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Inspirations Newsletter

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Learn NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Learn NLP techniques and you’ll be taught how to improve the quality of your life. It shows you how to communicate more effectively with yourself and with others.

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The Secret of Mindpower and NLP

The Secret of Mindpower and NLP has something for everyone who is interested in personal development and the power of the mind. You can also get access to my FREE SELF-CONFIDENCE VIDEO.

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One person I will always remember, and be grateful to, was my high school senior English teacher, Mr. Wilson. He was one of those rare educators who routinely



It was a tearful morning, our mathematics teacher punished us for failing an exam, I was among the failures, I scored zero out of 50 questions carrying


How to do Self-Hypnosis

Knowing how to do self-hypnosis will enable you not only to just relax and enjoy life more, but will aid your concentration and bring great benefits to you. Includes FREE VIDEO on SELF-HYPNOSIS

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How to do self hypnosis survey

Tell us what you're hoping self hypnosis can do for you and receive a free copy of ebook Towards Success.

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My path to success

When considering “my path to success” instead of doubting your ability or contemplating the hurdles, ask yourself instead what it would look like if it were possible.

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The Secret of Imagination

The Secret of Imagination is one of the greatest gifts you possess and it is the forerunner to achieving all your dreams

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Imagining perfect performance

NLP techniques for imagining perfect performance diminish or banish pre-performance nerves and anxiety and boost performance on the day. Includes FREE VIDEO

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Covert hypnosis

You can use covert hypnosis for your own benefit, but those in positions of authority use it all the time and you are much more likely to find yourself on the receiving end of it.

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Become a genius

I am not going to tell you to become a genius because you are a real genius already; there is no need for you to have been a genius child or to have a genius IQ

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Deepening self-hypnosis

Deepening self-hypnosis teaches you how to make the most of an altered state and to use it at will for relaxation, deep concentration or personal enhancement.

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Get the life you want

To get the life you want you can read the many free articles on this website, but that is not the only weapon at your disposal.

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Conversational Hypnosis

I am not going to tell you to use conversational hypnosis to influence your life for the better every day from now on; that is a matter for you to judge

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Modelling Genius

The NLP technique of modelling genius will get you where you wish to go and probably far beyond

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Free Access to IMAGINATION video

Go to the new website page MAKING IT HAPPEN, scroll to the video and discover the power of your imagination

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Making it happen

At some time in your life you have been guilty of making it happen in some way and, however your fortunes have fared recently, you can do it again and exceed your expectations at the same time.

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Fear of the dentist

Is your fear of the dentist a fear or a phobia? It is important to know the difference between the two. Either can be conquered.

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Why have I lost weight?

This moving account about “Why have I lost weight?” or “The year I said no more” is the winning entry in our competition entitled “My finest moment” and demonstrates that all you need you have within.

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Misty reflections

Inspirational misty reflections from contributor Nelson Nyalusi go beyond the ordinary delving into the power of gratitude and the secret of mindpower.

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Hypnosis Stories

Listening to hypnosis stories it is only later that you realise how fast the time went and you begin to feel more confident that what you have heard will help you overcome your difficulties

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CBT Techniques

CBT Techniques, which includeTactileCBT, or push button therapy, is an innovative approach from CBT based on the metaphor of mental time travel.

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Handshake interrupt

The handshake interrupt, or pattern interrupt, is a fast way to induce hypnosis or gain obedience to your command.

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Changing bad habits

Changing bad habits will not occur until you realise that you problem is not genetically inherited or imposed upon you by some outside force. Bad habits must be replaced with good ones.

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Self-Hypnosis enables you to go anywhere you want, do anything you can dream about and be your own master; it is your mind.

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The Secret of Mindpower and NLP Media Section

In the The Secret of Mindpower and NLP's Media section you'll find details of our recent media coverage.

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Free Life Coaching Tips and Advice

Here you'll find free life coaching tips and advice including the benefits of life coaching and if and when you should hire a coach

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Advantages of time management

The advantages of time management may be evident to most, but do they accord with your personal hierarchy of values? Whatever is top of that hierarchy will always have precedence for you.

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NLP Techniques - Fear

NLP techniques are indispensable for dissolving fear, mental blocks and hesitation

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The Secret of organising memory

The secret of organising your memory involves, among other things, linking, being in the right place and mnemonics.

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How to hypnotise your audience

Learn how to hypnotise your audience with these simple NLP techniques and become a powerful presenter, trainer or coach

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The meaning of NLP

To understand the meaning of NLP or neuro linguistic programming, read what co-creators Richard Bandler and John Grinder have to say.

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The Importance of Public Speaking

As you sit there reading about the importance of public speaking you might like to imagine yourself standing in front of an audience and speaking confidently, whilst your audience listen attentively.

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The secret of memory

The secret of memory is available to everyone. A good memory makes you stand out from the crowd, increases your self-esteem and empowers you.

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Principles of effective communication

Principles of effective communication require the need to know where you are going and what you wish to achieve without engaging in gobbledygook

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Practical self-hypnosis

These methods of practical self-hypnosis are particularly useful for finding objects that you consider you have lost or mislaid. Practise them and amaze yourself.

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Persuasion is so much easier if you are able to demonstrate by your dress and conduct that you are higher on the ladder.

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NLP techniques for stammering

There are NLP techniques for stammering that may relieve you in stressful situations and make your life much happier.

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NLP Anchors

What you need to know about setting NLP anchors to deliberately help you manage your emotional state.

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Mind Powers

As you consider the benefits of your Mind Powers you can imagine the life-changing creative opportunities you will attract by a simple study of the principles involved

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More goal setting tools

More goal setting tools will add to those you have already gained on this website and will move you closer towards achieving your ambition.

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Hypnosis and NLP

Hypnosis and NLP are now often interlinked because hypnotism is such a good way of introducing the benefits to the unconscious mind

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Instant Mood Lift

An instant mood lift may be gained by using one or more NLP techniques, but it is also important to recognise what, in particular, triggers low mood in you.

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Free interview tips

These free interview tips will help you to be well-prepared for your next job application and interview. Make sure you have done your research thoroughly before attending.

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Determining your destiny

Determining your destiny is far easier than you probably imagine. It is not for someone else or some outside force to dictate. You get to write the script and the answer lies in your own hands.

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Body language flirting

Although words and gestures may be indicators of body language flirting, the actions of legs and feet are much more reliable.

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The Secret of Genius

The Secret of Genius lies within each and everyone of us. It sits there waiting to be sought out, waiting to be put into action.

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