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Inspirations, January 2014 issue
January 24, 2014

Welcome to the January Newsletter of The Secret of Mindpower & NLP for 2014.

Whatever difficulties or hardship you feel you are facing at present, take heart from the stories that emerge on the very many pages of our ever expanding website, thousands of which are read daily by our worldwide community.

Your free copy of Towards Success but ACT NOW!

Buy a copy of Your Genius Within by Barry Baines from any online seller and send a copy of your receipt by email to by midnight on 31 January 2014.

Just attach the receipt, provide your email address and in the message section just write “Free ebook”. We will then arrange to let you have a free copy of Towards Success.

Don’t forget – this offer expires at the end of January so don’t delay – ACT TODAY!

Your Genius Within is now available in paperback from online bookstores around the world including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. There is also an Amazon Kindle version, and, if you prefer, you can download a PDF version direct from our website.

By the time you have finished reading it, not only will you have discovered your own genius and how that can change your life, but you will be inspired by geniuses through the ages who have suffered, very often, deprivation, sadness and shortness of life but still succeeded.

Leonardo da Vinci’s mother, would you believe it, was a humble peasant girl; Isaac Newton’s father died three months before he was born, and he was such a small baby that he could fit into a two pint pot. He had a stepfather who despised him.

Marie Curie tragically lost her husband when her children were nine and two; Confucius’s father died when he was three; Robbie Burns was raised in poverty, had irregular schooling and died at 37; Charles Dickens’ family was sent to live in a debtors’ prison because of his father’s bankruptcy, and Charles was put to work in a blacking factory.

Oscar Wilde was persecuted because of his sexual orientation and sent to prison, his health deteriorated and he died at 46. And so it goes on.

Find a way of getting hold of this book with its inspiring stories and change your own life for the better.

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COMING SOON - Free Self-confidence video

Keep watching over the next few weeks because you will be able to have access to a free self-confidence video. No catches, we promise!

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Most popular pages

Our most popular pages continue to include:

How to do self-hypnosis , NLP techniques for fear, mental blocks and hesitation , Conversational Hypnosis , Become a genius The secret of defeating stress ,

Embedded commands and Best weight loss plan .

If you haven't checked them out, you might like to do so now.

Recently added pages include:

Signs of true love Are the signs of true love to be found in someone else’s words or actions or do they really lie within? When you seek a partner are you acting congruently with your hierarchy of values? Covert hypnosis You can use covert hypnosis for your own benefit, but those in positions of authority use it all the time and you are much more likely to find yourself on the receiving end of it. Improving speed reading Improving speed reading starts by eliminating sub-vocalisation, and once you understand eye-muscle fitness and fixation training, you are well on the way to at least tripling your reading speed.

Guest blog post

Check out my guest blog post about self-confidence and speed reading at

And, finally, don't forget to read

Get the life you want

Get the life you want … and remember that besides the many free articles on this website, the incomparable NLP co-founder, Dr Richard Bandler, and the amazing Paul McKenna are holding a fantastic two day seminar in London on the very subject.

I am booked to be there. It is fantastic value for money and I cannot recommend it too highly. Even if you have to catch a plane, pull out all the stops to get there. I look forward to meeting you!

Inspirations Blog

Keep a close eye on Inspirations Blog for the most recent additions to the site.

I shall be in touch again soon with latest developments and to tell you how to get access to the free video I mentioned, how to download a free copy of a popular online motivational book, and to show you how you can sign up for our coaching course.

In the meantime, here’s to your success and happiness


January 2014

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