It was a tearful morning, our mathematics teacher punished us for failing an exam, I was among the failures, I scored zero out of 50 questions carrying 50 marks. We were the last year. Things were difficult, I hated school, my furious father had tried to shape me by punishments and encouragement sometimes, but it didn’t work. He had given up!
Days passed, but one day I thought of respect that my cousin was getting from both family members and the outsiders, including other students and our teachers, he always made high grades. An enthusiasm to be like him invaded my heart, and one night, I took a book and studied fractions and then figures, I was impressed and delayed to bed, because I understood well for the first time through concentrating on examples from the book. From there, onwards, it was my daily routine which seemed to surprise and impress my parents and the family as a whole. I solved many questions within few weeks, my understanding improved and now I was starting to master mathematics and science subjects. The next mathematics exam, I scored 32 questions out of 50, a dumb pupil surprised teachers and his family.
I completely changed and joined an ordinary level secondary education where I was the permanent number one in the class for four years, and I was eventually selected to study Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics combination in my Advanced level. Afterwards I was selected to join the best university in the country where I studied the Bachelor of Science in Chemical&Process Engineering and I thank God I graduated last year, forming up a group of less than four engineers in my primary school class.
The enthusiasm to pass exam, to be respected, to become an Engineer (which I dreamed in my O-Level pursuit) and to prepare a brighter future and to change from a dumb kid to smart one made the difference in my life! From this incidence, I never believe there is a dumb child somewhere, but I surely believe that there are millions of men, women and children who do not succeed because of lacking enthusiasm to change their lives. Enthusiasm can uncover remarkable genius in different walks and endeavor of our lives. It encourages and energizes you towards a golden target, it makes you keep going however hard and long the way may be. One great writer once said “nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm".

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