell them that if they have nothing good to relate to you, you don’t want to hear it thank you.


Planning is the secret to most things in life.  It will not in itself guarantee success but it will most certainly stack the odds in favour of success, for those who do not plan are unlikely to achieve lasting success.

Start by considering your own goals.  Are you in a dead-end job or working in a job you can’t stand because you have to earn a salary?  Time to think afresh.  You don’t have to do anything. 

You can start to change your life now by making proper plans and setting goals.  If you haven’t done so already, read Goal Setting Tips and follow it by reading Life Coaching (Our top ten free life coaching tips and advice).

There is plenty there to set you on the right path. 

The Secret of surviving a recession – Positive Hypnotism

Now start to fill your head with positive thoughts. You can do this by reading the pages of websites such as this one. 

Attend seminars by inspirational speakers like Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Dr John Demartini.  Or, if you can’t yet manage this, read some of their writings and listen to their recordings. 

Then make a habit of it.  By constantly filling your mind with positive, creative thoughts on a daily basis, you will gradually override the negative messages that are sent to you from so many different sources, and you will learn how to dismiss them very quickly.

The Secret of surviving a recession – Gaining Wealth

Follow the tips in these pages and you can understand Wealth & Money You can Discover the Secret of Wealth and you can learn Wealth Building

All these very sound principles withstand the test of time and apply universally.   There is no such thing as “recession”. 

You cannot see it, touch it or hear it.  It is merely someone’s description of a state of affairs that they perceive to exist.  And there is no good reason why you should not place your perception somewhere else.

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