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What can I do about my stress?
April 29, 2019

What can I do about my stress?

April 2019 has been stress awareness month. There has been plenty of advice on the net from taking a walk with your dog to listening to calming music, all of which can be useful relaxation exercises, but the first question to ask yourself is: what is the root cause of my stress?

So often stress is caused by unrealistic expectations. If you have unrealistic expectations of yourself or someone you love or care for, you may become distressed because the natural balance has been disrupted.

For example, if you are expecting your boy friend/girl friend or life partner to conform to your expectations rather than his or her expectations, you will need to ask yourself if your expectations are unrealistic.

If you are being brutally honest with yourself, you may well come to the conclusion that you are being unrealistic. You can immediately relieve the stress this is causing you if you sit down together and discuss in a loving way how to resolve the bloc between you.

Some of us become very stressed by the idea of change. Once upon a time there was a tramp who, one day while idling along looking at the ground, spotted a bright shining stone. He picked it up and noticed it was even more beautiful than he first imagined.

So struck was he that off he went to a local jeweller and presented it on the counter. The bewildered jeweller was able to confirm that it was a rare stone and worth a fortune. It was sold at auction and overnight the tramp became fabulously wealthy and for the rest of his life was able to have whatever riches or possessions he desired.

He never could believe his luck. So every day he walked around looking at the ground hoping to find another one. Then, many years later he spotted something shining in the rubble at his feet and stooped to pick it up, only to find it was a broken mirror. But as he picked up the mirror he saw reflected in it the beautiful blue sky, the white clouds and the radiant sun, all of which had escaped him for so many years.

The old man had become so obsessed with finding another precious stone he had failed to notice the beauty of everything that lay around him.

On the one hand, this is a story of unrealistic expectations. Just because a particular course of action works once, it doesn’t mean to say it will work again. If you wish to continue to be successful, you need to diversify and think of new and different methods.

Another lesson from this tale is to learn to live in the present. Yesterday is just a corrupted memory. Tomorrow is an illusion. You will find your true joy and fulfilment in the present moment.

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Wishing you success and happiness.

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