The Secret Law of Attraction and love

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The Secret Law of Attraction and love seem naturally to run together.  

The law says we get what we attract, but how do we know that what we attract we really want or desire?  

Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow

John Lennon

How do we distinguish between pure physical attraction and love?  

The two may go together although not necessarily so:  there may be strong physical attraction between two people and an overwhelming desire to consummate that relationship, but it may fall short of love.

You’ll hear people say sometimes that it was love at first sight.  “I knew from the moment I met her that she was the girl for me” or “I wanted him from the moment I set eyes on him”. 

On other occasions romance blossoms when couples have known each other from childhood.  Others just grow together over time.  Some people just cannot form a lasting relationship no matter how they try.

The Secret Law of Attraction and love – Chris and Jane

Chris was a young director of a substantial business, and one unusually cold spring time he attended a conference at a seaside resort about 100 miles from base. 

On the second day of conference he received a call from the office requesting him to interview a young lady at the conference hotel that evening. 

Reports were that she was very talented, lived in the neighbourhood and it seemed sensible to see her while he was there.

The next day at conference was quite long with complicated presentations and networking during the breaks.  But just before 7 pm he took up position in the hotel lounge to await Jane’s arrival. 

Chris was very tired.  As Jane approached him, he took note only of her brunette hair because the description given to him was that she was blonde.

The Secret Law of Attraction and love – the application

For half an hour or so they talked about Jane’s qualifications and experience and it was evident that she was well-qualified for the available position. 

The job, however, was very specialised and any successful applicant would require significant training for a few months. 

Jane’s application was successful.  A small difficulty arose over her training.  Chris was the obvious one to instruct her, but given the need to travel, he could spend only a couple of weeks a month before the summer and then there would be a gap before the fall.

So it was decided that Jane would commence the employment in June, spend two weeks with Chris in June and July but train during the intervening periods with a colleague elsewhere and return to Chris for further training in October.

The Secret Law of Attraction and love – hot summer

Despite the unusually cold early spring, the summer developed into the hottest for twenty years, and by the time Jane arrived to start her new position temperatures were high.

In the course of Jane’s first day, which was a Monday, Chris reviewed her file and spotted that on the Thursday of that very week it was Jane’s 21st birthday, and it struck him that she was over 100 miles from home accommodated in only a small family hotel.

The Secret Law of Attraction and love – 21st birthday

He wondered what to do for the best.  Should he invite her to accompany him for dinner that evening or should he say nothing.

Jane was offended by the idea, or it just didn’t work out, he risked the company losing a good employee.  It took Chris until the Wednesday to pluck up the courage to suggest that they might have dinner together and to his great relief she accepted.

Chris collected Jane from her little hotel the following day and drove to a charming island hotel a few miles distant. 

They enjoyed the dinner, were happy in each other’s company and afterwards Chris saw Jane back to her hotel. Jane’s training continued with Chris the next day and the following week and then she departed until July.

The Secret Law of Attraction and love – another birthday

The glorious weather continued and, by a strange coincidence, the following month when Jane returned, the first week of her visit happened to coincide with Chris’s birthday. 

This time Chris wasn’t so slow to invite Jane to dinner in another equally charming country restaurant.  Before Jane left for the summer on one occasion they went for drinks after work, and on another evening played tennis with Chris’s brother and his wife.

For Chris it seemed a very long summer indeed.  Although he had known Jane only for a very short time, having interviewed her for half an hour or so and then spent four working weeks in her company, he felt bereft without her. 

The Secret Law of Attraction and love – engagement and marriage

But the weeks passed and when October eventually arrived Jane returned.  Within three days Chris proposed that they married and his proposal was immediately accepted. 

It later transpired that he was in the nick of time for Jane said if nothing had happened on that visit, she would have had to hand in her notice.  The following July they were married.

Now I wonder how many reading this account would think that proposal was entirely reckless.  The couple did not really know each other. 

Chris had not at that stage met Jane’s family although Jane had, on one occasion, met Chris’s parents.  

They had been out together on only a handful of occasions.  It wasn’t love at first sight or any sort of passionate coming together.

What they both knew, however – and knew it with all their hearts – was that they couldn’t bear to be apart; they couldn’t bear to be without each other. 

The Secret Law of Attraction and Love

People find out how they love in different ways.  There is no right or wrong answer to the question, “How do I know if I am in love?”  Ultimately, you have to be guided by your own heart, by your own deep feelings.

The Secret Law of Attraction and love – the conclusion

As for Chris and Jane, they raised two beautiful daughters, have a grandchild and have been married for 37 years.

If you ask either of them how it is now they will tell you that although they didn’t believe it was possible to love each other more than they did at the outset, their love has grown and continues to grow, and they believe it will continue to do so until their lives’ end. 

They are soul mates!

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