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The deadline for entries into the My finest moment free online competition was 31 March 2014.  

Entries for the current competition entitled My Path to Success must be in by 30 September 2014.   Full details of the competition may be read on our Free-Online Competitions page.

Full details of the competition may be read on our Free-Online Competitions page.

An example of the sort of entry that may attract the attention of the judges is to be found in the entry submitted below from Rhonda of Pennsylvania, United States.

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear

Mark Twain

This particular real-life story speaks of hardship, drug addiction and domestic violence and how, one day, Rhonda stood up, stared her nemesis in the eye and faced him down.

My finest moment – Box of Salt

As a child, abuse and drug addiction was part of the norm in my family.

Mom’s side had paedophiles … dads, drug addicts.

And violence, well, I thought then, as just a child, that everyone lived like this …

My finest moment – insecure and abused

I grew up into a self-loathing, insecure drug addict attracted to men who were also abusive, insecure and a drug addiction …

10 years – 10 years with a man who had damned near killed me.  Many blinding beatings I had taken (in between the crack pipe that is) … so …

Now!  Let’s move onward … onward to my finest moment! 

My finest moment – after years of smoking crack

It was a day following years of smoking crack, black eyes and busted lips, the day a box of love helped change my life.

On this day I had just gotten out of rehab (again – and it was also my last) feeling good.

I get home and find that my mom and my sister, Freddie, had cleaned up my house … painted and everything!  They had also even stocked up my kitchen.

After the “welcome homes” everyone went home and I settled in … clean mind and home.

My finest moment – the call

Later that evening his call comes in … “I’m coming over!” he says.  My heart begins to pound.

I then say, most reluctantly, “Well, OK then, just no drugs, no booze”.  He said “No problem.”

I then put the pizza in the oven, lit some candles and got in a hot bath.  

I remember thinking, “Damn man, damn, I don’t want to smoke no crack, don’t want to fight, then thought, well, maybe, just maybe, things can be different.”

It’s now 8 or 9 pm with candles lit, meself and me home smelling nice … Here he comes through the door with a full brown paper bag under his arm and he beelines it straight to the bathroom.

My finest moment – the brute arrives

I didn’t ask him what was in the bag as he went past because I knew.  His name was Scott – 6 feet 3 inches tall, red headed, handsome and brutal … myself a buck 20 (120 pounds), 5 feet 1 inch tall.

Pizza now done and resting in the oven, I could hear him come out of the bathroom.  He goes into the kitchen, grabs a plate and begins to help himself.

At this point I get up and go into the bathroom and shut the door.  Sitting there I look over and see he had knocked over the spare rolls of toilet paper that were sitting on the back of the jon and had left them laying on the floor …

My finest moment – heart pounding

Sitting there, my heart was pounding, busting … I said to myself, “No, Rhonda, it’s gonna be okay."  I could hear him now in the living room, hear him get into his bag pulling out a beer and cracking it open …

I then, taking one long deep breath, stepped out of the bathroom.

My first eye view was into the kitchen … then there me eye’s meeting the Brand New Box!  … the Brand New Box of Salt that my mom and sister had so lovingly gotten me while I was away.

I could feel my lower abdomen begin to boil … my body shaking … my heart pounding – busting!  I knew this was it.

I walk over and took hold of this Box of Salt, resonating with love it was … flashes then coming … memories now coming into view … mom and sister Fred time and again picking me up off the floor.

Love conquers during my finest moment

Attention!  Now coming back to the present … standing there holding my Box of Salt … its cardboard top laying in pieces now on the floor … holding my violated Box of Salt, my violated Box of Love.

I walked into the living room, passing him by, opened the front door, looked him dead in the eye and said, “Get the f*%$ out! You spineless piece of *$%*.

And, with a long deep sigh … it was over … it was all over.  Yes, this perhaps was one of me finest moments.

My finest moment – a hypnotic experience

This, you may agree, is an inspiring, hypnotic story vividly portrayed.  

I say it is hypnotic because it is difficult to read the story all the way through without being there in the room with Rhonda willing her on.

My imagination ran riot.  For a few minutes I was no longer sitting in my study looking at a computer screen.  

I was, instead, half way across the world in Pennsylvania viewing the whole encounter. See also Deepening self-hypnosis

It wasn’t until I had completely finished reading, had taken a couple of deep breaths and marvelled at Rhonda’s courage that I realised I had been in my study the whole time.

Who might be inspired by my finest moment?

What sort of readers of this website would find inspiration from this story?  

Perhaps those in abusive or violent relationships:  See also The Secret of beating domestic violence.  

Perhaps those suffering violence or aggression from the hands of another. 

Perhaps those who are trying to overcome a drug habit or some other addiction.  See also NLP techniques for beating drug addiction.

Others may consider that it is an account of courage and determination that will inspire them to overcome almost any obstacle that they may face in life, no matter how huge.

This was, undoubtedly, Rhonda’s finest moment.  Now turn to our Free Online Competitions page and start writing.  

Let us know in as much detail as you like about your finest moment and maybe your story will be published too.

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